Josh on ‘Around Comics’ – Part 2: But Wait! There’s More!

As promised, here’s the second of my appearances on Around Comics. This time out, the guest on the show is Matt Fraction. And I get my time under the hot interrogation lamps of Chris, Sal, and Tom.

And you couldn’t tell, but John Siuntres was breathing down my neck.

I can’t tell you how much fun I had with these guys. You should be listening to their show. It’s good, these guys love comics, and put out a quality show every time.

By the way, in case you can’t tell, I haven’t read so much of Matt Fraction’s work. But I was totally prepped to talk to Greg Rucka.

And there’s a cartoon! I’ve never been made into a cartoon! Granted, I think there’s a continuity error, and it’s not the overly generous beard.

Many many many thanks to the Around Comics crew. This is what the podcasting community should be like.

Left to right: Chris Neseman, Josh Flanagan, Tom Katers, Brian Salazar

Background: Spiffy!


  1. i just listened to the first one and it was hilarious, even thought it didn’t feel like josh got to talk that much, maybe on the new one.

    Josh you said you like history comics, and you being Irish you might want to check out Ireland: a Graphic History. it tells the whole history of the emerald isle in a series of short stories that intertwine to tell the larger tale. The art is a bit wooden but Will Eisner helped in making it and it does a good job over all of telling the tale. I’d recommend it.

  2. Well, thank you for that Luke.

  3. Finally, a crossover event that was well done. Actually, it made me go back and listen to the early iFanboy episodes that I never downloaded. I am on the second episode right now… a lot of the same jokes as now. Good jokes, though. I’ll have to download the early episodes of Around Comics next.

  4. Kudos to both podcasts for making this happen. I would love to see more of this. No one loses from “event” podcasting like this.

    I hope that in the future we get to hear one of the AC guys or John Suintress on an Ifanboy weekly review episode.

    the Tiki

  5. I just wanted to thank Josh for doing the Around Comics podcasts. They were both great although the second one josh got to be josh. Around comics turned me on to your site when Josh? and Ron were on the last time. Your shows are very different, but both are a lot of fun to listen to. Unfortunately for my pocket book you all have good taste and keep steering me to good books.