Bring on Ms. Lion!: Spider-Man’s ‘Amazing Friends’ Return to Comics

Every comic book fan of a certain age should find this announcement as exciting as I do. Newsarama has an interview with Sean McKeever about his upcoming 96-page one-shot book Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends!

(And by “upcoming,” I mean August. Sigh.).

Yes, watching Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends now can be a chore, but dammit if that show wasn’t the bee’s knees when I was like 8 years old and it was in that Saturday morning one hour block with The Incredible Hulk. And then you had G.I. Joe and Super Friends on in weekday afternoons. Good times for a little kid reading comic books. Good times.

Sean McKeever is someone I haven’t read a lot of, but I know his reputation as a strong writer, so this is really exciting. I expect this book will tickle my nostalgic side in a smart, modern way. It also features a backup story with art from iFanboy favorite Chris Giarrusso. I’m excited.

If you’ve never seen it — watch the intro here!

And check out a whole episode guest starring the X-Men!


  1. I’m excited for this, mainly because this is one of the earliest cartoons I was obsessed with as a kid (I love how they have a Batman-esque hq, and how the intro video ends with Doom? Doom? A Spidey villain?)

    Plus anything with Giarusso is good stuff.

  2. I love the fact that they have a poster of The Hulk on the wall of their headquarters (And it flips around to become a flat panel TV – head of its time!). Actually, the best thing about the show was the Stan Lee narration. I think.

  3. It was the gateway drug to my addiction to comics today.

  4. I love how Iceman just POINTS HIS FINGER and freezes the entire monster with minimal effort…and then a 190+ pounds Spider-man destroys a 10+ ton ICE MONSTER. Isn’t that against the hero code? Killing something?