Brian K. Vaughan gets ‘Lost’

A while back iFanboy heard the rumor, and apparently it’s true: Brian K. Vaughan has joined the staff of Lost.

Thanks to Jerome for pointing us to the article.

Josh and I spent almost an entire lunch break last week talking about this very thing. We both concluded that it would be a good move for all involved and makes perfect sense. This is very cool news. Congrats to Mr. Vaughan.


  1. if i remember correctly, i remember you guys once recommended fans of Lost to read Y the last man in one of your podcasts.

    i didn’t know where to put this but Brian k. Vaughan has joined the writing staff of Lost:

  2. holy crap that awesome

    unless you think that lost was already great and that losing a bkv, even if only part-time, will hurt comics. Maybe not, maybe jms can pick up his slack

  3. now in stereo

  4. now nobody will ever get that oh well

  5. millar was right, huh?

  6. It’s pretty hard to compete with a salary that STARTS around $3000/week. And that’s really lower end. My guess, on a show like that, he’s making way more. And it’s a lot more than he was making. Plus free lunches! And, he did go to film school, so it’s not like this wasn’t on his radar. A huge show like that can lead to all sorts of offers and development deals. This is the first step to seeing a BKV run/created series on HBO.

  7. This is the first step to seeing a BKV run/created series on HBO.

    I won’t say it because I don’t want to jinx it…

    But there is one series in particular that would be GREAT for HBO!!!

  8. I’m not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing with Millar. I just wonder what it means for comics when one of the top guys in the industry right now is going part-time. Haven’t really made up my mind yet. Thought I’d shake it up and see what comes out.

  9. Y is already deep in development for the feature. He’s doing, or just recently finished his draft of the script. I was thinking of something original.

  10. I have no problem with that.

  11. Hmmm… well, Y is ending next year, and Runaways got the handoff… where does that leave us, Ex Machina and…?


    I don’t know how comfortable I’d be moving from writing by myself for myself to breaking stories with ten people and then filtering them through directors, actors, censors et al. Money makes a lot of stuff feel better, though.

  12. Article also talks about his writing for the new Buffy book. Potential for a very good match given the way that story is headed. He’d write a good Xander.

  13. BKV is writing Buffy comics, and Joss Whedon is writing Runaways? So it’s official. Up is down.

  14. This could bring me back into the show maybe (I left mid season 2 because…well I stopped caring) but would it be this season or starting season 4?

  15. They’re eerily similar. The trad makes perfect sense to me.

    So up is up. *And away.

    *See what I did there?

  16. He’s working there now (“past two weeks”) so he’s probably contributing to season 3.5 (starting in February).

  17. Well, this is great! Lost has started to “Lose” me, but with one of my favorite writers onboard. How can this not be great?

    In the long run, I think that comic writers going part time into television will be great for the industry. Now, BKV (and others like Jeph Loeb) don’t have to write purely mainstream comics to make a living. The dough is coming in from TV, and they can write the comics that they want to write instead of another mainstream book that will sale a metric ton of copies.

    Hopfully such deals will lead to more Escapists and less Young Justice’s, more Batman/The Spirit’s and less Onslaught Reborn’s.

    On another note, what’s everyones favorite BKV book?

    For my money, it has to be The Escapists.

  18. I won’t say it because I don’t want to jinx it… But there is one series in particular that would be GREAT for HBO!!!

    The Hood?

  19. with bkv writing an arc of buffy, that comic is gonna be loaded. Brad Meltzer and Jeph Loeb have already agreed to write an arc, not to mention Mr. Whedon himself.

  20. sweet….

    goodbye BKV on time schedule…

    i cant wait to see ultimate wolverine vs. ultimate ironman now written by Brain K Vaughn in the span of 7 years.

  21. goodbye BKV on time schedule…

    All of his books are pretty much wrapping up, anyway.

  22. I wonder if BKV will have anything to do with the LOST Zombie season (you have to know the Official Lost Podcast to get this one…)?

  23. Showrunners need to take more risks. Like Frank Miller joining the staff of Gilmore Girls. Or Alan Moore writing for Two and a Half Men.

  24. Frank Miller’s Gilmore Girls would be the greatest thing ever.

    Rory as a stripper
    Loralei on the run from the mob
    Luke a man on a quest for vengence

    this shit just writes itself

  25. You may think I have been living in a cave but I have never seen an episode of lost. I didn’t see the first one and figured I wouldn’t know what was going on so I just never tried.

    But I’ve heard so much about it here that I just watched the first episode and will now get caught up. I’m coming out of the cave.

    I noticed a hobbit, a former paralyzed inmate, and the brief appearance of the mind reader hero. I like it so far.

  26. HMM watched Oz. This is a good thing.

  27. Hopefully someone will have the sense to write the Hobbit off. He’s a glee killer.

    Craig Thompson would be good on Oz. If it was still on.

  28. It’s a source of frustration to me that I’ve long wanted to rewatch “Lost” from the beginning to see if I get more out of it (hidden connections, clues, Easter eggs) knowing what’s happened, but I can barely find the time to do a lot of things a first time, much less several additional times.

    Related: how many DVDs are in your possession that you’ve never watched? It shames me. The day I bought my first DVD player six years ago, I bought five titles because they had lots of cool extras and that feature thrilled me about DVDs. Today, six years later, two of those titles have never been opened. I’m going to a special Americans-only hell.

  29. I have something that I can only describe as “media panic attacks” when I realize the volume of my media is at such a level where I can never full appreciate that which I have. Some things in my collection have been watched multiple times, but there must be a couple hundred dvds I’ve only watched the once. Not to mention the special features discs which I paid extra for, and never went through, and certainly not more than once. I would say that about a year ago, I pretty much stopped adding to the DVD collection because of it. I get some things, but the rate of growth has slowed ridiculously. And now I only get those things which I love right now. No more “nostalgia” purchases. That gets me copies of Transformers the Movie, which I’m just not going to watch. And why did I buy both extended and regular editions of Lord of the Rings? What the hell was that about? So I’m going to watch the 12 hours of theatrical cuts, and then follow that up with 19 hours of extended editions, 25 hours of “behind the scenes”, and finally 8 days worth of commentaries?

    See, look, I just had one of those panic attacks right here.

    Don’t even get me started on “Tivo backlog,” or “podcast clog.” As such, my favorite thing in the world is the deletion of things I’ve completed.

  30. Netflix is the way to go. My DVDs started invading my book shelf, so I knew soemthing needed to be done. Netflix lets you be as lazy as you want and requires only minimal watch-dogging of your queue to make sure you’re getting movies you feel like wathcing. It’s like a cactus. You just sit it there and forget about it. Now I only buy TV seasons on DVD. I very rarely buy movies these days. Little Miss Sunshine was worth breaking the trend.

  31. So I take it LOST is a good show? I still haven’t seen an episode….(don’t hunt me down with pitchforks).

  32. “Don’t even get me started on “Tivo backlog,” or “podcast clog.””

    Oh, the f***ing Tivo. I have to ask the Tivo for permission to leave my house.

    I got down to

  33. Originally, the above fragment read: “I got down to fewer than 20 podcasts at work today and threw my cubicle a party.”

    I have no idea where the rest of that sentence went. Maybe Black Bolt said “FLUFFERNUTTER” and talksploded it.

  34. Between talksplode, fluffernutter, DUCKIES! and dick-in-a-box…in the past three days my vocabulary has COMPLETELY changed, haha.

  35. Don’t even get me started on “Tivo backlog,” or “podcast clog.” As such, my favorite thing in the world is the deletion of things I’ve completed.
    yes. totally.

  36. Brian’s the new blood of comic book writing, I read the “Pride of Bagdad” yesterday, and it was an awsome graphic novel.

    It will bring a whole new readerbase and experience to lost. + Brian may learn some new chops to bring to comics. A good deal!