Boston Comic Con – Teenage Satan Launch Party Info

This weekend, iFanboy will be making a rare appearance attending the Boston Comic Con.  We won't be covering the con as we normally do (so no video show, sorry), but rather Ron, Conor and Tom Katers will be attending the con to enjoy as fans.  Perhaps you'll see us waiting in line for sketches, at a panel or back issue diving! If you do see us, don't hesitate to say hi!

If you would like to see iFanboy as well as find out what the hub bub is about Teenage Satan, then you won't want to miss the Teenage Satan launch party.  We've gotten the inside scoop on what's sure to be the most rocking party Boston has ever seen and all are invited!

What: Teenage Satan Launch Party featuring a performance by the Boston Babydolls
When: Saturday, April 30 – 10:30 PM until ??
Where: Vlora – 545 Boylston St. – Boston

In addition to the fantastic burlesque peformance by the Boston Babydolls, the celebration of the launch of Teenage Satan with the Teenage Satan team, hanging out with iFanboy, you'll also be able to rub shoulders with comics superstars like Darwyn Cooke, The Reverend Dave Johnson and his Drink and Draw carnival of terror, Adam Hughes and J.G. Jones.  It's a once of a lifetime event designed to make your comics dreams come true.

And if you're still wondering what exactly Teenage Satan is, then be sure to stay tuned on Saturday as we hear all will be revealed then.  Head over to and sign up for updates so you don't miss the announcement!



  1. Woo! With the ever-expanding con circuit, I’m holding out hope that you’ll make it up to the Maine Comic Arts Festival one of these days.

    Probably a silly question, but… am I correct in guessing that the event is on the Saturday night of the con?

  2. I’m going sunday can’t wait to see you guys there

  3. If you think you see me waiting in a line, it probably isn’t me.

  4. @UMFskibum  whoops – yep Saturday night – updated the post

  5. Well, this just complicates matters. Now there’s the con, the Bruins and this party. Never been to a con before so can someone tell me if you’re allowed to leave and come back admittance wise? So if I show up at 12, can I leave at 3, get a beer and watch the B’s and then go back? If anyone could let me know I would appreciate it.

  6. @MikeG  You can come and go at a con.

  7. Thank you Conor. Don’t know what to do, playoff hockey complicates matters. But never been to a con and was thinking of going on Saturday. Decisions, decisions.

  8. JFernandes JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    This may have to be my first con.  I really just want to go so I can pick up Declan Shalvey’s sketchbook, but I should have plenty of other stuff to do.

    Sunday is the 20-mile Walk for Hunger.  I’m gonna need to amputate my feet after this weekend.

  9. I was going to call the voicemail line and ask you guys if you ever go to cons just as fans.  Now I guess I need to think of a better question.  I’m especially glad you’re coming to my local con.

  10. @colossusofrhodeisland  This would be the first time in over five years.

  11. Is this an iFanboy party or are you just attending?  If it is yours I wish I would have known earlier because I coulda hooked you boys up.  I work almost directly across the street from the con @ Abe & Louie’s.

    the Tiki 

  12. @thefreakytiki  We are just attending, we didn’t organize it.

  13. Hey Guys-
    Taking a cue from iFanboy, The League of Ordinary Gentlemen are having a party at McGreevy’s (right across the street) 6-10pm on Saturday. We’d be honored if you came by!
    Clay (