BOOM! Gets an iPad / iPhone App

As of this morning, you can download the Marvel app, the IDW app, and now the BOOM! app. Built on the same technology as the comiXology and by extension, Marvel's app, readers who want their books in a digital way can now get them from BOOM! Studios. 

They've got 50 titles up and available for your instant downloading and reading pleasure including the fantastic Irredeemable, Incorruptable and The Unknown, as well as Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep, 28 Days Later, and Die Hard.  Like those that came before, the issues are priced at $1.99 per issue.

If you want it, go get it here, for free.


  1. cool i guess…

  2. Good news and looks cool.

  3. Any app for android?

  4. agreed with @moegamer–they need an android app. I just DL’ed some stuff from robot comics for my android phone. Pretty cool stuff albeit very different comic reading experience. kinda fun though. 

  5. cool! Downloading…

  6. so will they stop using comixology and only use their app?

  7. Sweet.

  8. Don’t forget about Archie. There’s an app for that too.

  9. Before long I’m going to buy an iPad.  If everyone is basing there app on comiXology why can’t we just have one app to download comics from several publishers.  Each publsiher can set whatever price points they want.

  10. Having different apps for different publishers make it easier to manage storage space on the iPad. Also, not every comic is $1.99. I downloaded the Hack/Slash series at .99 cents each issue. I personally enjoy reading off the iPad. The thing i notice with the Boom titles and Image titles are that they are only a couple months back. Everyone makes a big deal about Marvel needing at least 6 months before releasing an issue onto the iPad, but Irredeemable #12 is available thru the app. At $1.99 for that versus $3.99 for a paper copy has me thinking that the time may come soon that I will have to decide if I will wait for the digital version.