BOOM! Behind the Scenes: THE HYPERNATURALS #2 Process Pages

Part of the fun of comics is looking behind the curtain at how the pages and stories come together. Starting today, and with more to come, BOOM! is going to give us a chance to do so more often.

Let’s start with a look at The Hypernaturals #2, out tomorrow. We can see Brad Walker’s penciled pages, finished up with Tom Derenick’s inks, and Stephen Downer’s colors. You might recognize most of this team from Guardians of the Galaxy, by the way. No reason to expect any less of them here. Take a look, and see how each step transforms the pages into a whole new thing.




  1. Not sure those inks and colors are doing the pencils any justice. The inks are too heavy and the colors just look The heavy shadows stand out and make the images look flat.

  2. I find it interesting that the penciller puts x’s to tell the inker where to ink in black completely. Also on that first page, there is a blank panel with instructions to zoom in on the panel above, so does that mean the inker would use photoshop to make that 3rd panel be a zoomed in version of the 2nd panel?