BONUS Sketch-Up: ECCC Samnee Edition

If you were lucky enough to be in Seattle this past weekend, you might have had a chance to get one of Chris Samnee's ink laden masterpieces in your little hands. But if you didn't, check out some of the best of them. For more, go to Chris' site.

Also make sure to check out Samnee in this week's Ultimate Spider-Man #155.

Wonder Woman

Tara Chace




Sunspot and Magma

Doctor Doom and Harley Quinn

Like what you see? Make sure to watch the upcoming Emerald City Comicon video shows to see Chris actually working on a sketch. It's something amazing to see how fast and smoothly he can do it.


  1. Samnee is definitely one of my favourite (if not my absolute favourite) artists working right now.

  2. Unfortunetly it doesn’t look like he’ll be sketching at C2E2….

  3. Chris really does some awesome sketches. The guys on this site have not been wrong for continuously pimping his work. I got a chance to watch him do some at ECCC, as well as chat with him. Such a talented guy. Not to mention very friendly. If I was a richer man, I’d have got a commision from him, or bought that Spider-Man/Gwen/Goblin sketch he had. But I was able to get his last sketch book that he was selling, which is full of awesome stuff. Very much looking forward to this week’s Ultimate Spider-Man.

  4. That’s talent!

  5. pretty good

  6. I’m so glad I got a sketch from Chris at C2E2 last year. It’s insane how much talent he has.

  7. Is it wrong of me to say that I dig his sketches more than his monthly work? His monthly work is great, but I would LOVE to see a B&W book from him like his sketches.

  8. I love that he puts so much environment in his sketches. It’s not just a figure on a white background. You can almost craft a story out of the entire piece.

  9. i’ve always found it interesting how he doesn’t connect all of his lines, allowing the color shapes to complete the form so when they are left as Ink sketches like these, they come off very abstract which i love. Very graphic quality to them. great stuff. 

  10. What’s this? A recommend Button? Click.

    Samnee is the Sketch god.

  11. Drool…

  12. That Harley Quinn/Dr.Doom crossover needs to happen yesterday.

  13. Love the way he inks. And those poses are very well done! Great art!

  14. that wonder woman has a lot of cliff chiang in it, and i love it

  15. @conor  I’d love to hear the story of Doom and Harley.  That’s gotta be amazing!

  16. I want I samnee sketch so much.

  17. wow, never saw this guys stuff before. love the sunspot and magma one!

  18. At least he knows what WW costume to draw & do a wonderful job doing so. 
    The Doctor Doom & Harley Quinn sketch looks awesome!


  19. Samnee gets better and better and he’s already great.

  20. I was lucky enough to meet and talk with Chris at ECCC this past weekend. He is an incredibly down to earth guy and willing to talk with fans. I got him to sign my Thor: The Mighty Avenger and we talked about the series getting canceled. He was very open and honest about how much it sucked for him to find out the series was getting canceled and how much he loved drawing the comics.
    Next year, provided he is at ECCC again, I will definitely buy a commission from him.  
  21. it sucks that he isn’t coming to NYCC. Or that he isn’t taking commissions. ( sad )

  22. @slim  I have the same opinion. I don’t dig his art in monthlies that much, maybe it’s because of the colors. They seem to bring down the vibrancy of his art. That being said, Chris Samnee’s sketches are beautiful! If he does a B&W book which he himself inked, I’d totally buy it.

    P.S Those Rocketeer and Thor sketches are goddamn great!

  23. I know that playing with light-shadow and contrast is his style.

    But I find so much shadow in much of his work that it obscures his excellent lines at times. 

  24. Awesome stuff. I hope he restocks his etsy store soon.

  25. Man I want that WW sketch! I really like this style. Kind of reminds me of a Spidey in the black costume an artist friend did for me, except he colored black and went over it with white pen, wher eit sort of looks like a stencil or something. Really unique piece.

  26. I love Samnee’s art! I was lucky enough to get a Black Widow head sketch at Heroes Con when he was sketching for Hero Initiative. It’s interesting to watch him in person. Like someone said, the blacks look very abstract closeup until you pull away and get the full effect.

    He has done a couple of black&white works — most recently Area 10 with Christos Gage for Vertigo Crime. He also did an arc of Queen and Country. It’s not quite the same style as his sketches, I’ll admit.