Best Toys Ever

I went through an action figure phase, then as suddenly as it started, it seemed there were just no action figures I wanted anymore. It’s been a long time since a toy excited me. Then today, I saw these. (click on the gallery)

Oh mama, that’s some fine action figuring.

And you’ll note that they’re from the original. You can tell by the feet.


  1. Wow. I haven’t bought toys in a really, really long time, and I probably won’t buy these either, but those are pretty cool.

    Batman looks like he’s from DK2, though.

  2. Still reeling over the “He-Man incident?”

  3. He mocks me with his paige boy haircut.

    The KINGDOM COME toys are pretty rad too.

  4. They are nice. I’ve perused the Hal and Bruce figures many times.