Best of iFanboy Podcast?

I need a little help for the upcoming one year anniversary show. What are some of your favorite moments from the show this past year? Was there something that made you laugh? Was there one of those moments, and I have these a lot, where you laughed while listening on headphones, and someone asked what was so funny, but you couldn’t explain it to them because there was no way to do so without sounding like a dork?

I want to put together a short reel of some of the favorite bits from the last year, and the three of us can’t seem to remember what we did just last week. So I really need you help.

If you can remember what episode it was from, that’s even better.

However, and I can’t stress this enough, we strongly advise against you going back and listening to the first couple shows, because they were rough.

Seriously, thanks a lot.


  1. yeah we are trying to put a best of antifanboy podcast together too. so if you guys remember your favorite moments from antifanboy, let me know and i will put it together.


  2. The X3 rant about Chicken Man.

    And any time Josh goes off on a Maina’ tangent.

  3. Umm I believe MY favorite moment from ANTIfanboy was when Those funny guys called out Darrel on his creepy D-Bagyness

  4. yeah that was funny, but i was talking about ANTIfanboy

  5. haha devon that was HILARIOUS we definitely should put that in our best of reel. darrel was real creepy wasnt he

  6. i think i also liked the part when tim was described as an “evolving pokemon” while watching v for vendetta. that always gets to me

  7. or how about the time when steve dropped the mic! HAHA WOW THAT SHOULD BE ON BLOOPERS DVD


  9. Or how about when those cops/emts/firemen RAN OUT OF THERE?! Can you say FUN AYE? Cuz I can


  11. I don’t think you can go wrong with Josh’s Cavalcade of Voices. Ahthuh of Maine, awbviously. The bit from last week, when you guys were giving relationship advice and Josh did the voice of Mindy’s great uncle, I laughed so hard that I hurtled off the back of my treadmill into a wall. Which was difficult to explain to my wife. Ultimately impossible, in fact.

  12. hey jimski, i am sorry but we are reminiscing on the good times of antifanboy not ifanboy. find another thread.

    ANYWAY, it was so funny when steve at the end was like ZAPADOOO!

  13. i am overrated

  14. i am overrated as well

  15. i am weakening your immune system

  16. i love superman and DC comics

  17. I make unfunny voice messages about me crashing in a car crash

  18. you guys are all idiots. differential diagnosis? foreman, go break into conor’s house and syringe he’s been using for heroin. chase, perform a biopsy on josh, cameron, i want 250 mg VIAGRA entering ron’s bloodstream every 5 minutes. LETS MOVE PEOPLE! PATIENTS ARE DYING

  19. god this is making me ANGRY. i just wanted people to give me some good moments to put in an anniversary reel for antifanboy!


  21. -The episode (Can’t remember which one, where Josh yells at Ron) “OH yeah Suck it!” I can’t remember why, but that always made me laugh.

    -The first moment we were told Ron and Josh sound alike.

    – THe X3 rant episode overall was awesome.

    THere’s more, I know, I’ll have to re-litsen to some stuff to find it.

  22. arf arf!

  23. Um… I hate to say this, but can we ban the Antifanboys? They aren’t funny anymore… well… they were never funny. Trolling is never funny.

    Anyways, my favorite moments… hmmm…

    Josh missing Tricked and Ron losing it during the Escapists #1 podcast.

  24. Hey guys, chill out.

    I’m sorry for the others actions.

    We are changing the podcast format from “Antifanboy” to “Ted Dibiase’s Million Dollar Podcast” where we talk about spending extravagent amounts of money and then cackle about it.

  25. I agree with the Josh doing the Mainer voice thing. It always makes me laugh really hard. It probably has something to do with it always going just a bit too long, which I have a tendency to do as well being that I’m from Mars and all.
    I also really love Conor’s reaction everytime that someone brings up Jason Todd. And the weather report.

    And seriously, I’m with Jeremy, those Antifanboy guys are just assholes. You should ban them. My comment is only the sixth of like what 25 or 30 in this thread that are actually on topic and not just some stupid pedantic rambling.
    Why don’t they have anything to say that isn’t related to iFanboy? Why can’t they just get their own site and the four or whatever there are of them can harass each other all night long? And by the way, just because Alan Moore tends to do things that require an iq over 10 to understand doesn’t make him overrated.

  26. i always thought it was hilarious during the beginning when conor and ron would do most of the comic talk because josh didn’t buy books that week. ah memories.

  27. oh and i’m with jimski, most of josh’s voices are reelworthy.

    “i’ve claws you know.”
    “hope its not nazis!”

  28. My favorite was when Ron was trying to explain his opinion of a certain book and Ron and Josh were constantly interrupting him, saying “Meh”, “Meh?”, “Yeah, M. E. H.” “Ffffffeh”.

  29. anything in the mainer voice is absolutely golden. the part where josh dropped his lego tie-fighter during the podcast. (all star superman #1 pov)

    “incidentally ron makes love with a flash cowl on” ~josh (from the augie crossover podcast)

    totally awesome on so many levels.

    conor’s muffled yammering when the trio were asked about podcast volumes (cross bronx pow)

    episode 37: when poor ron is pouring his heart out on his POW(s) (civil war tie ins and dd) and josh cuts the sincerity with a snappy quip

    keep it up gentlemen, i’ll keep listening

  30. i dont think they CAN ban anyone. the most they could do is delete someone’s posts. right conor?

  31. So basically you are saying that you think you know that you can’t be banned and so you are going to continue to harass and make a mockery of these threads because….why again? Because I am not sure. It doesn’t take alot of brain cells to see that people are annoyed with your posting and want you to stop. If you had decency…or were at least grown up a little bit…you would take that as a sign and just leave.

    You immature antics go against what we come to this site for…intelligent comic book discussion. So go find your own place to be idiots.

  32. This past week, the whole “As a 17 year old student…….oh, i didn’t read that.” thing was pretty funny. And the “you could move to america” thing.

  33. seriously though i love ifanboy

  34. Some suggestions: The Paul Dini story, which I think was related in full in one of the preview podcasts for this year’s San Diego Con; a montage of Ron’s explanations of X-Men continuity which, taken out of context and spliced together, might very well approach Dadaism; and of course the relationship advice, including the time that Conor (I think) said the guy who wrote in needed to dump his girlfriend/fiance’, and of course the recent “how to ask out the cute girl in the comic book shop” was pure gold. Oh, and calling out Allan Heinberg for no real reason.

  35. Deal with it, Heinberg!

    The “pocket-sized Jim Lee” stuff always makes me laugh, too.

    So, basically any direct creator antagonism.

    (the car crash bit was a] funny and b] not me)

  36. When me and my gf called Conor creepy and he threatened suicide.


    Also: Ron’s constant question of “what year is it in the DCU”
    The Allan Heinberg kowtowing comment.

    and while I’m at it, anytime you guys use archaic wierd ass words (troika is the only one that comes to mind, but there’s a whole bunch in there. College boys, go fig 🙂 )

  37. I’ll add my vote to the Maine voices of Josh. Also loved the Comicon episodes or any other that would devolve into the “we’re so freakin’ tired we can’t speak episode.” Also funny would be compiling all of the “It’s so hot” references.

    Favorite site moment: When Craig dressed down the antifanboy posters.

  38. Some of the funniest moments:

    -Josh doing the Aquaman from Maine voice.

    -The episode where Josh says that he has to talk Ron out of sucide every time the Frappr number doesn’t go up.

    -The pocket-sized Jim Lee gag.

    -Ron’s “Deal with it Heinberg” comment.

    -The espisode where you guys discuss the theory that Chris Claremont has a blackboard with this grand X-Men scheme, but interns keep coming in and erasing names. Hence, why anything he writes makes no sense.

  39. You need to put together a montage of every moment you talked abvout the heat.

    And I can’t remember the specifics, but Ron talking about Brubaker’s first Uncanny issue was cool to hear, he’s always talked about how he’s an x-men fan, and this is the only time I’ve heard him be excited about an x-book.

  40. All I’m saying is…Pride of Baghdad>>>Watchmen

  41. Definitely the Maine voice
    all of your creator call outs (Bendis can’t write wolverine is a personal favorite)
    What year is it in DC
    all of the references to comics acquired by dubious means (I’ve got all of Sandman on a box on my desk)

  42. I was always laughed anytime Conner talked about “Rich People”
    or Josh telling someone to “suck it” was always funy too
    and Ron’s Manga stuff.

  43. second on the “rich people” voices…

    And I just remembered: “I wear black on the outside because balck is how I feel on the inside” Classic!

  44. Anytime Josh does the accent that’s great pod, specifically the Aquaman bit.

    Also, I liked the one where you guys traveled back in time and Joan Collins got shot and killed. Conor had to wear a cap to hide his ears. Ha ha!

  45. I think I’m enjoying this thread as much as the episode it presages.

  46. I may just skip trying to edit all this together then, and we’ll just re-enact these live.

  47. if you could re-enact darrel’s voice message, that would be great.

  48. One more vote for:

    1) the Maine voice(s)
    2) the call outs
    3) all references to heat or cold


    4) rants about cover art not reflecting content
    5) Cable and Deadpool POW reaction
    6) Location, location, location – where’s Ron, Josh, Conor this week?

  49. Steve speaks dA truth. But I think we need the Vertigo rant, which was very choice.

  50. You should have guest podcasters re-enact great iFanboy moments. Preferably guys with British accents and/or girls.

  51. -Ahthah from Maine
    -“Hope its not Nazis!”
    -Rich People voice (Honestly, I am a sucker for any funny voice)
    -One of the first episodes I listened to, when Marvel Team-Up was the conversation, Ron mentioned a � Darkhawk Rules� t-shirt.
    -Conversations about the comic book store the three of you went to in college. I recall something of an altercation or awkwardness with the owner.

    What is so great about your show is that each of you seem really passionate about different things in comics. You are three regular guys talking comic stuff. Sometimes that means talking about your X-Men dream team, other times it is talking about a meta-fictional aspect to a story. You have range. You are always able to recommend good comics. You are good friends and you open that friendship up to your listeners. I could listen to you guys all day, which is probably why I am constantly checking the website for updates in the conversations. The iFanboy community has got to be the best grouping of comic fans on the internet. Even the antiFanboys (to an extent).

  52. Awww…you…

  53. iFanboy….Stumbling Towards Relevance Since 2000

    I like that quote.

  54. Mine would be more of the same. The creator stuff (Jim Lee, Heinberg, etc.), New England Aquaman, talking about the heat…

    All the stuff that give the podcast personality. Keep it up guys, love the work.

  55. “hope its not nazis!”

    Does anybody remember what we were talking about? I don’t need the episode number, but if I knew the book we were talking about at the time, that would help. I just can’t figure it out.

  56. It was in an episode in either July or August. The conversation was about doing a 40’s style radio show. It was so brief, but hilarious, that is all I remember.

  57. “hope its not nazis!” Ruled.

    Also the moment where some Men’s magazine posed the question “Which Superhero has the best build?” and Conor, off the cuff, says “That’s stupid.”

    But I don’t know if anyone else nearly got into a car accident laughing at that one.

    Also you can do all the times you’ve mentioned me in a podcast.

  58. I was working on this last night, and I definitely mentioned you in either episode 1 or 2.

  59. I still feel like I randomly stumbled across iFanboy by typing “comics” into iTunes just a couple of weeks ago, but it occurred to me while reading these posts that I’ve been listening for much of the life of the podcast without even realizing it, since around the beginning of the year. I thought you’d been “on the air” for ages; turns out you were just doing a great show from the get-go.

    At the risk of overstating the case, the show has gradually turned into one of the highlights of the comic reading experience for me. Unlike you three, I have never really known anyone else who had any real interest in comics, so talking comics or hearing people talk about comics is this complete novelty to me. Turns out it’s way more fun this way. Almost makes me understand sports talk radio.

  60. I believe it was the podcast for Daredevil 86 on 6/28/2006 that the nazi comment happened in.

  61. when i was in high school, my guidance councilor asked me what i wanted to be when I grew up. I said porn star or the guy who knows shit normal people don’t care about.
    Do I have to say what I chose?

  62. Gee…I like the ones from San Diego…with that funny intern.

  63. get back to work!

  64. Nazis – episode 37 – 6/28/06

    Fred is a savant.

  65. Josh does David Beckham. Classic.

  66. Anytime you guys discuss the fact that no one can tell Ron and Josh apart rules.

    Although I think that’s changed since the first video came out.

  67. God I hope so.

  68. Don’t forget the Jonah Hex references – many as they were.

  69. “WTF” moment of the week:

    My wife and I ended up at a street festival in our neighborhood this afternoon, and while we were taking in the sights I talked her into popping into our local comics shop. She’s never really read any before, but I found a nice gateway drug with the “Kingdom Hearts” manga and picked a couple things up for myself.

    When we went to check out, the manager asked if I was in their book club. I said I was and gave her my name. She typed it in, looked at her screen, and got a puzzled look on her face when apparently my e-mail address came up.

    She looked at me and said, “Are you…? I just started listening to this podcast, and….”

    Long story shortened, I just got recognized from iFanboy.

    Understand, I have been “online” in one way or another for almost ten years, and that has never happened to me before. So weird! I was processing all through dinner. Mostly, I was relieved that she didn’t then go, “Alan Moore is a genius, you Philistine!” and punch my teeth out.

    More importantly, I thought you’d want to know that your legend is spreading here in Nellyville.

  70. I second Josh does David Beckham. In the words of Conor “You’re hilarious!”

  71. Long story shortened, I just got recognized from iFanboy.

    Awesome! Some thoughts:

    A) It doesn’t seem right that you were recognized out in public before Josh or Ron or I.
    B) What was your wife’s reaction?
    C) What’s the name of the store/clerk?

    I’m off to get drunk.

  72. While looking around this forum I realized that you guys brought us up. Aww so sweet. Also Antifanboy #2 is out on itunes… Don’t worry its better this time around….Promise

  73. I can’t believe that story Jimski – that’s too funny. Talk about a small world, or odd internet celebrity-dom – hehe

  74. Lego Tie Fighter

  75. A) It doesn’t seem right that you were recognized out in public before Josh or Ron or I.
    B) What was your wife’s reaction?
    C) What’s the name of the store/clerk?

    A) Afterwards, I said to my wife, “The weirdest part of that is, that’s probably never happened to the actual people who do the podcast.” Then I remembered you once wandered a con carrying a mic with your name on it and assumed I was wrong. Which is a safe assumption 9/10ths of the time.

    B) Luckily, I clued my wife in to the whole iFanboy phenomenon around the time of The Darrel Business, otherwise dinner would have just been one very long story. As it was, she just laughed and shook her head.

    C) The woman’s name is A.J., and she’s an owner of the excellent Star Clipper comics ( As I mentioned to someone in an earlier thread, it’s probably the best store in town, though I don’t get there near often enough considering it’s right around the damn corner. We chatted a little about iFanboy, although we talked way more about the other lackluster podcast that drove her into the arms of iFanboy, a podcast which will remain nameless.