Best Comic Adaptation Ever

This week, volume one of Batman: The Animated Series hits the stores. And as I said, for my money, this is about as true and correct and anyone ever got the transformation of a comic book into animation or live action. It was the perfect blend of action, design, a touch of humor, and utterly fantastic voice acting. We all owe Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for this.

I remember how good this was when it came out. And it never lost its touch. The redesigned later episodes were good as well, and the Superman stuff was brilliant in its way.


  1. Am I wrong in thinking that this isn’t the first season, but a collection of episodes?

  2. It doesn’t say whether it’s the first season perse, but it’s 4 discs, and it’s labelled volume 1. That’s sorta like the Space Ghost DVD’s which were volume 1, and were basically the first season, but didn’t include several episodes for various reasons. Who knows? But they weren’t in any continuous order, so no harm done if they’re not all there. Seems to be a good start.

  3. Bueno.