Benefit Art Auction for Peter David

You might remember that writer Peter David suffered a stroke in late December. The comics community has always been pretty good about helping its people in dire circumstances. David’s wife Kathleen made sure that people know easy ways to help them out with the massive costs associated with the medical emergency on his blog.


And now, there’s one more way to help Peter David. J.K. Woodward, Peter David’s longtime Fallen Angel collaborator, has set up an art auction, with all proceeds going directly to the David family. You can bid on original pieces from Woodward, Philip Tan, Pablo Raimondi, Todd Nauck, and many others. The art shown on Woodward’s blog is just the first round. There’s more to come when this batch is sorted out.


Bid early. Bid often.


  1. Oh wow. This is a great idea. I’ve already bought a bunch of the Peter David books his wife suggested we get if we want to help out. now I need to go bid on some art. I’m most likely too poor to actually win any of these great pieces, but when it’s to raise funds to help one of my favorite writers and personal heroes, I need to at least make the attempt!

    • That’s what’s up and wish more ppl thought that way, I’m in the same boat and have read many o’ Peter David over the years. I love his take on X-Factor which started off taking place in my hometown of Detroit, no other mutant/ X book reads like that one. I dig that Jamie Maddrox/Multiple Man piece above and would bid on that, if buying his books helps out, I know I can win there. Best of luck to a worthy cause & a super recovery for Mr Peter David.

    • Is that Multiple Man piece Angel as MM? I think Marvel should do an X-Factor Omnibus with proceeds going to this, it’s been the black sheep of the X books and written solely by Peter David for years now, I think he deserves it and Marvel can afford it.

  2. Lots of great stuff on there… it sounds like a second wave might be in the works as well. If possible, I’d love for iFanboy to keep update this if that does in fact happen.

  3. I hope this raises a great deal of money. There are some wonderful pieces of art available. That Hulk cover is fantastic.

  4. Peter David’s writing has been giving me pleasure for almost 25 years now and he deserves all the support we can give him! This is a great idea although I can’t afford any of these pieces really, so I just donated directly through paypal. Good luck, Mr. David – here’s to a swift recovery and more great writing!

  5. Peter David is a fantastic writer. I’ve always enjoyed his comic work as well as his column in CBG. Hope this makes a LOT of money!

  6. Fourth World Comics in Smithtown was selling raffles and giving away a few of his books for the winner a couple of weeks ago to support his family. I wanted to buy some but I was in a rush. I wonder if they are still selling them.

  7. Geez, I had no clue.

    I don’t normally get too much news on comics creators.

    I’ve enjoyed PAD’s works for decades, and he and I wrote back and forth a few years ago about his dieting – and my need to start dieting. He was down-to-Earth and encouraging at the same time.

    I have worked with stroke patients on-and-off for about 7 years and in all but the slightest of strokes, they are life changing experiences. He and his family will need a lot of support, both morally and financially.

    God bless Peter David and his family.

  8. Thank you for this