Bendis Reveals SPIDER-MEN #5 and AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #7 Covers – Coming in September

Brian Michael Bendis set up an account on Tumblr. On this Tumblr, Bendis has decided to post various vintage Marvel Comics covers and artwork. But for those who stop and browse his feed, you might notice that he posted some cover art for a couple of his books coming this September.

First up is the cover to Spider-Men #5, by Jim Cheung:

And the cover to Avengers Assemble #7 by Mark Bagley, featuring Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet:


  1. Bagley needs to do more cosmic stuff. Love this and the cover i saw recently of the Guardians of the Galaxy teamed with the avengers

  2. Thanos NEVER brushes his teeth, does he?

  3. The faces in the gems is a great touch.

  4. What a shame ,first appearance of Thanos for a while and its in Avengers Assemble.

    • You haven’t been reading enough of the main series then. There was a whole Infinity Gauntlet story that Bendis wrote when Cap rejoined the Avengers and found out that Tony, Prof X, Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, and Medussa had hidden the gems and Thanos was after them again.

    • Thanos wasn’t after them in that story, the Hood was, Thanos was just an illusion of Dr. Strange to scare the bejeezus out of the Hood

  5. The coloring on Thanos is really remarkable.

  6. is that Wonder Man’s reflection?

  7. That Spider-Men cover is so confusing at this point. It that Nick Jr. or Ulti-Nick. Is it Iron Man 616 or Ultimate. This crossover need name badges.

  8. What is Thanos going to get up to? Is he going to wreck everyone again? I am going to check that book out

  9. I don’t remember Bagley being that good.