Bendis and Maleev’s New Book. What’s that now?

Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev are apparently doing a story about the mysterious slaughter of mid 19th century livestock. Maybe a bio comic on John Entwistle?

Maybe not.


  1. And you thought the slow drip Avengers marketing was frustrating

  2. maybe this has something to do with those OMIT promos we’ve been seeing…


  3. Could be something about Tic Tac Toe. Just throwing that in there.

  4. I’m with RapidEyeMovement. Maybe it will be like the Avenger reveals and we will gradually see more of the game board.

  5. I thought I heard that Bendis and Maleev where gonna be working on an Icon project. Could this be it ?


  6. It could be hugs and kisses.

  7. But Os are kisses and Xs are hugs, why are they backwards?

  8. Tired of all these stupid teasers.

  9. not sure where you’re from Heroville, part in my part of the coutry the Os are HUGS and the Xs are KISSES. Damn foreigners 😉

  10. A dramatization of a tick tack tow game?

  11. You uncivilized mish-mash!

    Its called Noughts & Crosses!

  12. Probably just another Avengers book. (sarcasm)

  13. Maybe it’s about the Spider-Man ‘enforcer’ Ox? Is he still in continuity or did Mephisto erase him too?
    Or maybe this will be a motion comic first and Maleev will get burned out and this will become incredibly short lived.
    All that aside, in excited for this. With Powers going down hill it’ll be great to have another Bendis creator owned book again.

  14. I think I remember hearing that Bendis and Maleev were doing a creator owned book together. Not sure if thats true or not though.

  15. @Art1318: Icon? is the only book they’re currently publishing Powers? Can’t they just rename it: Bendis?

  16. Nemesis, Criminal, Incognito are all Icon books.  I’m almost certain there are others.

  17. @mikegraham6- OMIT is a Joe Quesada-Paolo Rivera project of unknown nature.

    and in the last issue of Spider-Woman, Bendis said the name of the project was Scarlet, so maybe there’s been a name change or these symbols are somehow related to the premise. 

  18. @josh- there is/was David Mack’s Kabuki, there was JMS’ The Book of Lost Souls and Dream Police, and Jack Kirby’s Galactic Bounty Hunters.  If Kick-Ass continues, then it is another. 

  19. And Kick-Ass will continue.

  20. Yeh its their icon book. I remember Bendis mentioning it at Emerald City. Its Bendis/ Maleev though, so im sold. even if it was about two midgets sitting around talking about politics for 22 pages a month id buy it for that team

  21. tic tac toe the comic book.



  22. Now, I hate to be a dick, but with powers, every marvel book being published, and now this is bendis biting off more than he can chew? Will this ever come out? Lookatme, don’t even know the books title, and I’m already botching about delays

  23. "… and men shall call him… OX!" (cover of DD #15 vol.1)

    Raymond Bloch – Private Investigator!

  24. A mirror image-

    XO Manowar relaunch.

  25. A sideways unfinished skull and crossbones. Arrrrr!

  26. speaking of O.M.I.T., did anybody else notice its the same font at Brubaker’s Marvels Project

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    My neighbors spray painted their house number on the curb and effed up the stenciling just like that. Real eye sore. 

  28. over-exposed x-men

  29. What are the chances that this is Bendis writing something non-superhero-related?

  30. I’d say quite likely, he might want to get away from that kind o stuff

  31. Maybe they really liked the last Coalesce album.

  32. I’m assuming that this is a continuation of his crime novels. The fonts for Bendis and Maleev’s names are the same ones used on the Goldfish and Jinx trades. It also follows the same sort of naming style. Really simple, one word titles.

  33. As much as I would love for Bendis and Maleev to do an Enforcers "crime" book, this is probably an Icon title.

  34. It could be about a foreign exchange student caught up in a whirlpool of student protests and anti-immigrant sentiment at Oxford University. I’m still hoping it’s a serial graphic novel of the entire Oxford English Dictionary, even though that’s usually abbreviated OED. Maybe they couldn’t get the rights or wanted to sound edgy a la the TV show OZ.

  35. @ericmci that was going to be  my joke 🙁

  36. I know ox tail soup sounds kinda gross, but it’s actually quite delicious!

  37. Ha- convoy83  – it was just hanging there in the air like a beach ball

  38. I think it’s going to be a buddy-cop book called "Hugs and Kisses". One of those gimmicky titles like "Katts & Dog".

  39. Blair Butler revealed on Attack of the Show that it’s called Scarlet. The X and O, or X and heart, are on her shirt.