Behind the scenes of ‘The Spirit’ logo with Todd Klein

Maybe I’m a dork, but these sort of things fascinate me. To continue our week of praising lettering, Todd Klein offers up his analysis and praise of the logo for the current series from DC, The Spirit. And if you scroll down, you’ll see Darwyn Cooke and the logo creator, Rian Hughes weigh-in on the discussion.

My fascination with this sort of thing could be associated with my inability to be a good designer. Sure I’ve got Photoshop and Illustrator and all the tools and the what not, but not a lot of the talent or creativity — so I have the utmost respect for these creators who can and do make some of the most stunning designs in the comics industry.

Logos are a particular favorite of mine, and the breakdown that Todd and Rian provide, along with the examples show not only a walk through the history of such an important character, but the evolution of a design. I had no idea the new Spirit series had a brand new logo created for it. That shows just how good it is. I thought it was just one of the old logos from the ages. The manner in which Rian Hughes approached the project and pulling in the aspects of the logo that Eisner used previously to make an updated logo that respects the pasts but distinguishes itself for the future.


  1. It’s like we’re trying to sweeten the all powerful letter lobby.

    Very interesting stuff.

  2. Awesome, thanks for posting that Ron. The Spirit is becoming the new book I give to people that ask what comics they should read (after Fables, of course).

  3. Thanks so much for pointing out the Todd Klein website a few weeks ago. Todd Klein has been one of my comic heroes for a long long time and now after emailing with him I’m now the proud owner of 6 pages of original letters from The Sandman and 6 pages from Shade the changing man (3 of which from my absolute favourite issue of the series #39 “Pond-Life”).
    The letterer is an often forgotten yet highly important player in the comic world and your spotlights over the last couple of weeks have been fantastic. I’m sure thanks to you they are being appreciated a lot more than before. Keep up the great work guys!

  4. Ron, was there really any lingering doubt that you were a dork? Seriously, I had never even noticed that The Spirit had a new design, which as you say is a good indication that it was well done. It’s a shame in a way that things like design and lettering (and coloring?) are only noticed when they are badly done. I have to say though that I really like the unpopular 3-D logos, especially the first one.