Because you loved ‘Excalibur’… Chris Claremont and Alan Davis on ‘Uncanny X-Men’! (UPDATED)

In shocking news, apparently the new situation on Uncanny X-Men with Chuck Austen and Salvador LaRocca won’t last long, as Alan Davis as commented that he and Chris Claremont are taking over Uncanny X-Men!!

UPDATED! Marvel has now confirmed this story.

This would be Claremont’s second return to the title after a short lived return that was pretty much terrible. I still have no idea what the heck happened in that arc, just that one second Kitty Pryde was leading the team, next moment she’s gone.

It’s also Alan Davis first work on Uncanny X-Men, though he did write and draw a few issues of X-Men and he was the other half of the brainchild of Excalibur along with Claremont.

Claremont and Davis jointly launched Excalibur, which was the first comic book I ever read and I loved every issue. So needless to say, if this is true, I’m ultra psyched.


  1. wow, excited about davis coming back. always liked him. i still have no idea what clairmont is doing over in X-treme. i pick it up i read it and unghhh. why? why him, something happened to him when he went off to be a writer-writer. he came back defected.
    of course i’m going to continue to pick it up, but x-men is kinda all over the place for me now. i need a “inferno” or “xtinction agenda” to bring it all together and get a fresh start going.

    REALLY a big fan of Davis…can’t wait!!

  2. Oh man, I LOOOVED the X-Tinction Agenda. I mean it was Marvel mutant crossover at its excess but it was so freaking cool. There hasn’t been a crossover or even a storyline like it years.

    There was something to be said for the continuity Clarmont brought to that title. I know it became a nightmare to maintain and other writers didn’t know what to do with it…but when your weaving stories that are like 5 years in the making and they payoff like that, its just awesome and to me, thats what Claremont did

  3. Nerds.

  4. at least we’re not noobz

  5. Oh, yes you are.

  6. I’d love to see some more changes. I HATE current xmen titles. Xtreme Xmen should be cancelled based solely on it’s title.

  7. I agree that XTreme is really the lamest name ever.

  8. Honestly, when is the last time anyone read something by Claremont that they really liked? Personally, I really liked CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS 2 which was a long time ago. Other than that…

    He’s writing an upcoming JLA arc, which concerns me.

    Love Alan Davis, though.

  9. Sorry Dude, that was not Alan Davis’ first time on UNCANNY. He actually did a few issues at the end of the MUTANT MASSACRE storyline. Just a bit of a history check.