Beast and Mystique Go Blue in Steamy New X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Trailer

Remember that time in the 60s when Mystique and Beast totally got it on? Well. Maybe you missed that documentary. Here now is another X-Men: First Class trailer. Consider it a greatest hits version of all the other X-Men: First Class trailers and teasers and TV spots. All the Bay of Pigs stuff is rolled up in this blanket, and so are Charles and Erik. But what this trailer has that others haven't is twofold. Gross mutation effects, and the emotional arc for Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique. She loves, she loses, she leads tour groups. 


There's also a bit at the end there with some missiles, and I think it's a conception metaphor. But I could be wrong. 

X-Men: First Class will leave the blue hair on your neck sticking up on June 3rd. 



  1. Thumbs up.

  2. Is it bitchy of me to complain about the color of Havok’s beams? Otherwise, pantswettingly brilliant. Love the 60s aspect

  3. AWESOME! Love how the movie (seems) to be focused on the friendship (or bromance) between Xavier and Magneto

  4. Consider my hopes raised.

    (And steamy works.) 

  5. I actually kind of like that Havok’s powers are similar in colour to Cyclops’ and that he needs something to help him harness it (bad pun?). That whole meatphor for being unable to control ones body at times, especially when your a teenager, has always gone over well with X audiences.

  6. This looks good. I am cautiously optomistic.


  8. @nightwalker best X-Men First Class Trailer so far, or best trailer of all time out of every trailer ever made?

  9. Havok’s powers are always made with sort of stylistic and highly graphic visuals in the comics, it’s an interesting take on it. Making the concentric rings I dunno. It looks like they are going more with the Jeff Matsuda interpretation of the character.


  11. Every trailer and every bit of new footage gets me more and more excited.

  12. I’m totally excited for this and all other comic movies.  I can’t wait for the official kick off next weekend with Thor!

  13. My excitement over this movie has gone over 9000!!! I am sure that not only will this be the best comic book movie of the summer/year, but this will be the best X-Men movie since X2 & perhaps, the best X-Men movie ever! Dun Dun Dun!

  14. this looks far superior to the other comic book movies coming out this year. wonder how well such a large ensemble cast will be handled though!

  15. @DarthDuck  So true. That really is the measure of a good trailer.

  16. Man, this looks fantastic.

  17. I think I’m finally getting past the fact that those aren’t actually the X-Men in the first class. Now if I can completely suppress the uber-nerd voice in my head over the next month, I think I’m really going to love this movie.