Batwoman is a Media Darling

Everywhere you look these days, there she is — Kate Kane, the new Batwoman.

It started with The New York Times and exploded from there. The New York Daily News, WABC, The Washington Blade, The Book Standard, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The Associated Press, and that’s just to name a few.

If you run into anyone at your local comic book store today who is excited or curious or interested in the new Batwoman, be sure to put a sympathetic arm around their shoulders and tell them to come back in seven weeks! She doesn’t even debut until week 11 of 52!

That’s right folks. Score one more for comics marketing.

Any long time listeners of the podcast will remember the long rant we went on in one of the early episodes about comics constantly shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to marketing books way, way, way too early. It feels like this industry is constantly taking one step forward and three steps back.


  1. I blame Diamond and the solicitation process.

    It’s just so stupid, marketing isn’t THAT complex people.

    except that comic companies are more concerned about the # of copies sold TO stores as opposed to the # of copies sold TO readers.

    therein lies the problem
    the entire system is flawed

  2. I’m so out of it in the DCU. All these articles keep saying, “Batwoman is Back and Gay!” and I keep thinking, “Batwoman is back? Was there always a Batwoman? Did she know Batgirl?”

    I’m pretty relieved to hear the early predictions about Montoya being Batwoman turned out not to be true… though I’m not sure how I feel about Montoya being Batwoman’s girlfriend. My fond memories of Gotham Central remain more or less untainted.

    I’ll bet the more conservative news blogs are having quite the aneurysm over this. “What happened to the innocence? Bif bam pow, good vs. evil and so forth? Is this what it’s come to?”

  3. Looks like she’s Montoya’s ex, not her current girlfriend.

    Batwoman was a silver age character that we haven’t seen in for-ev-er. Well, she popped up in a brief and memorable cameo in that awful book Kingdom. I actually liked that scene.

    In some of the old Batman comics that I have from the 1960s, Batwoman and Batgirl used to show up a lot to fight crime and (chastly) romance Batman and Robin.

  4. Funny you should post this, that EXACT scenario happened to me in the store today. Two women came in and asked excitedly about the new lesbian batwoman. Seems the only reason they want it is because they are lesbians and want to read comics about other lesbians. Judging from 52 so far however, I don’t hold much hope of it being handled in a particularly subtle way; Batwoman will probably wear skimpy outfits and there will be several panels devoted to her making out with lingerie wearing model-types. DC seem to be marketing this is with “Hey, check it out! she’s a lesbian!”, which comes across quite immature and sensationalist, as if this was a new idea and they are being incredibly cutting edge by putting it out there.

  5. Tell me you got them to read Strangers in Paradise!!!

  6. I liked the Batwoman from the animated movie where it was three diferent people taking tuns as Batwoman. This new one sounds like a big marketing gimik.

  7. Hmm…I can see alot of different views on our new Batwoman.

    On the one hand, yeah, she’s a lesbian. And yes, the media is only digging into comics becuase of this (My friend just excitedly sent me a text message proclaiming she saw the new gay-batwoman on CNN) but hey, if it introduces a new tier of comic readers, i’m cool with that. And so what if she’s lesbian AND dancing around in skimpy outfits? What about Phantom Lady? Starfire? They’re all heterosexual characters in the skimpiest possible outfits- I don’t think her sexuality affects what outfit’s she’s in.
    ‘Sides. Gay’s have only had Northstar and that weird reptile kid from New X-men and Renee Montoya (Who is cool, but not a ‘superhero’) too look up to. I think Batwoman’s way cooler than them. (Montoya still kicks ass! Don’t get me wrong!!)

    Aside from the social aspects, what about our comic reading aspects? For us nerds who are actually going to read all of 52, I mean, she obviously has to have SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE PLOT. I mean, the preview page with her on it has her kicking ass on several different…animal creatures? Whatever it is, we have Gotham’s defender for a year (Aside from Harvey Dent- Go read Detective Comics/Batman). Hell, she’s Montoya’s ex! That’s gotta mean something in the long run, right?

  8. That outfit’s not skimpy. It’s skin tight, yes, but it’s so un-skimpy it’s anti-skimpy.

  9. They just did a story on Batwoman on CNN that was both insightful and awful.

    Which pretty much sums up CNN these days.

    The link to the video can be found in this story:

  10. my guess on the NYT piece where batwoman “came out” is that it was a very specific placement in the publication…getting a story that big in a pub like the NYT takes a lot of time and work. i doubt that the NYT just stumbled across the info and made the call.

    i mean, was the character in current solicitations? and couldn’t she have been kept a secret somehow for a few weeks regardless? there are covers of 52 that we’re only now getting to see because they’re finally happening next week.

    so I think it was an overt botch on the part of the DC PR team, cause they shouldn’t even have made that call for a few weeks at least.

    as for the idea itself–i think it has lots of potential, and all the info we have so far doesn’t point to anything intentionally exploitative about the character. it’s important to note that the “lipstick lesbian” description was from the NYT and not anyone at DC.

  11. Any word on those gotham central trades? I read one issue because of you dudes but I don’t want to hunt around for all the others. Hooray for lesbians

  12. Gotham Central Vol. 1: In the Line of Duty

    Gotham Central Vol. 2: Half a Life

    Gotham Central Vol. 3: Unresolved Targets

  13. cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. I’ll add the first one to the shopping basket right NOW.

  14. Here costume is a homage to Timm/Dini’s Batman Beyound, so I think that’s cool.

  15. An article on Comixfan titled: ‘TOP TEN GAY / LESBIAN / BISEXUAL / TRANSGENDERED CHARACTERS’