Battlestar Galactica – S04E17 – Daybreak

Tonight’s episode: Daybreak

As the crew gears up for next week’s two hour series finale, it looks like some drastic action is about to be taken.

“No one should feel obligated to join this mission… this is likely to be a one way trip!”


With only three episodes of show left, my dreams of seeing a return of Adama’s Lt. Castillo mustache are dimming.

Speculation, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. seriously, I can’t believe its almost all over

  2. I have a feeling we’re going to be left with dangling plotlines like a mofo ala Claremont on Uncanny X-Men.

  3. Re:  Moonlight

    I always wondered what happened to Scott Stapp.

  4. here we go!

  5. All I know is, major stuff is going down these next two weeks. 

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Where my toasters at!

  7. Wow… you know it’s a jam packed episode when the credits aren’t 10 minutes into the show!

  8. WHOA! No preview either!?

  9. new intro song?

  10. and here we go

  11. I don’t really care about that Caprica series.

  12. wow…the caprica looks like TO

  13. oooh, its sleazy Baltar…I missed him

  14. Baltar + white suit = pimp

  15. Tricia Helfer could stand to eat a sandwich but she’s easy on the eyes!

  16. rosselin looks pregnant

  17. What an odd start to the episode. Interesting though.

  18. Domestic Staruck!?

  19. hello starbuck!

  20. Haha! Baltar’s father is awesome!

  21. "his be the new one you be bangin’" awesome

  22. Aw come on guys we only have two episodes left!  Let’s get going!

  23. crazy pappa baltar …thats awesome

  24. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "Look at your shirt that I bought you!"


  25. forgot how much of a jackass Balter is

  26. Gotta agree with Horatio. This is fun, but Gods dammit, let’s get on with it.

  27. Money says he kills Pop

  28. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Dude, who care about plot threads?  I just want a fun episode.  And that’s what this is.  

  29. oh crap…cops at the door…not a good sign

  30. "mommy, who is the crazy lady walking around in her pajamas?"

  31. channeling Margot Kidder?

  32. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Boooo geek entitlement issues!  

    This episode rocks and it can take as long as it wants to get to the "point".

  33. Psst. Mary, this isn’t "Hair."

  34. Thank gods we’re back on Galactica!

  35. I’m guessing those launch tubes are gonna come in handy

  36. @paul It’s not entitlement. The show’s been building to something, and great as these flashbacks are, they are not what we’ve been building too. Hell, I could even stand if the "big battle" is just a war of words. But give a dog a bone here! There’s a threshold on consecutive episodes dealing only with character development, and I’m at it.

  37. I hope Galactica at least gets to go out fighting. There is something kind of undignified about her going out like this, gutted and set adrift.

  38. Hey Nic Cage, we didn’t like this movie the first time when it was called "23".

  39. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Sorry, it sounds like entitlement to me.  

  40. @devastron I hope she has a better farewell then Babylon 5. Talk about undignified.

  41. Oh Direct TV just reminded me that I need to put Milk on my Netflix.

  42. Titanic Theme!

  43. its like Adama is moving off to college

  44. @Primate That’s awesome.

    The Red Dress is back! 

  45. hey…a helpful stalker!

  46. Wow… Kara is apparently better at math then I am.

  47. @Primate

    I need one of those.  My stalkers only do irritating things like send long emails and multiple text messages.

  48. oh…its bitter Chief….he’s back

  49. hahaha. "Your wife is a blow-up doll, Karl." Best. Line. Ever!

  50. Chief is and will always be my favorite

  51. Can I just say… Dean Stockwell is the man.

  52. Man, I don’t like bitter Chief

  53. Dean Stockwell does a great job of making me want to lace up my ass kicking boots

  54. I’ve had about enough of Quantum Leap guy.  Time for Just Desserts!

  55. Why do I not care about this Wolverine movie?

  56. Wolviern Trailer!  Wait… was that Cyke! YAY!

  57. So to feed her intravenously they need to drill?

  58. What are we going to replace BG with?  Stargate: Atlantis? 

    Did anyone actually watch Wyvern?

  59. @Devastron I think Simon is just a creep. 

  60. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    We’ll most likely be liveblogging Dollhouse after BSG ends.  

  61. "three card cylon?" what retard came up with that name

  62. gah…the kid belongs with the Chief, not with that wanker Hotdog

  63. No one can emotionally take a picture off the wall like EJO! 

  64. why is a pic of Athena and the kid up on the wall?  They aren’t dead

  65. The wall is for the "missing" and the dead.

  66. @Paul

    I think BG will last longer than Dollhouse.

  67. Now Ander’s past? That I can sit through!

  68. Sam must have gotten mighty wrinley during this episode

  69. I think they’re getting us ready for Caprica with all these flash backs.

  70. ahhhh…a philosophical jock

  71. Why don’t they just play the song for Anders!? I mean, just wheel the damn piano down the decks.

  72. @valo Caprica…meh

  73. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If Caprica was a Frasier-esque sitcom with Baltar and his dad, I’d totally watch.  

  74. That people is why I watch stuff on Hulu… Fracking Nutrisystem comercial purpously setting it’s levels too loud.

  75. @paul If I invest in that… will you make it? :-p

  76. @ Paul – awesome

  77. I hope Galactica transforms into a giant robot and saves everybody.

  78. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  79. @ultimatehoratio "The Galactica… she just went from suck to blow!"

  80. seriously, I just want to see Lee kick Baltar in the nuts

  81. I miss non-Political Lee. 

  82. hey, its drunky mcdrunky pants

  83. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This is the funniest episode ever.  Baltar’s dad?  Drunk Apollo versus a pigeon?  LOVE it!

  84. here comes the speech

  85. Swatting birds with a broom while drunk = not recommended.

  86. it isn’t a line in the sand, its a line of ducktape on the deck

  87. I’m shocked that they still have a roll of Duct tape still around.

  88. holy crap…the final episodes are going to be an all out rescue/battle.  EPIC!

  89. oh yeah, Helo is gonna kill some toasters!

  90. Hera is the Fifth Element.

  91. Helo needs to save the day here.

  92. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I think it’s clear that Baltar is the hero of this story.  

  93. Baltar takes a bullet for Hera?

  94. more brutal?  how could it be *more* brutal?

  95. So how long before Adama starts quoting Dylan. "There must be… some kind of way out of here."

  96. SEA BEAST = arousing

  97. puttin’ the wig on…she’s going out on the town!

  98. It would be awesome if Chewbacca suddenly stepped forward.

  99. Doc Cottle in uniform looks bad ass!

  100. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Hot Dog should totally come along with the baby in a tiny helmet.  

  101. holy crap….they are taking the Galactica against the colony.  GET READY TO REUUUUUUMBLE

  102. I would follow EJO into hell it’s self.

  103. Folks is gonna be dyin’ next ep.

  104. Inspiring, I am such a sucker for these types of scenes

  105. Who’s going to be the red shirt on this mission?

  106. the Chief is AWESOME

  107. Chief – awesome

  108. I think you have something better to do "bow chica bow wow"

  109. I’m gonna cry.  This is like Braveheart.

  110. It is on!

  111. Not to totally geek out… but wasn’t Grand Admiral Thrawn’s secret base hidden inside a Black Hole surrounded by an asteroid field?

  112. yes! Lee is back in his uniform

  113. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Did this guy win some kind of raffle to get a guest spot on the show as an incredulous pilot?

  114. @paul I would play that role!

  115. holy crap…in the event horizon is where the colony is?  This is gonna get messy

  116. sweet zombie jesus, I’m giddy like a school girl with excitement for next week

  117. Is it next Friday yet?

  118. This finale is gonna be HUGE.

  119. holycrapholycrapholycrap

  120. Well, that’s my week.

  121. god damn….i can’t believe it…next friday now!

  122. well folks, it was fun…see ya’ll next week

  123. I can not wait till next Friday! On a side not anyone want to lend me some $ so I can get some of the sweet stuff up for auction?

  124. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Another 50 minutes of filler.  The pre-bomb Caprica stuff was nothing more than a setup for that new show and the writers trying to prove how ‘creative’ they are.  The show limps homenext week.  The Sci-Fi version of Willie Mays.

  125. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Patience.  You’ll get your bread and circus next week.  

  126. @ parxjarvin you have a point only Thawn’s was cooler because it was a whole bunch of blackholes. So sad I wasn’t able to liveblog last night.

  127. Looks like they’re going to cram all of the exciting stuff and remaining explanations/revelations into the last two hours. I hope they can pull it off, it just seems like there’s still many things left unexplained (e.g., what Kara is, why the original hybrid warned young Adama of her destroying the human race, how Leoben fits in with all of this, etc.).

  128. @OddsBodkin: Heard of this thing called pacing?  You can’t make every episode  a gee-wizz super battle, there has to be an ebb and flow. You cant shoot your wad in the penultimate episode, that’s where you have your grand rally call. Where you put the red tape on the flight deck and choose sides.

    Further more, your attempt to slander the writers doesnt even make sense. From all reports the new Caprica show is like 50 years before all of those scenes in this weeks episodes, in the middle of the first cylon war. 

  129. @Brandino – pacing is exactly what is wrong with this show nowadays.  I don’t need battles, gunfights, etc…  I need the plot to actually move forward… especially in the second to last ever episode.  What did those flashbacks actually have to do with anything?  They let us know that Baltar is a self-serving jag and that Laura is an independent and strong woman.  Boy, we all needed reminders about those character traits. Maybe it was about the bonds of family?  I don’t know… what I do know is that it wasn’t necessary. 

    It now looks like the "big payoff" is to save a kid the writers have spent zero time giving us any emotional attachment to.  Hera means as much to me as the lint in my pocket.  They have done zippo to get me familiar with her, like her, or even an ounce of a reason to root for her.

    This show is a faint light compared to where it was in the first two seasons.  I watch out of loyality, but there have only been a handful of episodes in the final seasons worth mentioning.  I’m praying for some sort of conclusion that will equal the show’s once dominant stature.

  130. Absolutely fantastic episode!  Great character stuff and the last 15 minutes had me on the edge of my seat.  Can’t wait for the finale next week!

  131. @Conor I share your grief over Adama.  I want the LT Castillo moustache back too.  How cool would it also have been if Don Johnson or Philip Michael Thomas had guest-starred in an episode ?

  132. @Troyce: Considering that Olmos hates Don Johnson with the power of a million suns, probably not cool.

  133. @ Conor:  I wasn’t aware of that.  Good to know.  Though, I can’t believe you just used a Sentry reference.

  134. In the voice of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons:

    Actually, the Sentry has the power of a million EXPLODING suns. Not just a million suns.

    Worst. Sentry reference. Ever.

  135. I wasn’t making a Sentry reference.

  136. Although that’s funny in retrospect.

  137. I kinna agree with OddsBoykins, the show is nowhere near as good as when it first started.  It’s not that the writing, acting, etc are bad, they aren’t it’s still good but the overall story has been blah.  I’m still holding out that they will pull it off and wrap up everything and leave us with a good ending but it’s hard to end a series well. 

    All that being said the last 20 minutes was just EPIC.