Battlestar Galactica – S04E16 – Deadlock

Tonight’s episode: Deadlock

Last week Anders had a fever dream and spewed a whole lot of information at us very quickly. In case you didn’t catch it all, here’s a recap I found that does a pretty good job summarizing it all.

This week I’m hoping for lots of grizzled, confused, and drunk Tigh now that Ellen has returned. Maybe even the return of the grizzled sea captain outfit he sported on New Caprica. A man can dream!

How’s Ellen going to react now that Tigh is shacked up with Six and they are having a Cylon baby? How will Six react? How will Tigh?

Only five episodes left after tonight!

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. To quote Mike J. Nelson ‘And we’re back.’

  2. what the hell is Helo doing in the Dollhouse?  He’s supposed to be on Galactica in 20 minutes!  That can’t be a short commute

  3. My guess for tonight… Tigh yells a lot!

  4. Tonight’s line up for me:

     finishing the 2nd to last episode of The Wire right now.


    last episode of The Wire.


    Too much goodness for one night?  Possibly.

  5. here we go!


  7. It’s like evil yeast.  

  8. Ahh, I see we have Mary Magdalene here this week.

  9. I wonder whos side Boomer is on this time.

  10. 6 is looking down right anorexic

  11. Guys calm down shes only part of the race that killed billions of your people.

  12. Tish is gonna crap his pants the first itme he sees Ellen

  13. Hot Dog…. BEST. LINE. EVER!

  14. err….that would be Tigh, not Tish

  15. hey honey….yeah, I poisoned you….but lets just make out

  16. Jeez whats with all of the grudges?

  17. It’s not polite to kiss your dead former wife right after your girlfriend’s ultrasound.  

  18. Apparently Adama just does not want Chief Tyrol to be happy.

  19. Wouldn’t it be messed up if Six was based on the original Tigh and Ellen’s daughter or something?  *shudder*

  20. @Paul Then this show would just be a giant retelling of Oedipus and Agamemnon.

  21. @PaulMontgomery gah….how very Luke and Leiah

  22. Adama is becoming quite the lush

  23. @Prax – Tigh’s even missing an eye!  Shuffling the roles a bit, but still.  

  24. Man… I never gave Kate Vernon a lot of credit for her acting, but man these past two episodes…. she’s fantastic. Does anyone think Lee and Laura are over reacting a bit much? 

  25. There is so much I have to tell you…I knocked up one of your creations!

  26. hey tigh, remember how you have a another cylon pregnant?

  27. Also, I want the Cylon baby to come out with a Dean Stockwell head.  

  28. seriously, Baltar’s little compound is turning into a regular Waco

  29. Oh, Baltar. 

  30. gias and the pussy party.

  31. So any theories on "Daniel" ?  I’m thinking it might be Baltar.  They never explained why he always had those visions.

  32. One of Gaius’ flock has grown a pair.

  33. Baltar’s acolytes each have appropriately magnificent hair.  

  34. Wow… Apparently Ellen Tigh is the Dr. Ruth of space.

  35. ooooh…she doesn’t look happy

  36. oh shit techinically tigh fucked his daughter, what a sick fuck.

  37. Oh a Cylon social faux pas.  Frakking your creation.

  38. @paul they all use herbal essense

  39. She’s totally their daughter.  That is so fucked up!

  40. Oh, it’s Rosie the Riveter 6!

  41. doc cottle is awesome…."don’t anybody unplug anything"

  42. That’s Athena, right?

  43. Opps, guess not if she wants to leave.

  44. "i didnt tell you?"

  45. yikes….Ellen is gonna kick Tigh in the balls

  46. Cylon Partridge Family!

  47. Why am I starting to get a worse feeling from Ellen than Cavil all of a sudden?

  48. Doc Cottle is, without question, the greatest character on this show.

  49. Like Cylon’s, there are only a limited number of KFC chickens, constantly re-spawning through incestuous, godless science.  

  50. "I didn’t know?"  what kind of retarded excuse is that

  51. mommy, daddy please dont fight ill be a good lil toaster.

  52. wow…the Chief is pretty quick to bail on the fleet

  53. I…don’t understand the motivations of the newer Cylons.  Like, they could have the Chief do pretty much anything and I’d just go with it.  

  54. hahahaha same name as his father.

  55. i wonder is he retarded like his father.

  56. This is very Jesus Christ Superstar.  

  57. Baltar is like a crotchety rambling old man

  58. did he just say "god" and not "gods"

  59. Oh shit Gaius is her baby daddy in the modern vernacular.

  60. "All children are very important".  Doh.

  61. its a space piano!

  62. Oh.. clever… Starbuck. Clever. 

  63. Adama is becoming unglued at the seams

  64. Ellen’s going to kill the baby

  65. the ships and its damn osteoporosis

  66. If that room wasn’t made of metal this could easily be an episode of Desperate Housewives.

  67. Man this is all shades of effed up.

  68. wow…she is a devious bitch

  69. DON’T TRUST HER!!!

  70. I kind of want Ellen to refer to Cavil jokingly as "Imperious Leader."

  71. I really like Jesus Baltar. He’s fun.

  72. lol what a fucking pussy rag.


  74. Alien Versus Hunter!

  75. that same movie studio made its own version of high school musical.

  76. google tells me im lying to you guys.

  77. And Transmorphers. And I Am Omega. ANd the 18 Year Old Virigin.

  78. christ, Galactica needs an AA group

  79. booze makes Tigh giggly

  80. Head Six! 

  81. Baltar enjoyed giving…he’s Santa Claus!

  82. Someone get Olmos a goddam award.  Hell, give ‘im ten!

  83. Baltar just joined the NRA

  84. The scenes of Adama touching the ship are bordering on gratuitous.

  85. bill and tigh are war lovers

  86. well played, Ellen, well played indeed

  87. whoah

  88. tigh is not good with words

  89. That… was an incredible speech from Tigh.

  90. Love Adama one liners

  91. Baltar is gonna get an ass kicking from Adama

  92. awesome…now the religious crazies have assault rifles

  93. Ten bucks says Paula is part of this Ares group.

  94. Anders is the Phoenix!

  95. 🙁     heart wrenching

  96. Everyone’s gonna dies aren’t they?

  97. meh


  99. There’s only one "cook" in each KFC? And I thought only 12 models of Cylon was too few.

  100. well, its been fun…see ya’ll next week

  101. This episode slowed the momentum of the season for me.  All that Adama wandering through the repair areas felt like padding.  But mostly I don’t enjoy the Ellen/Tigh bitchfest.  I felt like the other Cylons, frustrated with all the prattling while waiting for big things to happen.

  102. @Tad – i agree, but I think the momentum may even have stopped with the previous episode.  Lots of exposition.  This week was a bit of running in place.  Still, next week returns attention to Starbuck’s situation, so hopefully this Scooby Doo scramble will stop pulling up carpeting and actually achieve some distance. 

  103. I have a theory for where they will finally land and settle. Now it seems more and more like the theme is the humans and cylons have to get over thier differences and live together right? well, they used to all live together before they became the 13 tribes when they lived on Kobal. So it seems thematically that they should find Kobal again and that is where their journey should end, it brings them all back full circle and as far as i can gather Kobal was lost to the tribes and its the only other known habitable planet out there. Does this theory seem solid, is there some glaring detail that makes this all wrong?

  104. I agree, Tad.  I’m just not sold on the romantic relationship between Caprica Six and Tigh…why the hell would he fall in love with her if he was thinking of Ellen every time they had sex? Yeah, I know he still loves Ellen, but I just don’t see how he would have deep feelings for Six, as well. And I don’t understand the Chief’s sudden willingness to leave the fleet behind, as he’s helping to fix Galactica. I dunno, a lot of plot points in these last two episodes seem forced. They’re still good episodes, but not what I was expecting out of the last five episodes.

  105. i’m excited to see chief get his boner back in boomer

  106. Where is this episode on or hulu? I need to see it! Dammit, do I have to buy it on iTunes?

  107. @Actual  I heard that they’re holding off a week from putting these online.  Which I understand, but which sucks since I don’t have sci-fi on my cable system.

  108. If that’s the case, then it just started with this episode. Last week it was up by the following Wednesday, but either way, I found it on It’s not great quality, but it’s up.

  109. I just hope there isn’t a week delay on the episode on tv too. I don’t want this to end, but now that it IS ending, the last thing I want is a delay.