Battlestar Galactica – S04E13 – The Oath

Tonight’s episode: The Oath

I’m really excited about where Battlestar is headed, in this, its final batch of episodes. I really like that it is veering off in unexpected directions and that after so many years of building up Earth, they yanked the rug right out from under us. That was fantastic.

The story now — of the building mutiny within the fleet over the acceptance of the rogue Cylons into the community — is such an unexpected yet completely organic story shift that I’m almost giddy with excitement. I’m really interested to see what happens to a society that has staked its entire existence on one thing — the hope of a new world — only to find that one thing was not the miracle they were all hoping it would be. And now that the Cylon threat has been, for the most part, neutralized what will they do now? Turn on each other it would seem.

And Gaeta is such a fantastic villain! It’s been built up for so long, it’s a great extension of his character arc.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. I kind of feel like Gaeta is channeling Anakin Skywalker, here. "Boohoo, I lost a extremity, I’m taking it out on those Robot-lovers and then I aline with the only the holdover actor from the previous installments of this concept and he’ll replace my physical and mental anguish with emotional pain!"

    Hey, that analogy worked really well!

  2. I think if you check out the webisodes they do help flesh out Gaeta’s turn to the dark side here.

    Even without those though I think its reasonable. The Cylons did murder billions of people. Then, after claiming they wanted to leave humanity alone they pop up and conquer New Caprica. It should be hard for some people to simply forgive and forget all of that and move on with the Cylons as friends and allies.

  3. Not to mention he was almost executed by his friends/crewmates.

  4. I am so frakken excited for this!

  5. my prediction for this evening – serious ass-kickery…and Gaeta will eventually be on the receiving end

  6. Thanks for posting this, I almost forgot it came on tonight.  TV on fridays always throws me way off.

  7. It would be cool if Starbuck shot Gaeta in the face.

  8. I’m just not in the mood tonight. It’s been a snowy, rainy, crappy week and I don’t need to finish it with doom and gloom, BSG style. I’ll catch it on Hulu later. Enjoy, folks.

    And check out tonight’s Letterman for the long-censored Bill Hicks routine. Funny, funny man. Remember, Bill once had drinks with Rev. Jesse Custer, so there’s a comics connection too!

    See yins next week.


  9. here we go

  10. precious look of shock on Tigh’s face

  11. "Is this some kind of extended frakkin booty call, Admiral?"

  12. I almost want an eyepatch


  13. That’s got to be the most unsubtle signal ever.

  14. I am so looking forward to Adama and Tight taking up arms and doing some serious ass kickery

  15. Is that Sonia? 

  16. Was that an acting troupe on the Flight Deck? OH! Pegasus guy!

  17. oh, the new Chief of the Deck is screwed

  18. thats it…Zareck needs a bullet in the brain

  19. Gaeta needs to get shot in his other frakkin leg


  20. Man, I love Richard Hatch on this show. He’s really got the bad guy thing down pat. Shame he couldn’t do to Dirk Benedict what he did to the Deck Chief. (Knock of sense into it, that is.)

  21. I’m calling it now, Roslin is gonna come riding to the rescue at the very end. Of course that probably isn’t a big leap.

  22. I’m rather looking forward to Push…looks like a fun super hero (non-comic) movie)

  23. I was just sitting here wondering if I was nuts for thinking Push looked good.  There’s no buzz on this movie.

  24. Whoa Gus from Psyche and Wash from Firefly?  Epic commercial.

  25. You got "Push?" I got the stupid "T-Mobile Butt Dialer" commercial and the Direct TV commerical with the guy from Psych and Alan Tyduk (Firefly).

  26. This is sweet.

  27. @Jarrett…I was thiking of how the mighty have fallen….Wash is now in a DirectTV commercial

  28. Wow, they really are giving Tigh some brilliant dialogue this episode.

  29. Drrrrrrradus

  30. uh oh

  31. Isn’t is weird that Tricia Helfer has been pushed WAY into the background?

  32. dude…she is suckering you in

  33. holy crap!

  34. I sometimes regret how much I loved Samuel T. Anders in his early appearances.

    I take it back! Stop Hurting Sam!!!! 

  35. sure are a lot of Marines in on this

  36. I would give good money if someone would cut Hotdog’s hair

  37. I refuse to believe Gaeta was this influential.

  38. How is it we intimately know dozens of pilots, deck crew and officers, but (despite the fact that there seem to be 1000s of them) we know zero marines by name?

  39. Introducing cannon fodder.

  40. oh shit….starbuck just armed up….someone is gonna pay

  41. Damn they have a good plan to take over. This is going to be ugly.

  42. was Gaeta always in charge of Comm?  Or did he take Dee’s position after she shot herself?

  43. I want Lee to fuck some shit up.

  44. Okay, this wouldn’t be happening if Helo was in the Commander Center.

  45. oh this is a good one!


  47. clapping …yeah Starbuck!

  48. Okay, Starbuck’s cool rating just went up really high. 

  49. oh crap

  50. I thought that guy that hit Lee was bludgened to deat by one of Baltar’s girls way back in 4.0?

  51. Hell yeah Starbuck!

  52. oh crap….taking Athena from Helo….someone is gonna get it

  53. Ouch… those rifle butts felt/looked pretty real. Helo’s gonna kill that guy.

  54. Lee needs to borrow one of Starbuck’s balls and do something for once.

  55. @ultimatehoratio Amen, Brother.

  56. That’s a wake up call!

  57. violence makes Starbuck fiesty apparently

  58. This is so much awesome. Building building… And this is going to get really, really dark.

  59. This is brutal

  60. Those Pegasus folk are really into rape it seems.

  61. Is anyone else expecting the tipping point of this episode to be Cavil shows up and blows up a good portion of the fleet?

  62. @Jarrett…that dude is definitely gonna get what is coming to him

  63. Private Red Shirt Down!!

  64. Gaeta = Gollum

  65. oh shit….Adama’s got his angry face on

  66. F’n Felix. 

  67. Best show since the premier last January

  68. Gaeta is so going to get what’s coming to him

  69. Adama’s teeth are so clenched!   They are inside each other.

  70. "you’ll die with nothing" Frakkin right

  71. Seriously? We couldn’t come up with names for these people? I keep thinking Gaeta is asking for the character from He-Man! (Whose name is Man at Arms, but you know what I mean)

  72. Watch Hoshii become a badass…

  73. I think Adam is gonna kill Gaeta with his bare hands.

  74. I’m about to poop my pants.

  75. Adama has such a… yes…. That’s *the* line.

  76. Chuck in 3D!!!


  77. @SixGun Yeah, they really lit a fire under the season’s ass.

    @psyguy411 I fully expect this to be the re-imagined episode of when Starbuck and Co. mimicked Magnificent 7 on the classic series. 

  78. Nothing like a mutiny to get Roslin back in the game eh?

  79. Felix is like parents getting divorced or falling off your bike and skinning your knee. 

    F’n Felix.  

  80. I wanna see Starbuck shoot some more idiots

  81. Apparently it makes a major mutiny for Roslin to break out the wig and makeup.

  82. That prop contest is the first and probably only thing that will ever get me excited about ‘signed paperwork’

  83. @PraxJarvin I couldn’t tell you how amazing that would be!

  84. Frakkin Zarek

  85. Lee – "I’m takin’ my tie off, now I mean business"

  86. waaah? Tyrol is hanging out with Baltar?

  87. Man Baltar has quite the harem

  88. Funny Baltar is back! … kind of

  89. I wanna see Tyrol working out some of his rage issues on the mutineers

  90. Ol ‘Tyrol back…nice!

  91. Tyrol’s nobility is just making Gaeta look like that much more of a leech.

  92. @PraxJarvin you got some marine’s names

  93. It’s on like Donkey Kong!

  94. Ace Adama.What a guy.

  95. OH YEAH!  the old man still has a lot of fight in him

  96. that was….AWESOME/!

  97. I thin Tigh took the Master Chief dual weilding stance.

  98. I love it when the old men kick ass

  99. man Baltar needs to keep his ladies in line

  100. I’m digging the "Baltar has had enough of his followers sycophancy" angle of this episode. Also, it’s nice to see the old Baltar back.

  101. suck it Zarack

  102. Laura Roslin: Spoken Word artist.

  103. Specialist Rapist does not have teh communications array skills.

  104. "Sir, I’m an idiot who can’t even work a playschool plastic phone"

  105. Starbuck doesn’t take frakkin’ prisoners!

  106. Yeah Starbuck, kill’em all, let the gods sort them out

  107. That was a jarring cut to commercial.

  108. shit…Starbuck is kinda batshit crazy

  109. Starbuck’s turning me on right now.

  110. Yeah, crazy, violent Starbuck is pretty hot

  111. Is this going to be a two parter, or are is the resolution of this ep gonna be shoved into 10 minutes?

  112. Those long guns are real.

    Aside from the pistol used in the mini and the first season, every gun on the show is real, they’re motif is just European weapons. 

  113. WYVERN looks AWESOME!  It’s the astronaut guy from Northern Exposure!

  114. Sigh, I guess we gotta wait another week to watch Gaeta die.

    Wyvern and Gaeta are equally evil.

  115. Ohhh… Baltar Burn!

  116. Gaeta is just Cy-curious.

  117. apollo has turned into a bit a whiny ninny

  118. @Paul admittedly the graphics for their Sci-Fi movies are improving.

  119. I had all kinds of plans for tomorrow night, but now that I’ve seen the commercial for Wyvern I’m staying home

  120. ooooh "our little secret"

  121. let the world know

  122. Gaeta is Cycho.  He’s also suicCYdal.


  123. smoochy smoochy

  124. Seeing Adama and Roslins inevitably doomed romance does not make me weepy.  Honest.

  125. awkward

  126. There’s never a bad time for ‘tang.

  127. in other words Adama’s ready to kick-ass and take names( so he doesn’t forgive said names)!

  128. seriously, why did they hae to stay?  the raptor was away long before the marines cut through

  129. Do I need to make the ‘Shove it up your ass.’ joke or does some else want to?

  130. WHAT THE FRAK!?!?

  131. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn. 

  132. Fantastic

  133. wow, is it next friday yet

  134. sweet jesus…"I’m coming for all of you"  Thats wrath of god kinda talk

  135. is there going to be anyone alive at the end of the series?

  136. to paraphrase "Well…stuff happened"  man o mano

  137. Speaking of Tudyk, N Fillion has a new series coming out.

    I am totally hot for Wyvern.

  138. That was so good.

  139. man, that was awesome…see everyone next week

  140. I think we should liveblog Wyvern.  I’ll talk to the brass. 

  141. @PaulMontgomery I may just have to do it…

    Great episode. Finally there’s a sense of finality to these last few episodes.  I was a bit sad that Helo was taken out so easily. Hopefully he can get in on the kick assery next episode. Specialist Rapist has it coming. 

  142. The ice storm here in the South has cut me off from my booty call so I’ll probably be spending my evening with Wyvern.

  143. @Paul it would be the blog version of MST3K

  144. @PraxJarvin Hopefully his comeuppance involves a bolt to the brain.  You know just for symmetry.

  145. Wow, I really love what this show has evolved into.  They’re really building on all of the history that they’ve set up over the last however-many episodes and using that to play into this confrontation.  They’ve done a great job of positioning just about every character who’s been important to the show at some point, so this should build to a great climax next week.

    Does anybody think Racetrack is going to have a key role?  She sided with the coup but she has a history as a pilot with Starbuck and Apollo, and there were several shots of her looking conflicted. 

  146. She didn’t look conflicted to me, all I’m hoping for is that she meets with an exectution post haste.

  147. I want to see Specialist Gage cut up into pieces and have each piece airlocked in front of his eyes so he can watch himself shrivel up in empty space before he finally bleeds out.  I’ve pretty much wanted that every time he’s ever been on screen since the rape-is-fun discussion in "Pegasus."

    Also, Zarek deserves an unceremonious death to take him off his high horse one last time.  Killing Laird was just over the line, the sort of true colors moment that reminds you what an epic bastard he really is.

  148. Does anyone else sympathize with Gaeta? I know he’s wrong to go to such extreme measures, but in his eyes he’s doing the right thing, and given his history I just can’t hate him as a villain. I’m just dreading his inevitable death scene, and hope it isn’t too dark and disturbing. Seems like that’s how the show is going out, though, and I’m not sure I like it. One thing that is great, though, is that there’s no clear sense of who’s good and who’s evil. The entire show is very gray, which is how the real world is.

  149. @Paradiddle   I think that Gaeta and Zarek believe they’re doing the right thing to save humanity, yeah.  I don’t agree with what they’re doing but I think the show’s written even-handedly enough that I understand it.  Roslin and Adama have done a lot of things I didn’t agree with, too. 

  150. A bit late on this, but my god that was a great episode.  Best in a long, long time.

  151. That was just amazing! Everytime I think I’ve seen Battlestar’s best episode in a while they up the ante again. The bittersweet thing here, and yet it’s something that’s become a blessing, is that with so few episodes left to tie everything up they’re really pulling the story together.

    I can’t remember the last full-on action episode of Battlestar (it may have been Exodus), but when they do one… boy, they show everyone how it should be done 🙂

  152. That was awesome.  So awesome I almost want to skip NYCC next week to stay home to see Roslyn shout.

  153. I just now got around to watching this (I’m at work).  And yeah…that was definitely the best episode in a long while.  I am kinda glad I watched it Monday so now there are only 4 days left till the next one!

  154. I just got to see this episode & … WOW. How does this show continue to ramp upwards in awesomeness??? I can’t believe how consistantly good this is, what an episode. Starbuck coming in & saving Lee was the highlight for me, that was so good.