Battlestar Galactica – S04E09 – The Hub

Tonight’s episode – The Hub

Last week’s episode received decidedly mixed reviews from everyone but I thought it was okay. It set up a lot of interesting dynamics. Yes, we all knew that Lee Adama was going to be the new President and it did seem slightly silly that we spent so much time on that particular plot point. And yes, Starbuck’s sudden sanity was a bit jarring, but I was fine with that because Crazy-For-No-Real-Reason Starbuck was really annoying and was becoming a drag on the show.

But William Adama stepping down as captain of Galactica to go save the woman he (now openly admits) he loves was huge! Tigh’s cylon baby is huge!

This week it looks like we’ve got the return of Xena, Warrior Cylon and, if the teaser is to be believed, a strong indication that Roslin is the final cylon. But teasers lie so much that I don’t believe that particular revelation yet.


  1. This is my last live blogging episode for the foreseeable future… I’m moving out on Monday, and that means I’m losing my East Code feed. Damn…

    I agree with you about Starbuck… sorta. I thought it was an interesting dynamic, but now they’re on the path to Earth it makes sense for her to be not so nutters… 

  2. I like the sane Starbuck. And I really really hope that they didn’t loose too many Vipers at the hub

  3. So Helo was against Cylon genocide, but is cool with taking out the hub? Interesting. Seems perfectly realistic, but I doubt many writers would think to have him take this stance.

  4. Just saying, based on the teaser and the opening montage, this looks fucking great.

  5. There’s a difference between genocide and making someone mortal. Helo’s against the mass extermination of the Cylon race not the motalization of them.

  6. I like how Helo’s talking to an eight. That’s so fascinating to me. Great character coupling choice.

  7. Also interesting: All resurrected models can access the memories of every other model. I think that gives credence to the whole "One of each model left" theory. Each one can become an archive for what has come before.

  8. She’s baaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkkk…

  9. I want backstory on Boomer backstory. Why is she teeming with the Ones, Fours, and Fives? Where did that come from?

  10. Sixs and Eights suiting up? That’s so awesome…

  11. Helo absoutely needs to be cast as Captain America


  12. @SixGun I could see that, but more than anything I just can’t wait to see him do Dollhouse. That’s going to be awesome.

  13. So Baltar’s religion is post modernism, no consequences. Interesting.

  14. @SixGun Isn’t it closer to forgiveness rather than a consequence free environment?

  15. That explosion is a beautiful, beautiful thing. So pretty bright lights.

  16. @GungaDin

    IMHO no, he’s saying that he has no responsibility because he’s perfect

  17. @SixGun Perfect in God’s eyes. Remember that speech he made? How everyone’s perfect? (Beautiful speech)

    Speaking of beautiful, that last scene with Adama was BEAUTIFUL. Fantastic stuff. 

  18. And that was a genius line. "You thought I was serious?"

  19. OH snap. Is that Head status?

  20. That episode was great. So good. SO GOOD.

    And we have a new retort to "I love you." Genius, genius ep. 

  21. And next week’s looks geniuser.

  22. I don’t know why, but I kept getting distracted during this one.  I actually stopped it about 3/4 of the way through and started it over because I had totally missed most of everything that had happened and I just couldn’t focus on it like I normally do.  I snapped into it when Baltar admitted to being complict in the cylon attack and Roslin removed his bandage (brutal).  But other than that… I dunno, this one didn’t grip me for whatever reason.

  23. i liked having an episode devoid of boring starbuck and boring lee

    hooray for 3 telling the prez that she’s a cylon-

    reminicent of quantum leap guy’s joke to the chief: "cause i haven’t seen you at any of the meetings"

    how fly was 6 in the flight suit? 

  24. I have no DVR/Tivo, so I can’t go back and check and need help. When re-saving Baltar, did Roslin say, "Don’t go," or "Don’t croak?" Don’t go makes sense and is in character, but Jane Espenson wrote this episode and "Don’t croak" a very Jane-esque thing to say. Watch some of her Buffy episodes and you’ll see what I mean.

     A- episode. 

     Plus, Lucy Lawless is Hawt, with a capital H.

  25. I really dug this episode.  Baltar talking to the Centurion was my favorite part.  Great stuff.