Battlestar Galactica – S04E03 – The Ties That Bind

Tonight’s episode – The Ties That Bind.

I’m excited to have Battlestar back but I think that the last two episodes have moved a little slowly. For a final season I’d like a little bit more forward progress. There was a bit too much rehashing of conversations between characters and a bit too much exposition.

Still, it’s been good to have the show back. It’s better than most others out there and once it really gets moving I will probably find myself staying in a lot more on Friday nights.

Last week we had a bit of a power struggle between the Cylons and the a few of them were shot up by toasters. I’m not sure what the point of that was. They just… you know, come back. I think that’s the one thing that always bothered me a bit about the show and the Cylons themselves. There wasn’t a lot of danger involved for them if killing off individual models meant that they were just reincarnated in new bodies. Yes, I know that if the reincarnation stations were blown up then those particular Cylon consciousnesses would be lost forever, but it always seemed to me that death was without consequence to them. Maybe that’s part of the futility of fighting the Cylons, but it takes some of the drama out of some of the scenes.

I guess I’ve gone through the show without fully comprehending how the Cylons work and relate to each other. Which I guess might be part of the strategy from the producers. Keep us in the dark as much as the humans are. Man, those Cylons are confounding.


  1. Just saw the streaming version on  This episode was epic win.

  2. @conor One of the things that I think is interesting is that the Cylons do feel pain. When they die, they suffer for it and they have to die and be reborn every time and, from what I remember, it sucks on ass for that… Killing them is a big deal because, although they’re coming back, they remember dying and…. the like…

  3. @GungaDin – Right, but they don’t die.  It may hurt, but so what?  They still come back (assuming a rebirth station is close enough).  When they all got shot up it was cool but my next thought was "well, that was entirely pointless, they are just going to walk in next week with new bodies."

  4. I’m with you Conor, I thought to myself last week.  What’s the point in killing the Skin-jobs?  More logical would be imprisoning them.  When killed the information that the 6’s are rebelling immediately gets uploaded to all the other Skin Jobs right?  Imprisoning them keeps that info under wraps.

    I also felt like the Dialogue was poor last week, it felt like the Cylons on the BSG we’re completely different even from the first episode this season.  My wife argues that the Raider might have uploaded a personality change into Anders, I say bad babysitting.

  5. I thought the point was not so much the centurians killing them, as they knew they’d come back, but more the knowledge that the centurians were rebelling and now had free will being passed amongst the collective models that were killed. Once they were reborn, every model of those shot would know that the toasters were thinking for themselves.

    Maybe I’m over-thinking it, but it seemed like the classic throwing of the gauntlet, like the beginning of a cylon civil war. 

  6. i think the executions were certainly an open act of war and i really feel like the certurions will be waiting on the resurrected skin-jobs they killed  this is, i think, where the real story will come from this season.  at least in these beginning episodes.  one of the things that makes the cylons alien to us has to be their hive-mind mentallity.  now it is obvious that they are not always going to agree with themselves.  within each line there is disagreement (sharon and boomer, right).  so maybe we will get a growing divergence from one another of cylon models.  they r mirroroing the human colonies and their different philosophies. 

    ultimately i think we will c a mix of cylon and human civilizations.  some of them with us and some of us with them.

     or im just full of shit today. 

  7. @csvaccaro – That’s a great point! I hadn’t even thought of some centurions siding with the humans. Man, if that happens, we’re looking at an all-out war, and that season finale’s gonna be amazing.

    I’m probably wrong though. 

  8. i think the President is the final cylon. She is the one in main opposition to kara, who i doubt is a cylon because it’s too obivious. if kara isn’t a cylon then she is telling the truth, and if so they are being lead in the wrong way by the Presidents orders. 

    She was the only person of political power who survived, and you have to guess that the cylons would keep track of all human leaders in politcal positions. So they get her into a small role, then have her be the last one standing. then she is in the position of power and the cylons can do as they will.

    Also she is the most religious of the cast, a thing more similar with the cylons, than with some of the humans.  

  9. @lukehopkins There’s an analysis of the Season Three teaser poster that’s like The Last Supper… Conor found it, and, if you can believe it, it debunks a lot of those rumors, particularly that one…

  10. Dean Stockwell naked? Ew…..

  11. Naked Cavell butt!  Fail!

  12. I’m just come right out and say it… Tory’s a bitch…

  13. @lukehopkins – Moore has said on his podcast that Amada, Laura, and Apollo are NOT Cylons.  But, he also said Starbuck was dead and gone, so who knows if we can trust him.

  14. I love seeing who’s on this ship….

  15. There’s a Cylon on the ship to Earth…. Oh frak… Now they’ve split up the Final Four? Damn… Ballsy…

  16. This is picking up?… but it’s still massive amounts of exposition… Am I right? Please tell me I’m not…

  17. @gungadin

    your right, i can t wait for somethign to actually happen


  18. @sennima Well stuff’s happening… But it lacks umph… It feels like they’re going through the motions and playing it slow, which isn’t so solid for the last season… Not at all….

  19. @gunga saving their money for the last episodes….anyone know how many episodes this season?

  20. All that said, it’s still really well written and these characters are still just as good as they’ve always been… The dynamic between Lee and Roslin is fantastic… Not only that, but I love seeing Zarek…

  21. @sennima This is episode three of twenty…

  22. the cylons are falling apart….more and more human


  23. I’m lving watching the Cylon’s story.. That’s the moving forward storyline… This is so great… Damn, Cavil… Damn…

  24. Oh, Cally….

  25. someones gonna get busted


  26. Well that’s not good……

  27. i predict the death of calli

  28. @sennima Oh don’t say that… I love Cally… She’s great…

    By the way, I also love the repetition of that blood drop motif that harkens all the way back to the death of Boomer in season two…

  29. warbirds looks like a great movie


  30. @sennima I could take it or leave it…

  31. tory will go after cally at some point


  32. oh shit  that hurts

  33. OH CRAP!!!!

  34. kidding about warbirds

  35. My roommate needs to get off the phone and/or leave the room…

  36. Oh frak……….. Oh frak frak frak…..

  37. is she gonna through herslef out the airlock?

  38. Oh damn…. This is freakin intense….

  39. cross breed baby number 2

  40. I love they way they’re writing Tory… So excellent…

  41. damn  told ya

  42. Oh snap…. I have nothing to say…. Holy frak.

  43. first time posting and watching…more enjoyable than watching alone since my wife doesnt watch…


  44. I’m in such shock and disbelief right now… just… straight up… Damn…

  45. see ya next week

  46. @sennima Tell your wife she’s crazy…

  47. she hates doctor who too


  48. I don’t watch Doctor Who. I have the first season on DVD and it’s on my list… But… yeah, no time, plus the expensiveness of box sets and my Netflix on holdness… It’s just… not so great with the me and Doctor Who… I’ve heard nothing but good things, though…

  49. seasons 2 and 3 were great  this episode is freakign amazing



  50. okay i am off see yall next week

  51. This broke my heart.

  52. so she was the cylon? is that right?

    all the pills dulled out the music so she didn’t know… she started having trouble sleeping when they were in the nebula…

    am i way off?

    thats why shes not at the last supper table…. she was killed and couldn’t make it to dinner…

  53. Watching the episode again, and I got to thinking…

    Does anyone think Boomer’s really only pretending to side with the Cavils, Dorals, and Simons? Is it possible we’ve been duped by Boomer and this is all part of Natalie (who is awesome)’s plan?

  54. Okay, now this was a fantastic episode, even if it killed me to see Callie shoot out the airlock, I’ve loved her since she was the mousy engineer in season one.

    @HBD – I think one possible reason why the producers said that Kara was dead was because she had moved on to BIONIC WOMAN, which was then canceled.  OR, and probably more likely, they were lying so as not to ruin the surprise.  I have no idea who the 12th cylon is, it could be anyone at this point. 

  55. What’s all this BS about "all will be revealed?" We’re three episodes in and we still don’t have a clue who the final Cylon is! Argh..I hate it when they do that.

    Pretty good episode, but for some reason the whole Callie/crying baby thing bored me (until the very end….Holy Frak indeed!). I find the political intrigue between Lee and Roslin fascinating. Go get ‘er Apollo! Kara is losing her marbles.

  56. Are they saying Frak more this season? Cause it feels like they’re saying Frak more? Maybe they finally realized how much Frak has caught on, so now they’re saying Frak more.





  57. I really don’t mind the pace of this season so far. I think they’re tying up the loose ends before we head into the non-stop insanity of the whole "finding Earth" thing. So they might be taking it slow now, but I can definitely feel it building toward something big.

  58. @Conor-  I listened to the episode of the podcast where they killed Kara and it was just something that was brainstormed during the writing process and it took on a life of its own.  The writers didn’t want to tell the cast and crew that she would be coming back but there was a near mutiny so they had to let the cat out of the bag.  (The episode commentaries are excellent.  Moore really loves his alcohol which really explains why almost everyone on the show is a drunk.)

     Rekha Sharma, who plays Tory, is damn sexy!

     I wish they hadn’t spoiled Callie’s fate on the teaser after last weeks episode!

    Anyone else think that Kara and Apollo have been turned into utter assholes?

    Also, when Kara said, "all I want to do is frak," I couldn’t help but laugh.  I wasn’t laughing with it but at it.  Give it a rest already.

    Overall, better than last week.  Excitedly awaiting the next episode!

  59. @haystackes-  Callie isn’t (wasn’t) a Cylon.  Cylons can’t breed with each other.

  60. I just finished watching (I missed the end last night so I had to download it today), and I realized that for the entire last scene, my mouth was agape and my hand was over my mouth.  Don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

  61. I’m not sure if I would have felt the same way if I hadn’t just had a baby recently, but I just kept yelling "Not the baby, too! Not the baby!" when Callie entered the airlock.

  62. Nooooooo… Calliieeeeeeeeee! That was heartbreaking, really heartbreaking. I just want someone to kill Tory really hard now.

    Best yet of an already great new season. Could’ve thrown a little Baltar in there though. The Cylon civil war has begun, that’s gonna be interesting to see play out.

    But no more Nicki Clyne? If there trying to get at this ol’ dog’s heartstrings they’re doing a good job! 

  63. @Rofo To Cally, her baby was an abomination… I think she woulda shot herself out the airlock too, if she had the chance…

  64. I love this show.  The pace is deliberate, but we haven’t had a filler episode yet this season.  They seem to be laying the groundwork for a Centurion uprising, which would be awesome.  One thing though: instead of taking her baby and making a beeline for the airlock, it would have been considerate to give Adama and all the non-Cylons a heads up. 

  65. Great episode…classic BSG–high stakes, great acting, relentless pacing…whew! 


    anyone know if Ron Moore’s gonna do the BSG podcast?  loved that thing.



  66. @mikeromo Yeah… On his blog he said that he was busy directing the episode of his that’s coming later in the season so he didn’t have time to do one for them yet… But he said he’d do them as soon as he got back from Canada and got some free time…

  67. Supposedly the podcasts for the first two episodes of the season (#’s 403 and 404) are completed and have been delivered to SiFi. now it’s up to them to post them.



    @ultimatehoratio – That was an AMAZINGLY bad line.


    As for the episdoe itself…once again the Cylon portions are by far the most interesting. I really could care less about Lee and his political career. The only good part about that was seeing Tom "TOS Apollo" Zarak after far too long.

    And how the hell did Krazy Kara get to take Geda, Helo, Athena, and Seelix? Who’s left to run the freaking fleet? And what about Hera? Remember when she was an incredibly important plot element?


    Also I’ll be glad when the focus shifts back to Adama. Hopefully he’ll have a conversation with Tori. With his flashlight. 

  68. I feel like I got punched in the guy. Poor Cally. And poor Chief!

    I’m not really active in any kind of BSG community so I don’t know if this theory is out there or not but… what if the final cylon is the Galactica itself? And the Galactica send the "all along the watchtower" signal out to Chief, Anders, Tori and Tigh when they hit the nebula because it needs them to help find Earth in order to either kill the humans for good, or ensure their survival because it’s a "good" Cylon, still loyal to the humans? Granted, my theory isn’t super well developed, but if it ain’t Starbuck, (either) Adama, Laura or Baltar I can’t think of a regular cast member that would provide the narrative "oh my god" moment when the final cylon is revealed.

    Just something to chew on, kids…

  69. um, that’s "gut" not "guy"

  70. @jonnjonz I think they’ve said it’s not the Galactica… If you want deeper discussion and the like on the theories and ideas on the series before this thread disappears, visit our thread on the forums… It’s pretty solid…

  71. Finally got a chance to watch this last night — I thought it was a little uneven, but loved the Cylon stuff, and seeing Zarek, along with Roslin at the top of her form.  Disliked the Cally & Tory stories intensely.  I sort of love crazy Captain Ahab Starbuck, though, and the stuff with her and Anders was smokin’ hot.  Though I agree wholeheartedly that ‘frak’ should never be used as a verb in a sexual context.  NEVER.