Batman Cat

I defy you to not stare and stare at the eyes.

(If this is your photo, we'll gladly link back to you.)


  1. I am mesmerized by this.

  2. I think it was Kevin Rose’s pick.

  3. Saw this on Chive earlier. Very cool!

  4. I just noticed the leg. Batman’s crotch licking session has just been interupted! That’s hilarious!

  5. @Slym No, I saw it on another site before he tweeted it.

  6. That.  Is.  Awesome.


    the Tiki. 

  7. If he growls.. He’s got the job.

  8. This has been rumored to be the teaser poster for the next Nolan Batman project…

  9. There is another pic too. Catwoman Cat.

  10. i just laughed uncontrolably for a good 2 minutes!

  11. He is the night.

  12. Finally, somebody to conquer the threat of Why So Serious Cat.

  13. i wonder what happened to Robin? (munch , munch…)

  14. Ha, he looks like Blacksad! (if you ignore the bat ingsignia)

  15. Where’s the Joker cat?

  16. LLOL!

    Now this brings up an interesting question…if Batman had a Cat that fought crime with him, what would the Cat’s name be?

  17. What else can you say other than THAT IS AWESOME!

  18. @TheGoose: Catwoman.

  19. Now we just need a live bat with a Cat-Man costume

  20. HA ! 

    fucking brilliant. 

  21. That cat needs to relax…oh, it’s a Batman cat, makes sense now.

  22. I don’t know. Kitty looks pretty relaxed to me.  Judging by the leg behind the head, I’d assume it was cleaning it’s belly or ass. Probably ass.  Which means, its very relaxed.  Wouldn’t you be?

  23. oh now i see the cat. wow

  24. @conor I was thinking maybe Selina.