‘Batman Begins’ Teaser Trailer

Here it is.

It rocks.


  1. Wow, that’s a dick tease.

    Does what it’s supposed to, I guess.

  2. That post was more negative than I intended it. It’sa cool teaser. And it’s refreshingly low-key.

    In fact, many people who watch it won’t know it’s for Batman until the end.

  3. LAME!

    If it’s gonna tease give me a moving Batman, please.


  4. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. nah, I’m with Steve’s first post.

    I like the falling down the hole into the cave.

    But really, they can’t show Bats doing a little cape flap, or something?

  6. the full costume. A little too Schumachery, in my opinion, but the context in this image is all wrong anyways.


  7. I think just one shot of Batman in motion would have gone a long way.

    Still, it’s a good indication of the direction Nolan is headed. More psychological thriller, less effects-heavy blockbuster.

  8. not a typical type teaser.

    that being said, you are right that it should have had at least one shot of Bats in motion. at least to get the other 4 billion people interested and not just the geeks.

  9. I thought it was awesome, and so subtle. As far as teasers go, they’re just that: teasers. No one pays attention to them but geeks anyway.

    If that’s the psychological direction they went for, more power to them. I love love love the fact that, as steve said, you’d never know that was for Batman until the end if you didn’t know what you were watching.

    That’s so the best.

    That makes me so happy. I don’t think we’ve ever gotten an adult, and very good superhero movie. Have we?

  10. psychological or no, it’s a SUPERHERO movie.

    one of those shots of Bruce Wayne wandering around the far east could be replaced with Batman in a little heroic pose. no less adult no less psychological to have that shot in there.

    It’s nice to see they’re taking a serious tone, but if half the movie is him out of costume spouting lines from Stephen King, I will be unhappy.

    I think the Hulk was an adult movie wearing the shiny pants of a superhero movie. but no official “adult” superhero movie.

  11. Don’t forget how long the original Superman movie went before they showed Superman. It was like an hour or so. And overall, there wasn’t very much Superman in it.

    I don’t need to watch someone in a batman outfit jump around. I’ve seen people jump around and beat people up. It nearly doesn’t matter what they’re wearing. It looks like they’re nailing the story, and they’re not Stephen King lines, they’re Frank Miller lines.

    Regardless, we can’t tell how much Batman will be in the movie from this. It’s called a teaser, and boy did they tease you. I mean that was a huge amount of tease. And it worked. Give them time.

  12. well I think the original Superman has some severe pacing issues, and I’ve never liked that Superman doesn’t show up for almost an hour.

    me personally, I want to see someone in a Batman suit “jump around.” And if by jump around I mean be the world’s greatest detective. Which sometimes requires some head knocking.

    “It doesn’t matter what they’re wearing?” Why even bother making batman movie? Batman is about a man who wants revenge so badly it drives him “batty” enough to wear a costume and beat up criminals. Without the costume you have an average hollywood revenge movie.

  13. That’s the inherent problem with constantly rebooting the series, you have to keep starting with the origin and that means time out of the costume.
    You should be much happier with Singer’s SUPERMAN RETURNS, as it isn’t an origin story and drops us right into the action.

  14. I repeat, it doesn’t matter what they’re wearing. Look at X-Men. Those were costumes, but they weren’t the things people were looking for, and in the end, they didn’t matter. People love Smallville and there’s no costime in that. Do you remember the scene in Year One where he goes out for the first time, just dressed as a thug? That was a great sequence, and in that story, it needed to come before the bat suit. I’ll grab that book tonight, and see how many pages it was before he showed up in costume.

    I’ll concede, it’s needed, but I like the “leave them wanting more” process. I liked that Superman held back. The shark doesn’t make a full appearance in Jaws until 63 minutes in.

    But again, this is just a teaser. I’m willing to bet that this will be the best superhero movie ever. I really want it to be.

  15. Year One is as much about Gordon as Batman. that being said this could go on all night.

    Aliens is another good example of the title not showing up for awhile, and when it does it being all the better for it.

    I’m with Josh. I’m betting this will be the best comicbook movie ever.

  16. That suit looks like a modern interpretation of what one would use for a suit.

  17. Well, you don’t get Gary Oldman for nothing do you? Even if you take out the Gordon parts, there’s still an evolution. I for one would love a Jim Gordon movie.

    At the panel, they talked about making it similar to Year One, and similar in style to the Long Halloween. That’s one they specifically named.

  18. I’m ok with Year One. But I would rather see something closer to Rucka’s Ras Al ghul storyline, or the Joker Fish storyline from the 80s. Sometimes I get a little tired of seeing where the characters come from.

    A Jim Gordon movie, aka Gotham Central, wouldn’t really work. Because it would be a Batman movie without Batman. However, tv show, that’s a horse of a different color.

    I’ve just been watching the Batman Animated Series, and really what I would like to see is this kind of thing in live action. And I think alot of this is very sophisticated.

  19. You’re most likely right about the TV show.

    And you’re absolutely right about the Animated series. That’s the best comic adaptation ever in moving images I think.

  20. I’ve been saying since the book came out that GOTHAM CENTRAL would make an excellent TV show on the WB network. Hell, they don’t even need scripts. Rucka and Brubaker even write the “Previously on Gotham Central…” parts.

  21. I was thinking that I would love to see a Batman movie have the conventions of a thriller or a mystery. I mean it makes perfect sense. Have the movie be about the plot rather than the issues that these people have with being a hero. it would be refreshing, especially since there are so many superhero movies with pretty similar styles.

  22. Looks like Conor gets a TPB.
    Still though, that suit looks like one of the late 90’s Kenner toys, like Artic Batman or Scuba Batman

    Regardless, the teaser was good, it teases and sets the stage. Batman isn’t so much the suit as it is the motivations of Bruce…

  23. I like your way of thinking, Nick.

    Actually, if I recall, back when they were discussing doing another SPAWN movie, Todd McFarlane was saying that they were going to do a R-Rated serial killer movie that just happened to have Spawn in it.

    Oh, and that’s NOT a mid-90s Kenner suit.

  24. We could have a movie like Nick’s describing, but probably not until they once more establish the universe. And it has to be done, because the last few Bat movies royally fucked it up. The tone needs to be set. Right now the tone is all wrong. But the next one, should there be a next one could/should be a nice mystery thriller kinda thing, similar to the Joker fish, or Lonely Days of Dying (?).

    And it’s so much about the motivations of Bruce. That and his interaction with the people in his life. But that’s really the stuff of serials, not a motion picture.

  25. and the suit doesn’t look any more “Kenner” than the x-men suits did. Technology plus funtionality makes that suit I think. At the con, they talked about the Bat Tank in the same way. They designed it more along the lines of “what would it need to do, and what would you build to do that?”

    I think that makes sense, and the same can be applied to the suit.

  26. I hate to say Todd McFarlane is right, but he’s on the money with that one. And Josh is right, in that if they can set a serious tone with this one, bringing the Joker in for a spree of murders that batman has to solve in the 2nd one, would work nicely. I think I read somewhere that there is some connection to the Joker in Batman Begins? Or am I crazy?

  27. Well, this was referred to as a “reboot”, so it’s not out of the question for a Joker appearance.

  28. the suit does look a bit too kennerific for my tastes mostly because it’s a TERRIBLE picture. But if there is a story reason behind its Kennerosity, it might be ok. I think they could strike a balance between the Kennertastic version here, and the alex ross inspired type of suit we’ve seen in the Batman: Dead End fanfilm thing.

  29. I think the only difference in kenner-ness between the X costumes and the new batsuit is the batsuit appears to have a more sculpted plastic musclature, rather than the ribbed leather look of the X costumes.


  30. From a transcript from the BATMAN BEGINS panel at San Diego:

    Question: Will this movie fit into previous Batman continuity? Can we expect more Batman projects featuring characters like Joker, Two-Face and Mr. Freeze.

    Goyer: In a sense, it’s a prequel. It takes place 10 years or so before the other films started. I guess it’s the cinematic equivalent of a reboot, in comic-book terminology.

    The intent is that when this film finishes, you could revisit that sort of Rogue’s gallery of villains. The previous four films are kind of like their own take. And this is a different one.

  31. There will probably be a story behind the suit’s Kennerosity. I’m sure it’s body armor like in the Burton films.

    It would have been really cool to see a suit like the one in DEAD END, though.

    When one of us becomes the head of Warner Bros., we will make it so.

  32. “He’s wearing some kind of buddy armour”

    “Check his wallet”

  33. and the birth of the prefix kenner, as in kenneresque, kennertasity, kennericism, etc. is born.

    10 Years seems too early. In Burton’s film, it seemed as if the Bat was just starting to be a known entity in Gotham. But no way that’s the same gordon in 10 years, so I say it’s a total clean slate.

  34. Oh, it’s totally a clean slate.

  35. Strangely, I have not seen very much discussion about this teaser on the net. In fact, this is the most in-depth discussion I’ve seen.

    Of course, I can’t be everywhere.


    Disappointed in the nerds, I am.

  36. Well, they should probably stop production. It’s clearly going to tank.

    Straight to video.

  37. The nerds have spoken.

  38. Even by cheating, we can’t beat the legendary 50 post JLA cartoon thread. I thought this would do it. Damn.

  39. I will say this, as much as I don’t dislike the costume as much as some, it’s not what I was expecting. The vibe I got from the filmmakers led me to believe in my heart of hearts that it would be more of a cloth-based costume.

    Then again, this Batman seems to be more militaristic, so maybe it was just my wishful thinking.

  40. Well, cloth wouldn’t really do the job would it? I mean you’d want to go for either leather body armor or a kevlar kinda thing. And I don’t care who you are, you’re gonna go black in real life.