‘Batman Begins’ Superbowl Spot

Well, the game pretty much blew but the new Batman Begins teaser pretty much made up for that (and the… awkward VISA commercial featuring Marvel characters).



  1. eh, it was okay

  2. I love the Batmobile.

  3. I like it more and more. It looks like a highly manuverable tank.

  4. Likey batmobile…BUT if they were to sell one of those, and then notice Batman was driving one, you could figure out who he was pretty damned quick.

    I mean, they can’t sell that many, and Lucious is making the deal, so it cna be tracked back to the foundation. just thinking is all.

  5. I’m confused… why would they sell something to Bruce Wayne that he already owns?

  6. no no no. I guess I’m assuming that Bruce is having his company buy the car from another company. So Wayne industries buys the car from supertankcar corp or something.

    But even it’s it’s Wayne’s company making the car, aren’t the designers going to know it when they see it?

    This is a classic batman problem by the way. I mean, he can’t build a jet by himself, so he’s going to have to trust someone to secrecy.

    I have no answer for this.

  7. I’m pretty sure that in the movie – as in the comic – the Batmobile will be a WayneTech invention.

    After that you moth ball the project, keep the protoype and modify the exterior with some cosmetic changes. And let’s face it, the Batmobile isn’t seeing a lot of screentime on the evening news. Hell, most people wouldn’t even really see it considering the hours it operates.