First Look: ‘Batman Begins’ has given us — via Entertainment Weeklythe first glimpse of Christian Bale as Batman.

UPDATED with three more photographs!

It’s dark, so it’s hard to tell, but it looks good. A little more molded plastic a la Tim Burton than I thought it would be, but still good.


  1. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting the molded plastic to return. But then again, you can’t really tell much from this picture.

    It would be nice if this was the best shot we got of the costume before the trailer hits, but given how quickly WB was willing to expose the Batmobile, I’m expecting full disclosure when it comes to the characters, props, costumes, etc.

  2. You’re right, it would be better if they rolled everything out in the trailers only, but WB seems to be wary of the fanboy reaction, so….

    I do miss the days (circa 1989) when one would not see what Batman looked like until he was seeing it in the movie theater.

  3. this is the first thing from the new movie that I have seen and not been that excited about. Granted it’s a lousy picture and angle but still. You’d think the FIRST image of the NEW BATMAN would have a little fanfare around it. I’m sure it will be fine, but that picture smells like rubber.


  4. I think it’s better that the image is a bit shrouded in darkness. It’s a bit more of a mystery.

  5. I just cracked open my copy of EW and if you can, seek an issue out and look at the pic yourself, the scan doesnt do it justice. Yes it’s dark but its clear enough to see the armor and the costume design, although for the life of me, I can’t make out the bat logo…


    I found these at by clicking on the Batmobile pictures.

    They look GREAT!

  7. i brought the first pic in photoshop and i see no bat on his chest. i was hoping for the black on grey design, but i see nothing. of course he’ll have something, right. you can’t leave off the bat…

  8. I dunno, dude. I just ran all three through Photoshop also and I see the Bat on his chest pretty clearly on the one picture where he’s crouching.

  9. nope still see nothing
    no bat
    show me

  10. I sent it to your e-mail with the Bat highlighted… please to tell the folks that I am right after you examine it.

  11. Send it to mee too
    because i just photoshopped it and I too, see no logo

  12. You guys are nuts. I will be vindicated.

  13. Ah-HA!

    “One of the best details of the entire project is the adoption of a batsymbol taken from the old designs (which have been used in the comics in the last few years) and incorporated into the suit. Once again, the BY1 costume showed the large abstrat bat stitched in black over a gray field, and this gave the costume an excellent visual contrast: you’d see a triangular shaped segment of chest area from within the cape folds, then that would be interrupted by the broad symbol that would merge with the cape to form a reverse positive field of the body of the figure. I really like that detail.”

  14. I still don’t see it and thusly don’t buy it.

  15. The point is… I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES IT.

    Frankly, I’m more surprised that Patrick doesn’t see it.

  16. Conor has referenced above a post we did yesterday discussing the film costume ( in which I show an enhanced, cropped view of the chest area which shows the symbol. This was Photoshop-tweaked from one of the images on the Batman Begins site, not the original EW image. Anyway, it’s definitely there, and it’s definitely a cross between the current comic batsymbol’s sweep and the film logo’s angular look.

    The quote used above, however, is sort of out of context. It refers to my wish that the look was more similar to the Batman Year One look (black symbol wide on grey costume, with thick leathery black cape over that)…

    An image I did of the Batman Year One costume is found at, along with an earlier interpretation of what the costume was being described like in early reports (which has been provedn very wrong- too paramilitary)…


  17. I may have used thw wrong quote, but…


    In your face, Ron and Patrick!

  18. i’m waiting for the movie or clearer pictures

    i can’t see the sail boat

  19. I’m with Patrick.
    I’ll relent when I see it for myself

  20. yay ron referenced smith

    hee hee

    too tired must sleep – i saw picture of batman in EW and all i could think was “dude this is the kid from swing kids and empire of the sun”

  21. yay i meant pat with the sail boat….

    my gal michele and i can not see the bat logo either…but we are tired

  22. I feel like William Shatner on the airplane trying to get everyone else to believe there are gremlins on the wing.

  23. If it helps, I want to believe in the bat, so I’ve chosen not to look at the picture closely.