Batman (2008) Vs. Batman (1989)

There’s not much more I can really say about this, the video pretty much speaks for itself:

So Nolan must have done this on purpose, right? No way this was a coincidence,  Or is The Dark Knight just a remake of the Burton movie?  That would be crazy.  But still, what an interesting approach to the trailer and keep an eye on the legacy of the Batman films.


  1. Awesome.  "Alfred, get Ron a grant."

  2. I could be wrong but I don’t think the top one is an actual trailer.  I think someone cut togther footage from 1989 to match the new one.  There are a lot of shots in that one that I don’t remember ever being in any of the 1989 trailers.

  3. Correct, the top one was fan-made as a tribute.

  4. Ya, that’s gotta be just a very very well done fan trailer.


    Don’t know if this is legit, but if it is, trailers used to suck. 😛

  6. I wish I’d read the comments first; I thought I was going nuts. "This isn’t the trailer I remember at all. Is my memory really that bad? God, I’m old."

    Does anyone else remember when E! was called Movietime? They had a trailers-only show back in the day, and when they showed the one for Batman I must have watched it 400 times. It didn’t have any music, and they hadn’t done any ADR yet so the sound was a little dodgy; they just wanted to get something out there to stoke the fire. And it worked, man. I was psyched for that movie like never before.

    I still remember standing in the ticket line and realizing in awe that the movie was showing on TWO SCREENS at the SAME THEATER. Mindblowing to me at the time. 

  7. Wow! Those pieces fit together extraordinarily well.

  8. we got dooped! but this just makes me enjoy christian bale as batman even more now after seeing those clips of keaton again.

  9. I just hope that Dark Knight is better than Batman Begins.

  10. I don’t care if its fan made, its still cool.

  11. Ugh… man, what a rip.  i was really excited about the idea of that.  Oh well… back to boredom.

  12. @Jimski

    Are you talking about a show called "Trailer Park?"

  13. This is pretty cool, fan-made or not. I loved the 89 Batman at the time, but I am really excited about Dark Knight, I loved Batman Begins (My favorite DC based movie so far, by a country mile!)

  14. i think its the right time for a 1989 Batman Blu-Ray special edition DVD. Who here has seen Batman Begins on HD its FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC

  15. Back in the day, fans would pay the admission price to whatever just to see the BATMAN trailer.  My wife and I saw STAR TREK V a second time for just that reason.  To fans too young to remember, I don’t know if there’s a way to explain the absolute hysteria surrounding the release of that film. 

  16. Dude, I saw Enemy of the State to see the Star Wars Episode I trailer.  Others saw worse movies.  I believe Jingle All the Way was the other.

    (BTW, I’m insinuating that I didn’t like Enemy of the State, and in reply to which, Conor will shortly respond that it was a good movie, and that my opinion is flat out wrong.) 

  17. I didn’t see Enemy of the State, but I did accidentally wander into the Meet Joe Black auditorium several times.

    I’ve earned my reputation as a Marvel Zombie fair and square, but I read the living s*** out of Batman in ’88 and ’89. I counted down the days to that release for six months, even with my beloved Ghosbusters coming back the following weekend. (I backed the right horse on that one!) 

  18. I have no opinion on ENEMY OF THE STATE.  But I did go to see DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS twice in one day just to see the Batman trailer again.  I was 12.  And it starred Michael Caine!

  19. the new one and holy crap…awesome…

  20. i had to see meet joe black twice to see the episode I trailer. and i was 14.

  21. That is cool and hilarious at the same time! The batman "trailer" doesn’t look like any batman trailer I know. The old trailer obviously didn’t fade out like that. Still, that’s some good stuff.

    It would be great if Nolan orchestrated the movie to look just like the original film. It kinda feels like he stayed faithful to the original movie, but Joker’s always blowing shit up and messing with the damsels in distress. I bet you could take all of the Joker scenes from Batman: TAS they could match up with this movie, too.

  22. That’s really clever, but an obvious fan-made. I remember the 1989 trailer had a shot of Joker smearing the blood on the newspaper headline ‘winged freak terrorises’ before the shot where he says "Wait’ll they get a load of me"… and I just realised how sad I am that I remember that!

    Seth Green owned Enemy Of The State, his 3 minutes were awesome! 

  23. Btw, new trailer’s out in official quicktime on sunday.

  24. In the 89 trailer, Joker said, "Where does he get those wonderful toys?" but in the movie, it cuts him off, and he says "-gets those wonderful toys" which I always thought was weird.

  25. @Josh – THANK GOD I’m not the only one who noticed that! For years I thought my VHS copy had shitty sound because you couldn’t hear those first few words, and I TOTALLY remember the trailer having the full line.

    Wasn’t til I got my first DVD copy that I realised it was intentional… Ever get the feeling we spent too much time watching movies as kids? 

  26. I loved ENEMY OF THE STATE, thank you very much. Something about that movie excited my conspiracy fantasy’s. 

    I’m trying not to get overly excited for Dark Knight, but dammit it’s hard not to. Can’t Wait!!

  27. That was awesome!  Although, that wasn’t the actual Batman 89 trailer, its cool to link things up that way.  If you look hard enough on youtube, I think there is one for Superman Returns done with Christopher Reeve and the original Superman movie.

  28. @Josh

     I was two when the movie came out, and when I saw the "Get those wonderful toys" part. For the longest time I thought Joker was calling Batman and Viki "toys’ thought it was weird, but I was little and it was the Joker. Wasn’t till I was older and saw the trailer on the internet, that I went "Oh!"

  29. Oh, I definitely saw worse than ‘Enemy of the State’ to watch the Episode 1 trailer.  I watched it in front of the Adam Sandler masterpiece ‘The Waterboy’.  At least I got a few laughs out of it, what can I say… I like stupid comedies.

  30. These comments tickled me because Enemy of the State is about 5 times better than Episode I and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is a wonderful movie.  I do however, understand that you guys were just talking about excitement for trailers.  I might have to watch Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (or DRS as we in the hood call it) pretty soon.

  31. I don’t remeber E! being called Movie time but i do remeder the trailr show. I miss that show it and the soup were the two things on E!

  32. I need to get the 1989 Batman DVD. It’s a tragedy I don’t have any Tim Burton films in my DVD collection.

    I remember seeing the SW Episode I trailer, but don’t recall which movie it played before (Toy Story 2?). Too bad seeing the trailer for the first time was more enjoyable than watching the actual movie on opening day.

  33. For what it’s worth, and this is totally off-topic (kinda), I loved Phantom Menace the first time I saw it. It was only with further viewings that I started to think ‘hang on a minute’. I loved it that first time, but that’s only because I was totally caught up in the hype.

    Anyone else get that? 

  34. It took me a little while to fully digest Batman Begins.
    One of the things I found most jarring were the many little things that remained in tact from the Burton series. As much as Nolan has been about reinvention, I think he’s definitely collected references from both the comics, and those better received movies.

    After Begins, I’m not surprised to see SOME resonances.
    I’m actually surprised I haven’t come across many (any) people making more of it.

  35. I hated Batman Begins.. I’ve warmed to it slightly, but I still am not a fan.  Dark Knight doesn’t look too much better… Joker with white make up rather than bleached skin irks me to no end.  I will say that Heath Ledger’s performance could save it, I have hope for Aaron Eckhart’s performance as well.

    Christian Bale and Michael Caine do absolutely nothing for me in their roles.  Gary Oldman was genuis casting…

    But, I also loved the Phantom Menace.  In the same breath, it doesn’t hold up quite as well for me… I still love it.  I love watching the prequels and being a little kid again – seems like lots of people forget those films are supposed to do that.

  36. Now that was really clever of someone to do, too bad about it not being legit.

    It’s nice to see Dark Knight get some notice again with how the public is getting saturated with Iron Man & Hulk marketing.  Still can’t say I’m excited about Maggie Gyllenhaal though.