Did you miss out on getting a limited edition HURM t-shirt? Still want one? Now’s your chance! We’re taking pre-orders on another run of this now classic t-shirt. Don’t miss out AGAIN on getting your very own HURM shirt! Order Today!

The HURM Shirt is just $15.00 and can be pre-ordered at the iFanboy Store!

And don’t forget, the very second limited edition iFanboy T-Shirt design is still available! This shirt, in both red and blue versions, is limited to just 250 shirts (we’re seriously running out so get yours now)! So be sure to order yours today before they sell out!

The Power/Responsibility Shirt is just $15.00 and can be purchased in the iFanboy Store!

We hope you dig these t-shirts as we’re super excited for them! You can expect more limited edition t-shirts from iFanboy in the future, so be sure to keep coming back to for more announcements!


  1. Dashing off to find my credit card now…harah! 

  2. Sweet! Just placed my order 🙂

  3. I’m inelligible to get this shirt as well as the power and reposibility t-shirts, because there are no size 3XL’s. :'(

  4. Oh good. I missed out on the last one.

    (I actually thought I had bought one, but after waiting weeks with no word, I checked my CC transaction history to see that I never actually made the payment…….that one still baffles me).

  5. I’m waiting for the variant edition with reversed yellow & black.

    Just playin’, this one’s dope enough! 

  6. Good to see it’s back, i wore mine when i went to see Watchmen in theatres (yes im a big nerd)

  7. SWEET just ordered =)

  8. Ok, I’m just going to ask…What is HURM?  I have no idea.  Is it Watchmen related?

  9. @zattaric – It is what Rorschach says in Watchmen:

  10. Woot.. shirt ordered.

  11. @ stuclach  Thanks!

  12. I didn’t and still don’t know what to say in regards to xl, xxl, and xxl(?) selling out before s, m, and l.

  13. Shipping soon?

    I’m a nomad on the plains of Mongolia so I dont do pre-orders.

  14. @EricE51: The preorder is going to run about a month, so shirts won’t be shipping until late September, probably.