Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! – S01E14 – The Kang Dynasty

I caught up on the last two episodes and they kicked ass. This Kang Trilogy has been tremendous so far.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes (unless it's about the episode numbering, you can take that elsewhere), live-blogging, etc.


  1. The Kang story marks the series high point to date. Lots of fun!

  2. Every episode keeps building on it’s awesomeness!

  3. I can’t wait for the eventual toy line!

  4. Anyone know of a good resource for someone who wants to watch this show but doesn’t have cable? I tried poking around online but all of the “streaming” sites seem to be advertising traps.

  5. @AaronBlock I watch the show on my Apple TV through iTunes. I think Amazon VOD has it as well. It’s not a free option, but iTunes does have the rental option. Personally, I think the show is great and worth paying for.

  6. @70namrepuS  and now they can make Journey into Space variants, too. lol

  7. I’ve deleted the link that points out where to watch the show illegally. If you want to do that, that’s your business, but we can’t condone that here.

  8. Mister Fantastic!
    H.E.R.B.I.E! And “evil” Ultron goes online!
    this show is fanDAMNtastic!

  9. The most impressive thing about this show is that it gets better and better with each episode. The thing that I noticed with this Kang trilogy — and especially this episode — is that the direction is much more dynamic.

    And speaking of Kang, this trilogy really showed why I get so excited whenever he shows up in the comics — Kang is a fantastic villain.

    The whole thing with the Fantastic Four is interesting. Now that we’ve seen Mr. Fantastic (outside of a photograph) I assume there are no rights issues with at least some of the characters outside of the Avengers themselves (even though Reed didn’t talk). I think there must still be Spider-Man issues (or at least, they don’t want to step on the toes of the upcoming Spider-Man cartoon) because the newspaper everyone reads on this show in NYC isn’t The Daily Bugle it’s The Excelsior.

  10. What a great conclusion.  This felt like reading a multiple issue story arc.  How awesome was the fight scene between the Avengers and Kang’s goons?  Who was that speedster guy?   Slicing Hawkeye’s arrow in half was tight.  I thought it was funny how the rest of the heroes donned armor for the mission and Hulk just put on a new pair of boxer briefs.  But I didn’t enjoy seeing him KOed by an uppercut from Kang.  I’m looking forward to more scenes at SHIELD HQ…lot of hot women standing around in uniform.  I love the foreshadowing of Ultron.  Looking forward to future episodes with more characters from the Marvel U.

  11. I’ve only seen the first part of the trilogy, but you all have me chomping at the bit to fire up the DVR and watch the rest. Totally agree that is series is just getting better with every episode. I record this along with Batman Beyond and the GI Joe Renegades toon to create my Saturday morning line up.

  12. Great show.  It is getting better with each episode.  Kang is awesome.  It heightens my disappointment with his treatment in the recent Avengers book.

  13. What a show! This is how I am getting my 8 year old deeper into the Marvel Universe. Reed, HERBIE, the Black Night and Ultron, not to mention the negative zone and even more mention of  the Kree/ Skrull war. This is a great show! I loved that Hulk and Thor had a competition on who could destroy more robots. Awesome. 

  14. This show is so consistently good. Loving it.

    How bout Thor stepping up in the beginning of the ep. Was that “For Midguard!” that he yelled?

    Really liked Cap and Tony’s teamwork during their fight against Kang.

  15. With each exponentially great episode, this show is cementing itself onto my list of all-time favorites. Any word on what kind of ratings it has been getting?
    Would hate to see this show canceled!!! 

  16. How much do ratings actually matter or factor in to kid’s shows? Anyone know?

  17. I really enjoy how most of the episodes have a teaser at the end which lets viewers in on whats coming next. Shows with overarching storylines keep me in anticipation of each and every following episode.

  18. This show led to one of the greatest moments in my house:

    Son:  “Daddy, can we watch the super hero show”

    Me:  “Yes son, yes we can”