Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! – S01E12 – The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

It's Kang time!


I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes (unless it's about the episode numbering, you can take that elsewhere), live-blogging, etc.


  1. I’ve made it through the entire series in the past 2 weeks or so and I’m blown away by the quality.  Even my fiance is into it now and she generally could give a shit about superheroes.  Can’t wait to see Kang, he looks like a bastard!

    How many episodes in season 1?

  2. @cutty  52. But I don’t know if that counts the 20 micro episodes or not.

  3. @conor  Micro episodes?

  4. 52!?  Wow that is a huge number for one season even if you subtract 20 for the micro eps.

  5. its 17 episodes counting todays episode. the micro episodes were culled together into five episodes.

  6. @cutty  Here they are.

  7. But enough about how many episodes, what did everyone think of today’s episode?! I thought it was great. The continuing teasing of Ultron & the impending KreeSkrull war was fun.
    Blizzard was funny. My kiddo thought he was cute.
    Kang was bad-ass!
    So what did you guys think?

  8. my favorite part is capt beating up tony, W/ Hulk and Hawkeye being the two critics from the muppets!

  9. @conor  Awesome, thanks!

  10. @RahUniQue  Loved the Ultron part, was it Wasp that made some kind of comment like “umm…do there have to be so many of them?”.  I’m getting a kick out of the developing friendship between Hulk and Hawkeye; this is probably one of the simplest versions of the Hulk I’ve ever seen, and it really works.  The creators are doing justice to every character, this is a very worthy representation to non-comics readers who might be getting their introductions to the Avengers.  Can’t wait till the dvd’s come out so I can buy them for my 8 yr. old nephew!

  11. This show is so good. FF, Kree/Skrull, Negative Zone, Kang (Ravonna?) and Ultron! Plus the random c-list villain here and there. When is Namor appearing? Oohh and Scarlet Witch and Quiksilver!

  12. My kiddo asked about why there wasn’t more females. Hopefully they will introduce Wanda. They’ve already set up CarolMs.Marvel. I’d love to see Photon & Tigra. I love this show!

  13. @RahUniQue  They had Mocking Bird and episode or two back.

  14. @boomergirl  true. how could i forget that. that was one of my favorites. D’Oh

  15. the show continues to impress, Chris Yost has really spent a great deal of time to insure that we are getting top notch stories and art work, this show pays  great attention to all the little details, I loved the opening of this show with Thor , Wasp and Ant Man inside the Fantastic Fours Home, Idea 46 , that was just plain awesome. This show is amazing and cant wait to see so many things come out, I wish they would have had an actual cameo by the 4, instead of just the picture. I love how they have touched on all the corners of the Marvel Universe so far. We have had the Xmen mentioned wolverine cameo, The Fantastic four, The kree / skrulls, I honestly cant wait to see what they dpo next , I would love to see a cameo, from some of the Marvel Knights side, like Dare Devil and the Heroes for Hire or even the the ThunderBolts.