Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! – S01E09 – Masters of Evil

After six weeks on Wednesday night and one week on Friday night we now have a new episode on… Sunday morning? This is apparently the new permanent time slot for Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! The next three episodes are all set for Sunday at 10am. Oh well.


I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Thanks!  I was wondering where it went. 

  2. I’m waiting for the dvd. To rent. #HurtingTheIndustry.

  3. The show is excellent.  We use the cable guide to DVR episodes.


  4. This show makes me long for the days when there was one good monthly Avengers comic, Its just so oversaturated now and none of its really grabbing me anymore. My 7 yr old saw the show and is hooked!

  5. @DarrinH – Totally agree. It’s ridiculous that Marvel doesn’t get that.

  6. @DarrinH  Agree on both counts.  My 9 year old loves the show and has said “I prefer Marvel”.

  7. i’m watching Gamma World again right now. god, Hawkeye just kicks so much butt! i <3 him, so much. lol

  8. i wish they would pick a time slot and stick with it, didn’t the same thing happen to that great wolverine and the x-men show on the  i suck cartoon newtwork?

  9. Maybe my favorite episode to date.  Zemo is all kinds of awesome. 

  10. Kneel before Zemo. KNEEL!

  11. @chop360  Wolverine & the X-Men wasnt on CN it was on NickToons.

  12. i loved how they referenced the X-Men & John the Skrull in this episode. this show is all kinds of aweSOME!

  13. ” please! i beg you….brush your teeth! “
    ” i’m going out, kicking and screaming. ”
    have i said how much i <3 Hawkeye.

  14. yay! next week Captain Marvel! ( i miss you Genis Vell )

  15. Crap!  This constant changing of the time slot is f’n annoying.  I just missed this episode.  And they’re putting it up against NFL games?  Good luck with that.

  16. This episode was incredible Anyone else notice that the newspaper the taxi driver was reading at the start had the headline “Secret School for Mutants?” – That was pretty awesome. And I know they introduced Wolverine in the Micro Episodes, but I’d really like the X-Men to make an appearance!

  17. @chop360  @wayne2001bc  According to everything I’ve read this is the new time period. Every episode for the rest of the year is set for Sunday at 10am.

    @ComicBookGuy37  I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure the X-Men won’t be showing up due to rights issues, but I could be wrong.

  18. @conor  I was led to believe that part of the reason Marvel/Disney was so ready to accept the cancelation of Spectacular Spiderman and Wolverine and the X-Men was because, in disney’s own production house, they would then be able to make shows featuring ALL of the Marvel Universe. These rights issues are crazy though, with different studies own live action and animation rights seperately for individual characters. But I believe Disney now has animation rights for the entire marvel U. And Avengers and the Ultimate Spidey cartoon will be the first shwos to refeflect that. Might just be wishful thinking on my part but I think the marvel animation guys mentioned this at their panel at C2E2 I attended.

  19. Awesome episode! Classic retelling of one of the greatest Avengers stories ever, Under Seige. Also, big ups to Ant-Man. Mother@#$%er never catches a break.

  20. @jdudhead  That’s entirely possible.

  21. @conor  Would love to see it, but am content for now to just have Wolverine pop in for flashbacks to WW2.

  22. The Thor and Jane moment was adorable.

  23. Spectacular Spider-Man was a really well done show.
    It had many more natural seasons in it.

    Too bad.

  24. @conor  Actually i heard on a site that Marvel and Disney Xd have big plans for there animated properties, There isnt any actual commitment issues with the animated marvel, Thankfully, and I heard that a Secret War might be in the future and that the Fantastic Four and Xmen maybe included as well as a certain wallcrawler. They mantioned this would be handled like the old Amazing spiderman cartoon that had multiple characters introduced and used in the same story “Secret Wars” would be awesome, read this on a Animated related website comicbook movies i think it was
    but that will be awesome if its what is happening.

  25. Loved it! The show writers definetly saturated themselves with Avenger’s history. The Zemo/Cap throw down gave me goosebumps!

  26. I stopped crying about missing the episode and rented it on iTunes for 99 cents.  I didn’t realize it was available so soon after it aired.  Not a bad deal.  Great episode.  Hawkeye is a crack up.  I love how he and Hank took out Executioner.  Who were those Arctic giants during the scene when Hulk was pushed into another dimension?  I’m actually learning a lot about the Marvel Universe by watching this series (most of my background knowledge comes from the Hulk books).  Also, I loved the teaser at the end.  I wonder who that is.  Maybe Loki?

  27. @wayne2001bc  Definitely Loki.

  28. @wayne2001bc  those are the frost giants of Asgard