Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! – S01E04 – Living Legend

It's the fourth episode which means it's time to thaw that Nazi — oops, I mean Hydra! — butt kickin' son of a gun out of the ice!



I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Nice how they found Cap in the ice but didn’t involve Namor. And Iron Man is a bit too sarcastic and mouthy for me, sounds more akin to Spider-Man, hopefully Thor will smack some sense into him.

  2. My love for this show has grown with each episode do to the numerous nods to the greater Marvel universe and the tightly constructed universe building. With this episode, and the coming of Cap, this show just might prove itself to truly be the Avengers cartoon I’ve always hoped for.

  3. I love this show

  4. @k5blazer: Well, it’s the movie-inspired version of Iron Man, so being sarcastic and mouthy is 100% appropriate.

  5. @conor- True, but it’s going to take some getting used to.

  6. Thoughts as I watched:

    – I got chills during the big reveal when they found Cap in the ice.

    – As much as I hate the theme song I find myself humming along. Stupid theme song!

    – I like how badass Black Panther is.

    – I like that Cap took out the entire Avengers right away.

    – For me it doesn’t get any better than Baron Zemo and Baron Von Strucker. Psyched to see them. Bring on Batroc!

    – How did that Hydra agent get a PR ready hologram pic of Cap with the Avengers? At that point they went from the ice to the ship to the water to the Statue of Liberty and at no time did they pose like that!

    – Love WWII flashbacks. And I love the typed lower thirds.

    – Arnim Zola!

    – I wonder if… down the road, should this show last long enough… they introduce Bucky/Winter Soldier.

    – "Avenegers Assemble!" "We’re all right here." Heh.

    – I wonder if they are going to continue to explore the "man out of time" aspect with Cap.

    – It’s amazing! Zemo cuts cap with a sword and he DOESN’T BLEED! Is there nothing Cap can’t do?

    – Black Panther helping Cap against Zemo – awesome.

    – Cap diving to protect Wasp from the explosion with his shield – also awesome.

    – I’m really enjoying everyone’s characterizations here. Pym and Wasp are great.

    Four episodes (and 20 micro episodes) in and this MIGHT already be the best Marvel cartoon ever.


  7. Gotta co-sign that Conor! So far it’s awesome!

  8. just more and more Avengers goodness.  how big is the cast going to get?

    AI Jarvis still bugs me.  I love that Cap calls Tony "Soldier" even though he’s obviously not one.  I could see a Winter Soldier introduction happening for sure. maybe an assassin is a bit much for a kid’s show, but a spy certainly works.  we have Hydra in place of Nazis, something else in place of Communist Russia?  AIM?

    the endless possibilities is the best thing about this show. 

  9. i second everything Conor said. i loved Black Panther flinging the shield to help Cap, that WAS awesome. it’s funny, my kiddo thinks Cap is wack, but in the fight between him and the Avengers i kept saying, " yeah, look at Cap he’s so corny. he took out ALL of the Avengers! " I’m going to get her to like him. i have to! in regards to the winter soldier i thought the same thing. this show is on point with everything, they HAVE to bring him in some how.

    @ conor : it is seadily climbing the charts as the best Marvel animated show. Spectacular Spider-Man better watch out!

  10. @ conor ; on a related note have you seen/heard about the new G.I.Joe animated project?


  11. "As much as I hate the theme song I find myself humming along. Stupid theme song!"

    Hahaha. Same here.

  12. I totally agree with conor!

  13. I like the sound effects of Cap’s shield "clanging".  I think my favorite moment was Cap using his shield to block the bomb blast.  

  14. i love this show.  i also like how the beginning changes with every ep of the show to show you who is on the team right now. and i totally agree with conor on the characterizations of everyone.

  15. This show is fantastic.  And I love how they’ve made the Wasp 1.) entertaining and engaging, and 2.) badass.  The Wasp’s Sting never seemed so cool.  And I love the awful theme song.

  16. This show is turning out to be very entetaining and this is the best episode yet.


    But I agree with k5blazer- yes it’s the movie version but the tone is still off – downey’s version had some pathos to the mouthyness this one sounds almost plucky-  sidekicky teenage,

    Doesn’t seem just right for tony stark,

  17. Love watching this with my 10 y.o. son. He’s completely in the tank with Marvel now, thanks to this show, the licensed Mighty Beans, the Mini-Marvel collection, and a little help from my Stan/Jack/Don Masterworks tpb’s. *sniff* I’m so proud!

  18. This show keeps getting better. Perfect portrayal of Cap. Loved the fight with Zemo. I even quite like Jan and Hank. And I’ve never liked them in the comics. Great stuff.

  19. This episode sealed the deal for me: best marvel cartoon ever and perhaps tied with jystice league for second best comic based cartoon ever after batman the animated series. Also, cap was the man in thus episode- nuff said

  20. Can I just say first that the theme song is garbage. Second it’s pretty tacky (or thoughtless) that they open on a 9/11 image of downtown New York filled with smoking rubble, some of which is on the WTC site.

    You can say there are alien tripods causing it after but the image is the FIRST thing in the title sequence, held on the longest and as such can only viewed in context of similar imagery. It really puts a bad taste in my brain for the show. 

  21. I’m loving this show and agree with everything Conner said.  Bring on the Masters of Evil!!