Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! – S01E03 – Some Assembly Required

If this show, as least in the beginning, follows the vague story model of the original Avengers, then tonight it's time for the rest of the team to fight The Hulk!

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I really liked the first two episodes of the show. I don’t know if the show is as good as Spectacular Spider-man, but Avengers does show that Marvel is getting better in the cartoon department (which is something I’d say DC has always bested Marvel at). It was fun, dramatic, and good enough to be on my DVR forever until it gets canceled or gets bad (hopefully neither of these things happen).

    I had never heard of Graviton, but, man, was he really powerful and intimidating. I’d love to see more of him. I’m also looking forward to some of the things they set up for the show such as the Leader’s plan to save the world, Red Skull’s return, and Loki’s future schemes.


  2. Nothing will ever top Spectacular Spider-Man

  3. Black Panther! can someone get Hulk some new pants?!

  4. Training room, more like Danger Room!

  5. REED RICHARDS!!!!!!!

  6. Why is anyone bothered by the Wasp?

  7. Green Lantern dollar bills, huh?   

  8. I really liked this episode. This was the first time we really get to see The Avengers as The Avengers and all the classic trappings that go with that. I’m also really loving all the characterizations so far. I can tell that I’m going to really dig this show.

    Random Thoughts:

    "He brings shame to all monkeys with his cowardice."

    The opening scene did a really good job to showing the benefit of having a super team (assuming that in this universe, the concept of a super team is a relatively new one like it was in the comics).

    Avengers Mansion… pretty gothic.

    Avengers ID cards! Quinjets!

    I really like the way that the internal conflict within The Hulk is portrayed.

    Uh oh… Reed Richards and Tony Stark working on a prison in The Negative Zone? Trouble!

    Liked the tease of Black Panther. We know that very soon they are going to expand beyond the historical line-up and add Black Panther and Hawkeye. I can’t remember who else, if anyone.

    Loved the ending with Hulk’s rage freeing Captain America from ice. Ties into the deleted scene from INCREDIBLE HULK that (supposedly) showed the same thing. They are very deftly weaving together elements from the films, the comics, and their own stuff.

  9. This episode sealed the deal for me: this show IS awesome. To my surprise, the animation is actually growing on me quite a bit. Watching the micro episodes on youtube didn’t do it justice. This show has all the makings for a hit—and trust me it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, Disney has a huge $ stake in building up the Avengers franchise before summer 2012!

    If this show continues to build on itself—establishing a strong continuity, showcasing the greater marvel universe through sharp writing, ect—I would go as far as to say that this show has the potential to equal Justice League (but we will need two season’s of Avenger’s current quality to say that) Regardless, I do now have a weekly appointment on wednesdays—aside from my LCS!  

  10. 1. Opening – The weight of the team is felt.  Definitely glad it was done because you can’t do this scene that many times.

    2. Black Panther – My girlfriend had no idea who it was / illicted no response….

    3. Hulk is prompt – Nice humor and characterization.

    4. Cribs: Avengers Mansion – Kinda felt this ought to have been "show don’t tell" moment

    5. Training Room – Practical hazards like these getting wrecked are classic but I like the versatility and rationality of a holographic type training room (yes, I know, these are supposedly "self repairing" hazards)… even "Pryde of The X-Men" had one in ’89.  Put it this way… a holodeck = episode fodder.

    6. Face-making / Immature Jan – I can see the need for a less serious voice on the team but making it the token female…

    7. Jarvis Console – I like that he has a distinct thing to look at / represent him rather than a completely disembodied voice.

    8. Cards – A little tacky and inelegant (need to be held, proped up for scenes, etc) compared to say an ear bud with an RFID signal… but it fits the classic comic and if they work as PDAs or something they can be better justified.

    9. Enchantress Design – Solid (which drives me nuts that Pepper, Jan, and her look like they’re designed by different artists in terms of drawing style not just trappings)

    10. Nick Fury Enunciates – "Colt Forty Five"

    10. "We’re not attacking you!" *PUNCH!* – Awesome. 😀

    11. Tony can detect magic?  Eh, why not?

    12. Brown fluid spilling from Tony?  Eh, why not?

    13. Choreography – The Thor lightning charge is a nice little move / Enchantress demonstrating effortless instant teleporting then deciding to stand still for Thor and Iron Man’s big charge-up moves… less nice.

    14. "We’re Responsible For The Hulk" *Let’s him go* – I guess not…

    15. Cap’s Shield – ‘Nuff said.

    Overall impressions… this episode shows that they’re juggling a lot of balls in the air, exposition, characterization, dialog, action, enemy introduction, plotting, continuity, etc. all while positioning for future stories.  There’s a discernable effort.  I thought the plotting overall in this episode was pretty tight and enjoyed how far they moved the ball and a bunch of different goals in a single episode.  I enjoyed the characterization of The Hulk, but right now he’s the only character worth giving a damn about- Jan is maybe sincere but otherwise immature to borderline annoying, Hank is boring, and Thor and Iron Man are just played for laughs.  Considering Hulk would be the easiest to dismiss as a big dumb monster, that’s a good thing, but hopefully not at the expense of the rest of the team in future episodes.

    I like that this episode shows our plots will not be just confined to the Breakout over arching mission- here we have enemies that aren’t Fugitives- while still having that as an underlying mission that makes motivational sense.

    Still bugged by the plot holes and choreography holes that are completely unnecessary.  If you’re going to go out of your way to have a scene were Pepper explicitly says you have to get Hulk because he’s your responsibility, you can’t just let him go at the end without a tracker / tracer / something to address that responsibilty your own damn plot raised just a few minutes earlier.  If you’re going to give Enchantress the ability to completely dodge rapid fire with ease through teleportation, you don’t need to give her the time to stand up, apprehend the harm, and potentially teleport before getting hit… just choreograph the fight so she’s hit while still stumbling or distracted.

    Until they tighten up the fights, they’re basically big noisy filler distracting me from an otherwise good story… which is a shame when the bulk or climax of every episode is made up of these fights.  Still… recommended viewing.

  11. I alway loved the Marvel animated shows as a kid and now I get to introduce my younger realtives to that same joy. I just wish there was a discussion like this for Batman: brave and the bold.

  12. I’ve actually loved this portrayal of Hank a lot. Hank has always been a man of Science and I dig that he’s totally not in to fighting crime. Janet is borderline annoying and immature but she was also kind of like that in the early Avengers stories as well.


    This episode was fantastic. I am loving this show.

  13. @SirCox; I agree with you about Hank.

    And I actually really like Janet right now. She’s got a different and distinct personality from the rest of the team, which is fun.

  14. I’ve yet to watch this because honestly I’m not a big Hulk or Cap guy and I want to wait until they introduce more characters. I’m really excited by the possibility of them doing a JLU style toon with lots of obscure characters. Here’s hoping we some Black Knight and Quasar soon. Wouldn’t mind seeing Beast either but I’m guessing the license doesn’t extend to X-men characters yet or they would have put Wolverine in it already.



  15. @SirCox

    I think without Banner directly on the team, and with Banner being played so straight faced, I would’ve liked Hank to be the resident nerd… completely intelligence, hyper competent scientifically, but socially awkward.  Doesn’t mean he has to be a jerk or have anger issues like in other portrayals, but make him the voice of the nerds you know are watching the show.  Yeah, Tony’s a scientist too, but he’s a rockstar, a womanizer, and immature in his own way.

    If you make Hank socially immature, and make Tony immature in the same fashion you see in the film franchise (which would, of course, be far more familiar to most viewers than comic continuity), then you can download a lot of the humor and immaturity off of Jan’s shoulders and make her a more reliable voice of reason in the group.  They tried to do it in this last episode because she was the first one to try to talk down the Hulk… but you take her more seriously as the conscience of the group / voice of reason if she’s less bubbly (and then Hank and Tony get their own brand of humor).

    But woulda coulda shoulda… it’s too early to judge until the team finishes filling out.  After the next three guys- Panther, Cap, & Hawkeye- join this sausage fest I’ll be clamoring for every giggly Wasp moment. 😛

  16. Really liked the second episode. I hope we see Hulk again. I’d hate to see him leave the show so soon.

    The Hulk/Thor interactions were greats. From goldilocks to Blondie, I love seeing Hulk and Thor spar with each other. Hulk’s brutish nature clashes nicely with Thor’s honorable behaviour. 

    The fight scene were good, but not quite as well done as the last episode. 

    Looking forward to seeing Baron Zemo fightin Cap. next episode.