Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Micro Episode 6

Marvel's newest cartoon, Avengers: Earth's MIghtiest Heroes, debuts on DisneyXD on Wednesday October 20th, and 8:30pm EST / 7:30pm CST. Leading up to the first episode, Marvel is putting out a series of "micro episodes" to whet the pallate.

Here's the sixth episode, "Behold, The Mandroids!":

If you missed the previous episodes you can check them out here:

Episode 1: "Iron Man is Born"
Episode 2: "The Coming of The Hulk"
Episode 3: "The Man in the Ant Hill"
Episode 4: "Hydra Lives"
Episode 5: "Thor The Mighty"


  1. Why has non-comics Nick Fury now always black? I somewhat understood using the Ulitimate Sam Jackson version in a few things. But this isn’t that at all. I know it doesn’t matter, as comic readers are the minority, as usual. But it just feels off to me.

  2. Kids only know the movie version. They can have movie and animated action figures for the double-dippers.

  3. I prefer it when the Black Widow is a villain at first.  and why does Tony’s identity have to be known?  the drama is so much more interesting when he has to hide it from everyone.

    other than that, October 20th can’t come soon enough. 

  4. Ace!

    The background beeping in the SHIELD helicarrier drove me nuts. Thought it was my phone or computer…

  5. Okay, the Robert Downey Jr. pastiche worked for me on this one. It hadn’t on the previous clips.

  6. Fury’s soul patch makes me chucle.

    The guy doing Tony’s voice manke me cringe.


    So far the only great episode has been the Ant Man one. Who’d have thunk it?

  7. I’ve enjoyed all of these but yeah, the Ant-Man one was simply amazing.

  8. I know this is primarliy for kids- but Marvel contiues to be sub standard to DC animation.

    It just feels like they know they only have to work so hard for some reasonably good ratings.

    Not creating classic runs on anything – series or dvd releases.