Avengers Movie Casting Contest Results!

The iFanboy Avengers Movie Casting Contest is over and we were really impressed by the level of creativity in all of your casting ideas. We got inundated with entries and again, iIt was really hard to narrow it down to one winner, so we picked three! We’re proud to announce the winners:

• Brian Hellam
• Fractal514
• David Weter

Congratulations to Brian, Fractal514 and David! They’ll be winning a copy of Marvel SceneIt brought to you by ScreenLife. Click through to see their entries!

Below are the winning entries (along with comments by the winners where appropriate in the iFanboy Avengers Movie Casting Contest:

Brian Hellam

The Vision: David Bowie – This has to be a gimme. Can you deny Ziggy Stardust the part he was born to play? The man who invented modern androgyny yet who was still the apple of many a woman’s eye, has to be the person to play a detached android who magically knocks up the Scarlet Witch. Plus, the people love the Bowie.

Hawkeye: Brad Pitt – I wanted someone who could be cocky, jealous, charming, arrogant, stubborn, and sympathetic. If you’ve seen Legends of the Fall you know Brad Pitt can do this. Sure, he’d have to tone it down a little bit, maybe be a little more of a jokester even, but he did that in Ocean’s 12, so either way you slice it he’s my Hawkeye. Who else do you think can bed half the female Avengers while still being kind of a tool? Not Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Ant-Man: Ed Norton – Ed Norton can do psychologically complex (see American History X) so you know he could do Hank Pym like it was nothing. And, for some reason, he just seems like the kind of guy who could be an Ant-man.

Thor: Stellan Skarsgard – This would essentially be a rehash of his role in King Arthur, except that he’d be a good guy in this movie. In case you doubt his acting prowess, you need to see him in the original (foreign) version of Insomnia. And, he’s actually Nordic! Bonus points!

Scarlet Witch: Debra Winger – She won an Oscar and looks like Scarlet Witch (Perez version). That’s all I got, really.

The Wasp: Maggie Gyllenhal – I wanted an actress who looked waif-ish but could be believable as high society. She also wears her hair in a very Janet Van Dyne bob cut, so that was a factor too.

Captain America: Ed Harris – This was the hardest part to cast (with the Wasp being a close second). I wanted someone who could be believable as a moral leader, a brave patriot, and a humble everyman. Ed Harris had to do all that in one movie already, The Right Stuff. Not only does he play a man who was called a boy scout by his colleagues, a man who rocketed off into the vacuum of space relying on untested technology, and a man who became one of the faces of the space program, but he also plays a man who stands up to the president himself for the sake of his wife. Not only that, but he showed he could be an inspiring leader in Apollo 13 (admittedly, he led engineers, but still…). I don’t think this is a conventional choice, but I think it’s a good one.

Jarvis: Steven Fry – If you’ve ever seen the Jeeves and Wooster BBC show, you’d know he already did the butler thing. Yeah, he’s more of a comedic actor, but he had a supporting action/adventure role in the V for Vendetta movie (he was Evy’s closeted gay boss). I think he’d do a great job as the unflappable in the face of all — sometimes played for comedic effect — butler, Jarvis.

Quicksilver: Rutger Hauer – Have you seen Blade Runner?

Iron Man: Tom Selleck – Has the ‘stache and previous Ferrari driving experience.

Rick Jones: Ron Howard – Richie Cunningham era Ron Howard, not balding Arrested Development narrator era Ron Howard.

Kree Supreme Intelligence: Marlon Brando – Admit it, I nailed it.


Avengers (Directed by Sam Raimi)

Captain America: Kevin McKidd – The lead Gladiator Guy from Rome.

Ant-Man: Guy Pearce – The guy from LA Confidential, the kinda dickish cop.

The Wasp: Anne Hathaway

The Vision: David Hyde Pierce – no relation.

Hawkeye: Bruce Campbell

Thor: Viggo Mortensen

Scarlet Witch: Kate Beckinsale

Jarvis: Christopher Hewett – Mr. Belvedere
Avengers 11 Assemble (Directed by Michael Bay)

Captain America: George Clooney

Ant-Man: Matt Damon

The Wasp: Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Vision: Don Cheadle

Hawkeye: Bruce Campbell

Thor: Brad Pitt

Scarlet Witch: Julia Roberts

Jarvis: Elliott Gould – The guy who played Monica and Ross’s father on Friends, he was also in M.A.S.H. the movie.
Avengers: A Fanboy Wank Fest (Directed by Kevin Smith)

Captain America: Christopher Reeve – Pre Wheel Chair/Death

Ant-Man: Mark Hamill – half shot before the accident and then a scene where he gets injured written in to explain his facial scaring.

The Wasp: Marilyn Monroe in her prime

The Vision: Leonard Nimoy

Hawkeye: Jason Mewes

Thor: Arnold Schwarzenegger – before he spoke good English, dubbed by James Earl Jones.

Scarlet Witch: Phoebe Cates – as she comes out of the pool.

Jarvis: Abe Vigoda
Avengers: Back off Fuckers (Directed by Martin Scorsese)

Captain America: Leonardo DiCaprio

Ant-Man: Dustin Hoffman

The Wasp: Sharon Stone

The Vision: Daniel Day Lewis

Hawkeye: Al Pacino

Thor: Robert De Niro

Scarlet Witch: Diane Keaton

Jarvis: James Caan
Black Avengers: Earth’s Funkiest Heroes

Captain America: Denzel Washington

Ant-Man: Jaime Foxx

The Wasp: Beyonce

The Vision: Jaleel White

Hawkeye: Wesley Snipes

Thor: Ving Rhames

Scarlet Witch: Halle Berry

Jarvis: Cedric The Entertainer

David Weter

Captain America: Robert Redford (Butch and Sundance Era)

Ant-Man: Bill Paxton (True Lies Era)

The Wasp: Parker Posey (Just for Bill Paxton to slap around)

The Vision: Yul Brynner (Westworld Era)

Scarlet Witch: Shirley MacLaine (From Two Mules for Sister Sarah)

Hawkeye: Josh Holloway (Lost)

Thor: A Young David Prowse

Jarvis: John Hillerman (Magnum P.I.)
Bonus Villains:

Doctor Doom: Gary Oldman

Ultron: Orson Welles (Voice only)


  1. love Maggie Gyllenhaal
    if you haven’t seen Secretary http://imdb.com/title/tt0274812/
    you really should

    also love urkel as vision

  2. Hey guys, thanks a lot! I’m glad you liked so many of my choices. I can see not liking Ed Harris, it’s a weird choice. But, what can I say, he is awesome in The Right Stuff.

    I love Earth’s Funkiest Heroes, though. Denzel would be a GREAT Captain America.

    And I stand by Tom Selleck.

  3. Casting I’ve been toying with for too long now: David Spade as Dr. Banner and Chris Farley as the Hulk.

    Think about it. Give it a chance.

  4. What about Marc Singer?

    I think he should be all the roles. Like – when Eddie Murphy does that in some movies…you know what I mean?

    Yeah…score one for the intern!

  5. Black Avengers: Earth’s Funkiest Heroes

    This has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. I love Ed Harris as Cap and I’m glad you won because I doubt anyone else would ever have thought of that. Good job and damn I love these contests.

  6. Ok I had no idea how you guys were gonna pick this so I sent in a mix of what I thought would be good choices (Guy Pearce as Ant Man Carrie Anne Moss as Wasp) and what I knew you would hate (Collin Farrel as Thor I had to throw him in there) but can I cast them again just for fun? Cap: Bradd Pitt Vision: Ralph Fiennes Hawkeye: Josh Holloway Wasp: Carrie Anne Moss Scarllet Witch: Kate Beckinsale No one could play thor so I will replace him with Ironman: Robert Downey Jr. (perfect) and I just saw a picture of Jarvis on Marvel.com and I havev to say……. Vinn Diesel

  7. I’m glad everyone likes Black Avengers Earths Funkiest Heroes so much, it’s my personal fave too 🙂 I can hear it in my head… In a world where the MAN controls everything, and Whitey just don’t understand, who can a brother turn to in times of crisis?

  8. wow

  9. I was thinking that Audrey Hepburn would make an awesome Wasp. Couldn’t think of the rest though.

    Good job everyone.

  10. I think Brian’s picks are spot on (actually I had thought of a few of the same .. expecially Pitt as Hawkeye) except for Cap and Scarlet Witch. I would have to go with Kiera Knightly as Scarlet Witch and Viggo Mortensen as Cap.
    But Bowie as Vision?!? Pure Genius!!!!
    And I mean come on Brad Pitt as Hawkeye.. its perfect. I really like Ed Norton as Hank Pym (he’s good at being a likable ass) and his Jarvis. Great work Brian. The other peoples pick are all very amusing but Brians could really work. And I actually think they nailed Iron Man by casting Downey Jr. Guess we will all see soon enough.

  11. Two Mules era MacLaine is the hottest woman ever

  12. So Captain America wopuld be a break-out role for “the hot chick from ‘Family Ties’ brother, but Johnny Knoxville is a strech for Ant-Man???

    Let em explain 🙂

    I tried to think of someone who could not only pull off a white coat and glasses, but I wanted the audience to believe that the person who came up with the miracle of growing and shrinking matter would use it to become a super-hero and not combat world hunger by shrinking food when shipping and enlarging it when it gets to hungry people.

    Only a jackass would think growing and shrinking would be cool powers 🙂

  13. This is what happens when I am bored at work on a call:


  14. Haha, that is priceless Conor. You so need to send that to Ed’s people 😛
    I am sorry though, I just saw Mr Harris in a 2 part movie on HBO the other day where he is a single dad (divorced from Helen Hunt) working at a small diner in a small town and he was so wimpy in it I just can’t see him doing Cap. (Then again I haven’t seen a History of Violence yet so… my judgement is still out on that role)
    Don’t get me wrong, he is an amazing actor and definately can pull off different kinds of roles. I just can’t get him out of my head as that wimpy guy at the moment.

  15. I think they should all be ultimate fighters. except the girls. They should use the round card girls for them.

  16. I am sorry though, I just saw Mr Harris in a 2 part movie on HBO the other day where he is a single dad (divorced from Helen Hunt) working at a small diner in a small town and he was so wimpy in it I just can’t see him doing Cap. (Then again I haven’t seen a History of Violence yet so… my judgement is still out on that role)

    Empire Falls. AMAZING mini-series form HBO. I watch it everytime I come across it.

    You haven’t seen A History of Violence. What about The Right Stuff?

  17. empire falls was really good

  18. Hey Conor, This is Captain America


  19. Ugh. I can’t believe I was excited to see that movie when I was 12…

  20. Okay, I have to say that at first I felt totally gypped because my casting choices were clearly the best (and I stand by Peter Krause as Hank Pym), but I have to say Ed Harris was an inspired choice, as was Maggie Gyllenhaal. I also dug Yul Brynner and Shirley MacLaine.

    But Earth’s Funkiest Heroes took the cake. Brilliance, my friend. I tip my cap.

    I actually think Denzel is a fantastic choice for Cap. Did anyone read Truth: Red, White, & Black? Someone call Hollywood. Let’s get it done.

  21. What about Captain Marvel? I mean the chick Captain Marvel. Monica Rambeau was pretty sick

  22. Girl, you goin’ way back and sh!t.