Asgardian Thunder Strikes Twice

Fans wondering where they will get their next dose of the Tom DeFalco/Ron Frenz creative team need wonder no longer. On the Spider-Girl message board, member danman007 posted a link to the guest line-up for this fall's New York Comic Con, and in the bio for Tom, the beans are spilled. In advance of the upcoming Thor film, their next project will be a Thunderstrike miniseries, a follow-up to their fan-favorite 1993-1995 Thor spinoff series which was cut short due to Marvel's financial troubles of the time. Tom quickly confirmed the info, while expressing some chagrin at way the news came out, saying:


I didn't think that bio would be public until the actual convention in October.

Anyway, Ron, Sal, Tom and I have been working on a new Thunderstrike limited series for a few months in what we laughingly refer to as our "spare time".

All I can tell you is that it will be set in the regular Marvel Universe and it's loaded with twists, turns, action and angst–in other words–our typical fun & games thrill-o-rama!

Hope we can count on your support and thanks for being there!

Tom D.

For those who don't know, Thunderstrike is the superheroic identity of architect Eric Masterson, who had previously taken on the mantle of Thor. Masterson was sort of the everyman superhero, gifted with the power of the gods, yet possessing the sensibilities of the average Joe, and reacting to the fantastic situations he found himself in accordingly. He died at the end of the original series, so it's unknown whether this new mini means a resurrection, or perhaps a new Thunderstrike. Eric's son Kevin is Thunderstrike in a possible future, but is still a kid in the mainstream Marvel Universe; it's therefore possible we could see a dynamic akin to the Billy Batson Captain Marvel. We'll keep you updated as more info on the new Thunderstrike mini comes out.


  1. Ha good stuff! That was really enjoyable, I read it a few years ago – hadn’t aged overly well but was quite an enjoyable read!

  2. When Marvel saw Wonder Woman wearing a jacket, this was the natural response.

  3. Marvel: “Okay DC, we’ll call your mythology-based superhero character in a jacket and raise you no sleeves!”

  4. But his jacket matches his boots, so it’s ok

  5. Didn’t he replace Thor for a while? Man I haven’t seen this character since that Busiek Avengers issue where he came back from the dead all pissed off.

  6. I hope Thor and Beta Ray Bill guest stars in the mini and have a thor corp reunion. That would be delightful!

  7. Yeah, Eric Masterson was a supporting character in Thor for about a year, then was bonded with Thor (sort of like Don Blake, except he was real) for about 2 years. He took over as Thor when Thor was imprisoned by Loki for 2 years, and after he rescued Thor, he was given the power (and mace) of Thunderstrike, and had his own series for another 2 years. So he was around for a while.

  8. Way to bring back such a terrible part of Thor’s history. I’m a rabid fan of all things Thunder God and there’s nothing that screams 90’s garbage more than Eric Masterson. It’s 2010 and the last thing the world needs is a Thunderstrike mini-series priced at $3.99 a pop.

  9. I’m selling my Thunderstrike #1 with a foil cover for 75 dollars if anyone’s interested.

  10. The cynic in me believed Thunderstrike and many of Tom DeFalco’s "original" creations were just recreating classic characters so that he could get residuals from them.

  11. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but all this run up for a character Marvel recently felt was unimportant enough to leave dead for a few years, smacks of of pretty obvious and pathetic money grab. Blah, blah, blah, I know they’re a business, but Jesus have some self restraint.

  12. The Ron Frenz are on the original series was terrible, and DeFalco, who is usually a great scripter, was out to lunch. Their participation on Thor was not the highlight of either’s career.

  13. I hope this means the original series gets reprinted. I’m always wanted to read it, and even on ebay, those issues aren’t easy to come by. 

  14. Thunderstrike is one of those characters that is just ingrained in the "love center" of my memory, much like DC’s freedom fighters and Guy Gardner. Psyched

  15. I loved thunderstrike as a kid, and I’m actually looking forward to this

  16. So he’s a bit like Ultimate Thor then? All of Thors power but just trying to help the common man?

  17. Fuck yeah, Thunderstrike.

  18. Can Werewolf Cap be far behind? Hey, I’d rather they published a new Thunderstrike series than a 9th deadpool title.