As if The Hulk wasn’t enough…

…now they’re after The Punisher.

The trailer for the second movie version of the The Punisher came out today and I have to admit: this may be the first new Marvel movie that out and out looks like may completely blow.

Something about the combination of a) The movie takes place in Florida and b) There is a skull painted on his bulletproof vest, makes me think that whoever wrote this (obviously based on Garth Ennis’ run) missed the mark.


  1. I dunno, dude…

    Yeah, the Florida thing sucks. But the fact that the Skull is on everything is key. Also, the trailer is basically all shooting and explosions, which is, you know, what the Punisher is all about. I’m not worried about tha aspect so much as I am the Florida setting ruining the feel.

  2. Wait a minute, what’s that Hulk crack all about in the thread title?

  3. I think he was suggesting that the Hulk wasn’t good. And it wasn’t. There were good things about it, but overall it was lacking. Not just my opinion, but certainly not yours.

  4. You’re right. THE HULK wasn’t good.

    It was great.

  5. I was merely commenting that some thought the Hulk wasn’t good. I happened to enjoy it, but the whole thing at the end left me a littel confused.

    I don’t think the skull on everything is key. The skull on his shirt under the trenchcoat, now that’s key. The skull on the vest? not so much – this isn’t 1989.

  6. That was a bad trailer. That looks like a bad movie. However, I don’t think it will bomb, rather it will probably do very well with the hip hop kinda crowd, since the Punisher has got a lot of street cred.

    And as far as the Hulk is concerned, I wanted to like it, I really did, but ultimately, I felt there were a lot of problems, but it was due mainly to having very lofty goals, and being ultimately unable to achieve them. I must say that on any day, it’s better to attempt something great and fail, than to aim low and succeed.

  7. i think it looks ok.
    i wonder why they didn’t get the normal movie voice guy, wasn’t crazy about the new voice or the music.

    it really threw me off

  8. They couldn’t afford him.

  9. I work cheap, they should have called me.

    My agent sucks.

  10. weeeeeeeeeeeel…… unfortunately, i’m just not a punisher fan to begin with. I was tremendously dissapointed with daredevil and the hulk movies, and i only enjoyed the x-men movies because i’m a huge x-men fan and i’ve grown to accept them in all their various alterative portrayals (with that evolution cartoon being the exception, i didn’t like that at all…maybe i’m just getting old…)

    i’ll watch it anyway, just in case. you never know, it might not suck that bad?

    i just think that perhaps, trying to make movie versions of comics isn’t always going to turn out well. sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. i mean, in general, movie versions of books don’t always turn out as good as the book, so it’s only normal that when you try to squeeze decades of comic history into a two our live action movie, that something will get lost in the process…

    i expect that this will end up being one of those 50/50 situations. you’ll love it or you’ll hate it. that just seems to be what’s been happening with most of these comic movies, at least within my circle of friends…

  11. Hijacking!

    “i only enjoyed the x-men movies because i’m a huge x-men fan and i’ve grown to accept them in all their various alterative portrayals”

    C’mon, the portrayals were perfect in essence. And the X Men movies, especially the second, were just damned good movies.

    The Punisher will liekly do very well with the hip-hop crowd. That is a giant generalization, which is not OK to do, but dammit, I did it.

  12. I see no evidence that this is a “hip hop movie”. Ja Rule is not playing his side kick; DMX is nowhere to be found. There’s not even any rap in the trailer.

    I had high hopes for this movie until I saw that it’s supposed to be PG-13.

    I dunno, it’s got Spacker Dave and Joan in it, so how bad could it be?

  13. I’m not saying it’s a hip hop movie, but the Punisher, like Scarface for example, has become a hip hop icon, and you’ll see the Punisher logo in the culture. Nothing to do with the movie.

    For some reason, hip hop often embraces comic stuff.

    An odd example of this is MF Doom.

    I find it very strange Marvel hasn’t sued him.