Artist Wanted: Must Draw Webs and Teen Angst

Dave Graham pointed us to the rumor in the iFanboy Grab Bag and now it is confirmed by the man himself — Mark Bagley is leaving Ultimate Spider-Man with issue 110.

This is sad news.

I don’t know if we will ever see another run on a book again like we did with Bendis and Bagley on Ultimate Spider-Man for 110 straight issues. No matter what you think about the man’s art, you have to admire and respect his accomplishment. In an era of slower artists, Bagley pumped out as many as 18 issues a year.

I’m not sure how I would follow Bagley were I in charge of picking his replacement. This is almost more daunting than finding someone to write Daredevil after Bendis. I am leaning towards saying that you’d have to go in a completely new artistic direction rather than get someone who would try to emulate Bagley’s style — hello, Mark Brooks — but then I try to picture the Ultimate Spider-Man universe in a different art style and my brain gets mad at me.

Man, I’m bummed.


  1. Does this mean Kirkman is gonna take over for Bendis?

  2. Place your bets now on how long Bendis will stay with the book.

  3. Man, This Week in Comics sort of kicked me in the beanbag a couple of times.

  4. How ’bout that?

  5. Not to change subjects or anything but did anybody catch wind of the Civil War delays?
    Just scroll all the way down where they pretty much tell you that Civil War is gonig to be Bi-Monthly now and that they are slowing everything else down as a result…

  6. Devon, please direct your attention here:

    You had no way of knowing, but the discussion here is well under way.

  7. I think Bendis will be on the book for some time to come. In his Q&A podcast on, he said he has the next 30 issues or so laid out pretty tightly. I really hope so, at least. Once Bendis leaves, I don’t think it’ll be the same book anymore.

    Mark Brooks would be wonderful on the book, as he’s rocked both USM annuals and has the whole teenage angst thing down (see New X-Men), but whoever’s next in line, I hope that they can at least (to some degree) match Bagley’s output.

  8. Mark Brooks would be cool. I Like his art, and he’s a real nice guy. I got a print off of him at Comic Con last year, Dark Phoenix, it’s fucking hot.

    But Bagley will be missed for sure. But all good things come to an end I guess.

    Man Marvel just keeps kicking the fanboy this week. It’s ok.. can only get better right? .

  9. I really liked Mark Brooks on the newest annual, so hopefully he takes over. I’m just now starting to read USM in trades. Got first seven volumes at con for $45 (!) Finishing up Vol 1 today. So yeah, just a little behind.

  10. Dave Graham….hey I know that guy.

    Just hope thise doesn’t mean he is leaving our show and moving to ifanboy

  11. I think Mark Brooks would be a good replacement. I just finished a marathon reading of the whole USM run up to the newest issue and it has been a great read. Bagely will be missed but I’m dreading the day Bendis leaves. I really love his characterization of Peter Parker. I love Kitty Pryde and Peter Parker together.

  12. Man, I’m going to miss Bagley but I have one question: what about that “lost” issue of Fantastic Four that they uncovered that Stan wrote and Jack mostly drew? Is that going to change how many issues Bendis and Bagley have to do for the record?!

    Seriously, sucks that Bagley’s leaving. I wouldn’t mind seeing Brooks on the book. While last year’s annual wasn’t that bad, the art in this new annual was amazingly good, and by amazingly good I mean incredibly similar to Bagley’s 🙂 It’s my favorite comic out right now, I don’t want to see that messed up I guess.

  13. A real loss. Bagley and Bendis are one of the great storytelling partners in comics history.

    No one could get us into Peter’s head visually like Bagley.

    Me am sad.

  14. I’ve been listening to the recent Word Balloon interview with Bendis, and while it doesn’t seem that he knew about this, or if he did, he didn’t tip it off, but it also doesn’t seem like he’s leaving anytime soon.

    Lest not forget, Stan the Man made magic with Kirby, Steranko, and Ditko…just as Bendis has with Bagley, Oeming, Maleev…

    Bagley has been perfect for this book and I love their run being what it is, but I’m sure a new artist will emerge and will make his or her mark.

    I just hope they find one and stick with that, as opposed to artist of the month ala the X-Men of the past years.

    Oh how I love the extended run…

  15. I think I’m the only one that is hopeing Mark Brooks doesn’t take over USM. His art is ok, but it bugs me a bit. One of the things that bugs me are his anime eyes. Everyone he draws has anime eyes. But, of course, he’ll probably end up taking over.

  16. I guess I wasn’t clear enough in my tone when I posted the story, but I wouldn’t pick Mark Brooks.

  17. I wouldn’t want Brooks either.

  18. My bad Conor. I guess I missed that. But it makes me happy that I’m not the only one.

    I do have a resolution though. Just get Oeming to do it. Whether this is a good idea or not, we should just create internet buzz that this is truth and see how far it goes.

  19. Rich Johnston, who warned America that the death of Goliath would create a media firestorm, is announcing Bagley’s replacement in his column today. According to him, it is none other than Nextwave’s Stuart Immonen.

  20. I could get behind that. Immonen’s art in NextWave was good.

  21. Hmmm, I didn’t think of that, but it makes sense, if this is true I will heartily approve, Immonen is a great artist and storyteller, and will be able to handle the comedy aspects very well.