Art Deco Superheroes Remind You of The Original ‘Metropolis’

I will level with you iFanbase, I don’t really know what Art Deco is. Sure, I’ve read Terminal City, I like the poster for Metropolis, and there are certain buildings I inherently think look cool. And even though modern comics seems to have just missed the art deco movement by a decade or so, French artist Grégoire Guillemin sought to fix this gross oversight, and has succeeded on every level.

I’ve posted some but be sure so follow the link back to Guillemin’s Behance page for more of his artwork, including more superhero stylings. At the end of the day this really just makes me want to go sip some good coffee at a cafe in Opal City and admire the architecture. How about you?

Originally spotted on io9


  1. You forgot to tag this with “Awesome.”

  2. Wow. A couple of these are downright beautiful.

    Batman, Cyclops, and Thor are my favs.

    Very cool.

  3. these are pretty neat. The Thor looks like a classic Hood Ornament. My only criticism is that they are so obviously digital especially in the gradients. One of the hallmark techniques of Deco Poster design was the “spotted” airbrushed gradients and flat gouache painting with impeccable hand lettering. The digital is a bit too perfect to really ape that style.

    If you like these images do yourself a favor and google “AM Cassandre”…some of the most amazing poster designs ever…he’s the source for all of this stuff.

  4. Great post, I love art deco

  5. Marry me, Ryan Haupt!
    Thank you so much for bringing these designs/website to my attention.
    I am a huge art deco fan, and seeing comic book stuff done up in this style makes me happy happy happy 🙂 🙂 🙂
    (I’m gonna try to get that Silver Surfer one framed on my wall!)

  6. I’ve loved art deco ever since I first saw Batman:The Animated Series. The ‘Dark Deco’ Gotham skyline of the early episodes was beautiful. it’s been a massive influence on a lot of the art I create ( – an example for anyone who is interested) and the art and architecture I love.

    Art deco is probably my favourite mental image of America, after super-heroes, of course.

    • thats some cool stuff dude. Yeah Batman the Animated series is where i really fell in love with the style as well, before i delved into the proper art history of it. That BTAS world is so heavily art deco inspired. One of its greatest homages.