Runaways’ Random Arrrow Mystery Solved

For those of you listened to this week’s podcast, you may have heard me wonder where the random arrow on the Runaways cover came from. Well, looks like we have the answer. Someone at Marvel must have rushed the cover through Illustrator to get it to the printer.

Thanks to Augie De Blieck for the tip.

I knew it was something like this, < geek >I was embarrassed that I actually thought it was the mouse cursor, because everyone knows, unless you took a screenshot, the cursor would never print. < /geek >


  1. “Clearly the impact of the truck knocked the arrow loose.”

    ha ha

  2. Also the arrow is pointed in the opposite direction mouse curors point.

  3. Too bad it got screwed up, I freaking love this cover.

  4. Now it’s a collector’s item.

  5. I’m buying it later today!!!

  6. I’m ashamed, I bought #21 in hopes that the glitch will make it valuable!

    I usualy buy Runaways in the digest format (best deal in comics!) and the fact that I bought this issue just for profit goes against everything that’s going well for the industry right now (i.e. Story versus Speculation)

    But hey, even if it only goes to $8.00 I’ll have enough ca$h for a new digest!