Are Francine & Katchoo coming to TV?

They will if Terry Moore and producer Steven Sears (Xena) have anything to say about it.

It was announced at this past weekend’s Xena con and confirmed on Terry Moore’s blog that the pair are actively working to bring Strangers in Paradise to the small screen.
Now, as Terry himself says in his blog – and I can confirm from my brief stint in television development – there are miles and miles and miles between producers with a show idea and an actual show on the air. Many dominoes have to fall the right way for this show to ever see the light of day.

But hope springs eternal, right?

Terry also mentions that he already has television interest in his new book, Echo, which doesn’t even hit the shelves for another month.

Many people probably wondered about what Terry would do with himself once Strangers in Paradise came to an end but it appears as if he is busier than ever. Good for him. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


  1. That is a perfect comic to be adapted into a series…if they get the right people involved

  2. What a fantastic television series this would make! I read it in the pocket books format, and I remember how much each volume felt like a season of television already. The first 3 issues read kind of like a pilot too. Sounds like it’s early on, and shaky at best. But I’d like to see it happen.

  3. I always though sip would work best as a tv series looking forward to this wonder who will play francine,katchoo and David ?

  4. Really could be a great series – it’s all going to depend on the execution and how involved Terry Moore stays with the project. Hopefully it will end up on pay cable where it will get at least a decent shot of surviving and not on a network where it’ll get buried behind swapping wives and metal briefcases.

  5. I’m reading them now in the Pocket Book format, and I agree with Quentin and each book reads like a season. I will definitely tune in to see it.

  6. I haven’t read Strangers in Paradise but from everything I’ve heard about it, a tv show could be great. Now, if only The Walking Dead got made into a show

  7. Am I the only one who’d prefer an animated version over a live-action version?