Archie and Valerie Sittin’ in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Art by Dan Parent

Nothing gets Archie Andrews’ heart racing quite like the clang of tambourines against smooth, smooth hips.

In March’s Archie #631, comics’ most tumultuous love triangle explodes in a blaze of pyrotechnics as two pop rock icons lock lips. Valerie Brown of the Pussycats is frisky for Riverdale’s favorite son, and the three issue arc will set a sultry tone for 2012. Writer and artist Dan Parent told USA Today that the pairing–last explored in 2010–is the “most romantic story in Archie history.”

Steamier than Jughead and a bushel of sliders? That’s saying something.

Like the recent “Married Life” story line in Life with Archie, this saga will delve into another possible future for the redheaded Romeo, allowing readers to decide whether Archie’s better off with Betty, Veronica, or the rhythm section of the Pussycats.

Whichever way this goes in the end, we’re predicting one of the hottest rock romances in a long, long time. What do you think, iFanbase? Brody Dalle and Tim Armstrong or Brody Dalle and Josh Homme?


  1. I always thought Brody Dalle and Josh Homme should be ashamed of themselves. Poor Tim.

    Anyways, I like Jungle Fever Archie. Betty and Veronica should just move on.

  2. Archie? mehhh. They come across as a desperate “get attention at any cost” publisher that apparently lost their creativity. Yawn….

    • So… just like every other publisher then?

    • Wow…did you just go “stereotypical over-pessimistic fanboy” on an Archie comic?

      I’m here for you if you feel like you need someone to talk to.

    • If publishers wouldn’t constantly resort to hyperbole that insults the readers’ intelligence (the “most romantic story in Archie history”?) then people wouldn’t be so pessimistic.

      Archie has been resorting to the gimmick card an awful lot in recent years. In my opinion the comics themselves have been pretty good actually. But the way they promote them? Kind of obnoxious. Not so much in this case, but with the marriage stuff a few years ago–very tacky marketing.

      Good stories, though..And on one level, that’s probably what matters most. If their marketing didn’t seem so desperate and shock-value oriented, they could get more readers.

    • @Keith7198: Wow.

      @flapjaxx: They tend to have more readers than Marvel and DC do, on a per book basis at least.

  3. When are we getting the ‘Betty & Veronica’ issue. I’m sure that’ll sell an issue or two!

    @Paul – love the line, “…or the rhythm section of the Pussycats.”

  4. If Archie’s still in High School, shouldn’t there be a issue where one of the girls sexts him a picture of their boobs by now?