‘AQUAMAN’ Trailer: The most of this show you’ll ever see (UPDATED)

The new network replacing The WB and UPN, The CW, announced its Fall lineup of TV shows and the much anticipated Aquaman was not picked up, so you won’t be seeing it on television in the fall.

But, the trailer for the show has been posted online. So go check out the show you’ll never see.

Unfortunately, Warner Bros. keeps pulling this trailer everywhere it pops up on the net. It is no longer found at the above link.

Feh — we’re not missing much apparently. Too much water if you ask me.


  1. why is annette o’tool doing the narrative for aquaman? she already has one super powered kid.

  2. I guess the WB learned their lesson with Birds of Prey. What’s surprising is that production made it as far as it did.

  3. Everwood got the can 🙁

  4. Finally… 😉

  5. damn i want to watch this!

    CW has to pick it up.

  6. The best thing about this is the boat named “Quint”.

    I’ll look for it on BitTorrent. Uh, in theory.

  7. I highly doubt you could hypothetically find any episodes on BT, since its never been aired or released…in theory

  8. Things tend to find their way out there.

    That godawful Justice League pilot that never aired certainly did…

  9. good point…just when i had vanquished that memory from my head…oh David Ogden Stiers…

  10. How much could they honestly have done with ol Arthur Curry? Sure, he talks to fish, but that would limit us to maybe a season and a half of eco-terrorist plots.

    Maybe now they can endorse more episode of Justice League? Or maybe even a new series based on, maybe, GL or Flash?

    Who knows?!

  11. I like how 7th ‘fuckin’ heaven is returning, even though this season was their last, yet the aquaman show isn’t. I guess the power of talking to sea animals can’t beat the power of talking for God

  12. You can never have enough God-fearing TV shows. Even if they suck balls.

    That preview didn’t look half as bad as I expected it to.

  13. OK this trailer looks awsome! But i guess i should have read more about the fall CW lineup. From what i read on some of the other postes is that this show will never air? is that corect?

    But you know what never say never. There are other netorks out there. and it may still be aird like when one of the other new shows gets cand in mid season. Or maybe Sci-Fi will grab it. Granted thats alot of ifs, but i really like the trailer and would like the opertunety to at least give it a try.

  14. Here’s why this would have sucked:

    Why does every character have to have the exact same personality. It’s just the same character we’ve seen a hundred times, a beautiful model type with a smart alec attitude! How f’ing boring. So he swim? Anything else at all that has to do with Aquaman? No. I don’t even care about it being the DC Aquaman, but this show is the same as every other one hour show we never watched.

    Furthermore, this show would have cost them a buttload of money, and even though they drugged Ving Rhames into doing it, no one would have watched.

    Also, did anyone see the “Triangle” mini-series on Sci-Fi recently? It also featured Lou Diamond Phillips (poor fucker), and it sucked, despite a good cast.

    This stank of generic. If that Jessica Alba movie about treasure and swimming beautiful people hadn’t tanked, it might have had a chance, but jesus christ, who wants to watch something that tries to use Staind, or whoever that awful band is, to draw in viewers?

    Good call WB/UPN/CW. They’d have lost their shorts.

  15. No one is discussing the real issue here. Everwood is gone!

  16. Ever-what?

  17. I would have watched! So there!

  18. dose anyone know if Supernatural was on that list?

  19. Unfortunately Supernatural was renewed.

  20. For the record, I’d have watched it too. Then again, I stuck it out through Birds of Prey.

  21. Hmmm? WB is getting very posesive about a show that they are not going to air don’t you think?

    That video was removed.

    Like i sayd it may still be up for a mid season replacement spot.

  22. Its off itunes now. I guess I will have to view it on the soon to be released
    SAVE AQUAMAN site.
    I wasn’t really excited about it but I miss it now that its gone.

  23. Aquaman, as of today still on itunes for $1.99. Even the promo stills look stupid. A.C.? This is “How to make a show and a superhero look as uncool as possible” 101