Aquaman Pilot on iTunes

A while back we posted the Aquaman pilot trailer saying that it was the most of that show anyone would ever see.

Well, we were wrong.

I was cruising around iTunes looking for some new video podcasts to watch and I stumbled upon the full pilot episode for only $1.99!

That’s pretty cool and a smart thing to do on the part of the studio.

I’m going to pony up the two bucks and check it out when I get home from work.


  1. I saw the pilot a couple months ago. And it was pretty good for a TV show. I think it would have been a good show to follow Smallville. The show had a nice mix of comic orgin and some new stuff that seemed to work. Shame we might never see it, then again who knows.

  2. They did go through the trouble of making it, might as well make a couple of bucks off of it. I’m getting it as I type.

  3. It wasn’t too bad of a show. Too bad it won’t upload onto by damn video ipod. But I wouldn’t mind more episodes.

  4. arghhhhhhhhhhhh
    it’s gone
    i stopped to write an e-mail to tell you about the show and then i thought to check ifanboy to see if you knew already

    when i got back to itunes it said “the item you are trying to buy is no longer available”

    how can this be after i read…

    “The TV pilot based on the all-wet DC Comics superhero was one of the iTunes Music Store’s most-played clips Tuesday, the same day the rejected series became available for download on the online music/video purveyor. ”

    let me know if anyone knows where to find aquaman pilot episode

    if it was the most downloaded someone has it

  5. yeah–

    I am trying to buy it too and “it’s” not letting me. very interesting…

  6. This gets weirder and weirder…

  7. I had the same problem when I got home from work. I couldn’t download it . . . I tried again after 9pm and . . . Success!

    Try to download it again. I think a lot of people were trying at the same time.

    Justin Hartley was terrific. He makes a great Aquaman! I read somewhere that he’ll be Green Arrow in an episode of Smallville. Did I read that here? Anyway . . . For a pilot it wasn’t half bad. I wish it had the chance to flesh out and become a series. It was pretty good.

  8. I’m going to DL it as soon as

    A. I can remember my username/password.
    B. Apple e-mails it to me (it has been over an hour and it still hasn’t arrived.

  9. I’m totally downloading this pilot and saving it to watch on my plane ride on Friday!

    I read that Hartley was playing Ollie Queen on Smallviell this year. Can you be tapped to play both Aquaman and Green Arrow by anyone who takes these characters seriously? I don’t think so.

  10. Man the pilot was awesome. I am trying to figure out which morons ran the WB. I can’t believe they wouldn’t pick this show up, I would watch it and buy it if they put it on DVD.

  11. How much longer do you think we’ll go before we see an iTunes-exclusive show? A year? Youtube has already made some serious inroads; all that’s left is figuring out how to attract a big enough web-exclusive audience to cover the show’s budget. The day is coming when an avid online following will be all you need; Freaks, Geeks, and Fireflies need never be cancelled again.

    As for Aquaman: you can call the WB morons, but they did just get you to pay them $2 for something they were throwing away. You gotta admire the chutzpah.

  12. I can’t wait for the day when I can download my favorite shows and watch them when I want to. When we are free of network schedules and the threat of cancellation.

    In theory I could have watched an entire schedule’s worth of Justice League Unlimited episodes before they aired on Cartoon Network. It is oh so frustrating when one of your favorite television shows gets mishandled by a network that doesn’t know what it has.

    The questions I have …Will the people with money produce a show if there is no clear market available for it? If the burden is on viewers to buy episodes, how will that affect the production of a series?

  13. just finished watching the episode and i can’t believe someone passed on this…

    i loved it

    i was most upset when the bar girl..


    got fingered by the sirin.
    i thought they might be starting the whole friends who find out your secret die thing like on smallville.

    they could have had some great sea villians too

    cast was pretty good

    damn i want to see what happens next…

    fucking CW…instead they keep 7th heaven going…WTF

    now i’m just mad

  14. It’s back up on iTunes, I am downloading it now. They probably fixed the file so it plays on iPods. Forgive me if I am repeating previously posted info–I just didn’t want to read spoilers.

    jeez, I am such a nerd.

  15. Oh, sure, put the crappy Aquaman up, but bury Global Frequency.

  16. I just watched aquaman today and thought it was pretty good. Funny how they can get “the perfect storm” type special effects on a little network pilot now. Over all I was entertained. It had it’s cheesy moments but I would have liked to have seen more. I would like to see atlantis.

    This 1st episode of ‘who wants to be a super hero’ is on iTunes for free now too. I just watched it as well. I think it is really good. ‘had a few laughs. Stan is the king!