April(ish) 2010 Giveaways For iFanboy Members!

April (and a bit of May) is another Members Giveaway Month here at iFanboy and we've got four big prize packs to tell you about!


First up, the Jonathan Ross/Turf Prize Pack!


Turf #1 signed by Jonathan Ross



  • Turf #1: Special Creator's Edition signed by writer Jonathan Ross.
  • Turf promotional poster.


This prize pack will be given away to three different iFanboy Members on the Pick of the Week Podcast #229 on April 11, 2010.



Next, the Top Cow Prize Pack!


Top Cow Prize Pack




This prize pack will be given away on the Pick of the Week Podcast #230 on April 18, 2010.



Next, the DC Comics Prize Pack!


DC Comics Prize Pack




This prize pack will be given away on the Pick of the Week Podcast #231 on April 25, 2010.



Finally, the DVD/CD Prize Pack!


The DVD/CD Prize Pack

(Note: The DVDs in this prize pack are from the iFanboy library so they are used and without slipcases)




This prize pack will be given away on the Pick of the Week Podcast #232 on May 2, 2010.



Want to win any of these prize packs? All you have to do to be eligible to win is to become an iFanboy Member! Winners will be chosen on the Thursday before each giveaway!


  1. Wow, good stuff!


    Still, I would prefer a signed glossy 8×10 of Tom Katers.

  2. If I don’t win, I will be angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

  3. Love seeing when the new competitions come out.  Besides being members, anything we can do to increase our chances?

  4. Awesome!!! Great prizes guys. I hope I win.

  5. I can’t help but notice that you guys aren’t dumb enough to part with your copy of "Crisis on Two Earths."

  6. @WilliamLScurry: Actually, there is no DVD version of that in the iFanboy offices. Just a Blu-Ray.

  7. OMIGOD!!OMG!!!!!!! you could send the dvd’s without a damn case for all I care. THAT is still an awesome collection to behold.

  8. Thank you for being so generous.  We appreciate it.

  9. WANT! The last one!

  10. actually really want that top cow package… never read any of those… except for wanted

  11. You know, i saw batman caocphong at the library teh other day. I took it home and immedicately put it on the pile of stuff to go back to the library,

    But teh other stuff looks cool

  12. @cubsmodano: That depends. Are you a cute girl? Because you could always[REMAINDER OF COMMENT REDACTED BY IFANBOY HUMAN RESOURCES]

  13. I think Conor is in a good mood.  I’m fairly certain Conor is going to have to watch at least one very poorly made training video as punishment.

  14. Am I really a fool to think that I might actually win one of these?

    I never pay mind to any raffle type shit/luck type shit (except some gambling). I never give more than a fleeting thought to winning that type of stuff. 

    But for some damn reason I always feel like I’m going to win one of these fucking things. Like I am confident I am going to take one of these prizes.

    But I never do . . .

    Why can’t I just write these giveaways off??

    I think I’m having a mental breakdown. ahahhaha

  15. that dvd/cd prize pack looks pretty good

  16. Kinda want the third prize primarily because I want to start reading Starman.

  17. Every time I see a Top Cow prize pack, I pray to the baby manger Jesus.

    Maybe this time… Maybe…

  18. This looks like an awesome month for give-aways, I’d love to win, but would feel guilty about having you send it ALL the way over here, would cost a fortune

  19. Damn I guess that graphic,ly money is kicking in now.

  20. That’s a mighty impressive stack of giveaways! I would love to have any of them, but especially the DC pack I think…Gah I don’t know! 


  21. I want those DVDs so bad!

  22. I didn;t even realise that Jonathon Ross book had been published. Fingers crossed.

  23. @Pompster: It’s out this week.

  24. wow amazing

     and btw i love your shows 🙂

  25. Wow, I was a little unconvinced by Turf (looks very wordy…classic newbie writer mistake), but that cover to the creator edition is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

  26. Damn, that is one impressive collection of giveaways!

  27. Want!!!! Really digging the DVD/cd prize pack and the dc collection especially the starman trades.

  28. Ooooo…just look at all that pretty DC goodness!!!

  29. lol I guess Conor has the blu rays so he’s giving away the dvd versions

  30. NicE!




  31. I suggst replacing random drawings and instead putting the prize packs in a big pinata and letting members take a swing.

  32. Wow, guys, this is an amazing load.

    Thanks for the prize packs, and I really hope I win something!

  33. @zenman: That would be fun. We kind of did that at one of our live shows with the big mystery bag of trades.

  34. You guys are way ahead of me (as usual).

    Just don’t make it a Howard the Duck pinata.  Wouldn’t want to get PETA involved (bad press).

  35. Wow….good thing i’m a member. Really would love that top cow pack.

  36. The WonderCon show was my first introduction to Jonathan Ross and Im really curious about the insanity that seems to be Turf.

  37. As awesome as the prize packs looks, I hatehatehate the cover to the Starman vol. 2 tpb.


  39. those are some GOOD giveaways…hook me up!

  40. Just jumped on and become a member of the elite here. Goodies are looking good.

    Will you take bribes of any kind?

  41. DVD prize pack looks delicious!

  42. great stuff!!! 

  43. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the DC books, thanks again guys for all the giva a ways you’re awesome!!!

  44. @THEHOCHE: Is your name Desiree Bryner? 🙂

  45. Since those CD and DVDs are from Conor’s personal library, does that mean that they’ll smell like Conor, just like the T-shirts?

    Either way, I’m eye-ballin’ that last Prize Pack.