Annihilation: Another Marvel Event To Worry About?

Admittedly we’re probably not keeping up on comics news as much as we should. With all the events happening left and right, who can keep up?

I’m trying to live in the now, okay?

So I’ve pretty much avoided any news on the upcoming Civil War event from Marvel, which I thought was the next “event.” Turns out I was wrong.

This April, Marvel launches a cosmic event called “Annihilation.”¬†Usually, unless it’s Jim Starlin writing it, I avoid the Marvel cosmic stories, but this one caught my eye because there is a Nova mini-series to go along with it. And we love Nova here at iFanboy. Plus Keith Giffen appears to be involved, writing the title book and the Silver Surfer mini. Might be worth checking out. But I’m worried…

I’m worried because I love Nova as a character in the “teen with super-secret identity” kind of way. I’m not quite sure how he fits in the cosmic sense along side characters like the Silver Surfer, Ronan the Accuser and the Super-Skrull.

But if Keith Giffen is involved as well as some interesting other creators (Scott Kolins and another writer from Lost)¬†my curiosity is piqued. I just don’t want to see one of my all time favorite characters, Nova get ruined… but they wouldn’t do that, right?


  1. How would Nova be “ruined”?

  2. Don’t you feel that Invincible fills in a space left by Nova? I mean, if a really good writer was doing Nova, it would feel a lot like Invincible.

    Excuse me while I try to dislodge my nose from Kirkman’s butt.

  3. Conor – they could easily ruin the character by including him in some grand cosmic storyline that is a departure from the original character basis – or it could be really good – but you know what I mean, when there’s a second tier character you like and the muck with them just because they can…

    Josh – I hadn’t thought about that – you have a really good point – Invincible is COMPLETELY filling the void for books like Nova and Darkhawk etc…

  4. Does that mean that Nova can only exist in tales of teenage superhero angst?

  5. I wish Giffen would get back to art. Lobo and Trencher were so much fun to look at.

  6. While I was never a big fan of his art myself, Giffen does have a really unique artistic style of the kind that is missing from today’s books.

    I’ve grown since the early 90s, maybe my more mature eye would appreciate him more now.

  7. Hello fellow fanboys my computer broke so I just now listened to the last two weeks of podcasts while driving to Kanssas City and heard my frapper “shout out” and I felt like a teenage girl who was the 9th caller and got to request her favorite new pink song. Man am I cool. Regardless I havent read any “Cosmic” marvel in years, My last one was probably Infinity War when I was a kid, the only reason I would read this new one is that I hear it is going to be silver surfers swan song for whatever that is worth.

  8. I am having trouble mustering up any interest for this “event”. I don’t think I care for the Marvel cosmic stuff unless the Avengers are involved.

    That having been said, Infinity Gauntlet was one of the best minis ever, and would probably be in my top ten if George Perez had been able to finish drawing it.

  9. This event is really going to take a backseat to Civil War in my book, seriously where are the legions of fans demanding a super skrull mini