And There Came a Dark Horse

There’s a nice, long write up on the history and doings of Dark Horse Comics in The New York Times today.

It’s a very respectful take on the comic book publisher, and I was surprised how many movies were made from Dark Horse Comics properties that I’d forgotten about. Granted, some of them deserved to be forgotten about. But others, not so much. But we always like to bring attention to well done portrayals of the comics industry by the mainstream press.

Thanks to Steve for the tip!

It’s funny that I think of a company like Dark Horse in such high esteem artistically, since they’re a company who relies so heavily on licensed properties. But I guess that goes to show you that licensing isn’t always such a bad thing, compared to original creations. Some of the Star Wars comics weren’t even all that bad.


  1. Cool Article, Just one question why do they put MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT in Bold, and DC comics in regular?

  2. Cool Article, Just one question why do they put MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT in Bold, and DC comics in regular?
    DC is like Marvel’s reatrded step-cousin. Everyone knows that

  3. That is odd. Doesn’t Time Warner own EW?

  4. Marvel Entertainment is probably in bold because that is the company name. DC Comics isn’t the company, it’s the division. If you look in the article Time Warner is also in bold because that is the company that owns DC.

    That’s my theory, anyway.

  5. The article is from The New York Times, not Entertainment Weekly.

  6. Duh. I had that EW article about “Heroes” stuck in my head.

  7. this has nothing to do with the above article…but i thought i should bring back the idea of adventures of quint…i think that it would be at home at dark horse…maybe just a limited issue that covers quint up until he scratched his nails on the chalk board in the amity island town meeting place…there is at least one of the ifanboy trifecta who likes (perhaps loves) the idea…

  8. Oh, there’s more than one…

  9. if the sharkmen ever beat green lantern…would that mean that quint could also beat green lantern…unless the sharkmen are oversized…so maybe he could only beat green lantern in an issue that isnt an oversized annual…well now ive gone and confused myself…it doesnt matter because quint kicks ass….

    “chief, put out the fire…”