And Lo the Circle is Complete: Hal Jordan to Return as Green Lantern

Literally tens of webpages were made obsolete by the announcement that the big guy, Hal Jordan himself, will return to the Green Lantern ring and mask.

The uberfans get what they want in October, after Kyle gets dealt with. DC goes back to what they know best, and only time will tell if this is a good idea.

First Ollie, now this. Alright, let’s get those “Bring Back Barry” sites up and running. It can be just like 1975 again!


  1. OMG
    I can’t believe HEAT actually won – after how many years?
    they actually got Hal back…

  2. Wow.

    It’s well known that I held little regard for Kyle and was a big fan of Hal Jordan, but I ultimately didn’t care enough at the same level that those of Hal’s Emerald Action Team…

    Nevertheless, I’m actually pretty happy about this.

    Maybe Kyle will be the one who goes down in the upcoming ‘Identity Crisis’. Previously, I thought it might be Connor Hawke.

  3. I didn’t mention HEAT on purpose, but if you’re bringing them up…I hope they’re out on a 3 day drunken bender. But I’m guessing it’s not that type of crowd.

  4. Three day beer drinking binge?! Hell, they should get themselves some hookers.

    That having been said, now that I think about it… maybe Hal shouldn’t come back.

    I think at this point that Kyle and Wally go together like Hal and Barry. Hal and Wally would be weird. Also, one of the more unique things about the DC Universe versus the Marvel Universe is the legacy of sidekicks (or the like) taking over the hero mantle, the sense of legacy.

    Hell. Now I don’t know what to think.

  5. I agree completely on the sidekick front, but I dont think they’ll even try to touch that legacy.

    What I tink they’ll do is team up Hal and Ollie and lean alot on the Wally/Dick (Nightwing) relationship now, as hinted in the Flash issue that came out yesterday

  6. Hmmm.


    I just think that now they may be throwing a monkey wrench into the legacies.


    I miss Barry.

  7. Well, as we’ve learned with Claremont, sometimes it’s best to let the past be in the past.

    I mean, we can all admit that most of our ex girlfriends should stay ex’s. There must have been a reason that Hal had to go away. Comics fans hate change, so they mire in the mediocrity of the status quo far too often, and then try to go back home, which you obviously can’t usually do.

  8. Well, I think a lot of the problems that people had about losing Hal was the way he was lost (turning into a psychopathic murderer) as opposed to how Barry died (saving the world).

    Also, Hal has never really been gone for any length of time (he’s currently running around as The Spector).

    I dunno. I have mixed feelings about this.

    Of course, I dropped the book when Kyle came in and I’ll be buying it again when Hal comes back, so….

  9. Whoops.

    That’s The Spectre.

    Not The Spector.

    One is the avenging hand of God, the other wields the power of the Wall of Sound.

  10. Those names read like the script from a 50’s TV show.

    I guess that kinda what it is.

  11. Okay, in the space of 30 minutes I’ve completely reversed my position.

    Hal coming back is bad.


    Talk to me in another 30 minutes.

  12. Here’s more on the story:

    It’s a statement from Geoff Johns. Here’s a quote:

    “But we are not out to wipe the slate clean and go backwards to 1975. That

  13. funny that he mentioned 1975, ad so did Josh…

  14. Wow! I didn’t even notice that…


  15. geez, come on…
    i liked hal and all and they have done everything they could to bring him back. thats not even what gets me. sure making the people happy is good and all, but in the end don’t we lose the message that they were trying to get across. you blow up some guys town and he’s gonna go crazy and kill all his friends. he’s gotten his chance to make amends as the spectre. i don’t think he needs to come back and pick up where he left off. but as things are going he’ll probably come back and DC will write it so none of that stuff ever happened. hal never went crazy, kyle never got the ring. for the last few years it’s all been pointless storys and money down the drain.
    don’t think they won’t
    they have with doom patrol, oh look wow who are these guys. never seen them before. whats your name? oh the doom patrol, interesting, welcome to the DCU. unghhhh, enough to make me sick. i’ve bought every rencarnation of that damn book and now it turns out it’s all shit. i’m just starting to put together how this will effect the DC universe, like changling/beast boy? helllo
    and robotman has poped up every now and then. does this mean that anyone who died in doom patrol can come back, i liked crazy jane alot.
    who’s behind this i wonder. my first guess is that hasbeen claremont(f’n hooser), but his little side kick on JLA is doing the art for the new book so i’m guessing he pushed for it too.
    i’m glad there run on JLA is only temperary cause i read this weeks issue last night and i wanted to drop the title like a bag of bricks. i even went back and read the legands mini series and i loved that, everything was great. i’ve always been a byran fan but unghh, maybe it’s that each panel is clutered with text.
    anyway i’m pissed at DC for re writing history without any kind of zero hour or crisis. now conor says i think that, a crisis like event is coming, i think he said that. but anyway they should have held off on doom patrol until after said event. the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth, blah.
    my prediction, firestorm has his own title, but it’s not the firestorm we know and love, thats gonna make people mad and DC will change him back in a year tops.

  16. “… firestorm has his own title, but it’s not the firestorm we know and love…”

    Who in the what now?

  17. yeah, some new guy who’s dad beats him up and so he can’t keep a job cause he has black eyes all the time.
    only one issue so far and firestorm didn’t make an apperance till the end, so they haven’t explained whats going on.
    what i read somewhere is i guess the new firestorm is going to be kind of like the dial H for hero book. the firestorm will go from person to person.