And Finally…Kaboomerang! from Robert Kirkman

Earlier this year, when Robert Kirkman and Image Comics were teasing the new Guarding the Globe series, we were introduced to an image of a new character, who I immediately connected with based on his name alone.  And now that the book as launched, I was disappointed after reading issue #1 to see this new character wasn't in the book…yet.

It's as if they read my mind, because today Image Comics send us the following image of the variant cover of Guarding The Globe #2, in stores in 9/29/10, which I present to you with the lone comment of this new character's name:





Thank you Robert Kirkman, I look forward to saying KABOOMERANG! on future episodes of our podcast.


  1. When you need a boomerang that goes KABOOM, there is seriously no better hero to call than him.


    I so can’t wait for his debut.

  2. the most theme-song-ready character in all of entertainment. YouTube musicians take note.

  3. I love everything about his costume…except the short shorts on the outside.  They’re just…unsettling.

  4. I thought I read CEREND-GETTY

  5. If he is supposed to be Koori (Australia Aboriginal) he doesn’t look like it. He looks more like African heritage. Which Australia doesn’t really have.