Amalgam Age of Comics: Back to the Well of Awesome

The debate still rages: Which is better DC or Marvel? Yet there was glorious time in the 90’s when such a question was irrelevant, because in 1996 we were given The Amalgam Universe (Marvel Universe Designate – 9602 via OHOTMU). It was part of a DC/Marvel crossover where the mashed up their characters into oftentimes ridiculous amalgams. Well Photoshop wizard Paul C. decided, rightly so, that this never should have ended and has turned his powers to bear creating some great covers and backstories to books that never, but should have, existed. They can be found at his blog The Amalgam Age of Comics. I got in touch and he had this to say about the project:

"I started doing the blog because I've always loved DC/Marvel crossovers and I have fond memories of the Amalgam event. The weirder, less obvious Amalgam characters were my favourite (Lobo the Duck, Speed Demon, Generation Hex) so I like trying to make unlikely combinations like Matter Eater Lad and Punisher or Madam Fatal and Namor. I'm trying to forge a career for myself as an illustrator so I figured the blog would be a good way to practice and develop my Photoshop skills.  Also, I love and it inspired me to try something similar."

A few of my favorites include (click the image to go to the blog for the full backstory):

He'll shoot you as soon as he can find you.

What's so funny?

More prone to rust than steel.

Need more? Head over to the blog itself for inpsired composition like Spiderwing, Howard Constantine and Identity War! Paul is always looking for more suggestions so let 'em fly in the comments.


  1. I’d read Devilbow.

  2. The Big Joke, written by John Arcudi and drawn by Doug Mahnke. I’d be there.

  3. I too loved the idea of Amalgam Comics, if not the execution. I think they should bring it back. Can you imagine today’s talent working on it?

  4. I loved Amalgam Comics and the DC vs. Marvel event that was built around it. That thing hit when I was a fresh-faced 14 year-old, which is the prime time to really getting into a discussion about whether Hulk could beat up Superman or vice versa. Great to see a group of guys carrying on the idea.

    Favorite character: Spider-Boy. I was deep into Superboy at the time, so that one was great.

  5. @JeffR – Spider-Boy was my favorite, too.

    Dark Claw had the creepiest villain design to me, in The Hyena. Almagam was about the last stuff I read in the 90’s before I stopped and came back in the 2000’s. It’s weird to see others sharing their enthusiasm for the line, when most of the comic book people in my area have no idea what I’m talking about….that or they’ve blocked it out, haha.

  6. Dude, that Spider-Boy issue was written by Karl Kesel and penciled by MIKE WIERINGO! It was so boss! If I have one great regret in my life as a comic fan, it’s that we never got more that two issues of the Arach-Kid’s adventures.

    I still flip through those old issues when I need a smile, and the talent pool on those books were actually pretty impressive: Howard Mackie, Salvador Larrocca, Larry Hama, Chuck Dixon, Mark Waid, Howard Porter, John Ostrander, Gary Frank, Ron Marz, John Byrne, Scott McDaniel, Ty Templeton, Peter Milligan, Bryan Hitch, Barry Kitson, Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, John Romita Jr., Dave Gibbons… Not a terrible pedigree!

    Besides SB, my faves were Iron Lantern, Challengers of the Fantastic (INSPIRED combo!), Speed Demon and Bruce Wayne: Agent of SHIELD. OH, and Dr. Strangefate!

  7. I would totally read Devilbow… that’s just a fantastic costume design (not, of course, counting color so much)… and "The Big Joke" seems pretty badass as well…

  8. Posted this in the Amalgam blog, when they were asking which Marvel characters would make good Lanterns if the Blackest Night spilled over to Marvel. I did an All-Spider-Man edition:

    Honestly, I don’t think any Marvel hero displays more willpower than Spider-Man, so I think the Green Ring should go to Peter.

    Also, since Black Cat was a reformed villain and Spidey love interest, I think she’d be a good Star Sapphire

    Red for Rage? Let’s give it to JJJ.

    Yellow for Fear? Carnage or Venom

    Orange for Avarice? Definitely Norman

    Violet for Compassion? Aunt May

    Blue for Hope? Hmmm…Mary Jane. Because the Blue Lantern increases a Green Ring in it’s presence, and MJ does that for Peter.

    Black Lanterns: Ben Reilly, Kraven the Hunter, Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, Ned Leeds, Harry Osborn (we’ve seen that resurrected heroes can become Black Lanterns)

    White Lantern? Madame Web

  9. I have been throwing some ideas around like Kal-ell the Kreetonian, and DarkClaw (but with Azrael Batman), Marvel the Day God (Thor and Captain Marvel), Iron Borg, Captain of the Guardians (Bruce Wayne/Captain America/Guardian), Green Nova Corps, Goddess (Storm/Mary Marvel),Power Hulk (Josiah Powers), The Guiding Lights (Guardians/Watchers), Dividers (Celestials/Controllers), and Anti-Galactus…….

  10. Or Night Soldier (Winter Slodier/Night Wing), Steel Machine, X-lord (Maxwell Lord/Charles Xavier, Talon (X-23/Robin), Ruby (She-rulk/Laira Rage), Missing Link (Thing/Congorilla), StormLord(Air Walker/Firestorm), Drax(Drax/Drax), Starion(Starfox/Orion), Shi’rel Queen(Skrull/Martians/Shiar) White Martian/Nova, Shi’rel Manhunter(Firelord/Martian Manhunter), Shi’rel Usurper(Lyja/Green Martian Chick), Lobo the Super Shi’rel(SuperSkrull/Lobo), Starro the Collector (Starro/The Collector/Evil Star)

  11. Luke and Jessica Cage with Hawk and DOve as War and Peace

  12. Or Better yet Bulk (Hulk/Bork), Hero (Atlas/Gilgamesh), Cairella Coi (Jarell/Caiera, Grace Choi)